Mercedes EQV range test

Publisert 14. feb.. 2021
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  • Great design decisions. Love it.

  • 3:21 F Word in German 😂🙊

  • That little metal thing with the circle you keep finding is a tow hook. They screw into (usually) the front of the vehicle

  • Not a van, unfortunatly. But an mpv. They only do a short range van, and will not deliver this 100 kwh as a van. A shame, cause it could be a winner as a van.

  • 2960 kg... my licence is for a car max 3,5t. Fully loaded I want be able to drive it.

  • Mjøsa, Mjøsa, Mjøsa, Mjøsa, Mjøsa, Mjøsa . . . . Not "Mjøsen"

  • EndCcp

  • "What the heck is this?" at 2:50 min. That, my dear Bjorn, is a tow-eye. You screw that in a slot in the front bumper, and then another car can hook the tow cable to this eye and tow you away.

  • 3 ton för en personbil är lite väl mkt.

  • Future hydrogen fueling port

  • Camp in it! Camp in it!

  • I have never seen one of these..... I hope they make it to the US

  • I really like the EQV but as far as I know there is no keyless option for it which is a bit of a desaster for a vehicle with that price. I mean I understand that they sacrifice this feature in an E-Vito for lower prices but why in a EQV? The whole point of the EQV is being a more comfortable version of the E-Vito.

  • How much does model x weigh on your scale?

  • "model x goes home..."

  • 2:50 i believe it’s a screw you place in the front or rear bumper and enables to tow away another car or to be towed away. You also need a cord of course...

  • It´s a towing hook

  • I can smuggle shit? Finally! Sign me up for one.

  • The fing you keep finding is to toe the car...

  • 07:34 Was that a reference to the "badgers" song? :P

  • the metal thing you find is for towing or tieing down the car. normally a covered threaded hole in the front bumper

  • Thanks for the video. As you show, Tesla definitely to go for a van.

  • Great humor! German is perfect for swearing. Regards from Berlin

  • That pin is a towing pin , you might have accident and to have to use it ,one day?

  • 13:20 Haha that font!!

  • I wonder whether the 300 mile range is achievable when removing the 2,3 row seats and the heavy rear storage cabinet?

    • @Bjørn Nyland i didn't - but i thought it would be a good test for you to carry out - (probably in summer time).

    • Where did you get 300 miles from?

  • test loaded car , 7 persons , ( 500kg) nobody driving empty van

  • with that dictionary you should rap :D

  • 150 mile range for 100kwh oh goodness. New record for least efficient EV ever sold?!

  • Behind the fuel cap normally states the correct tire pressure

  • Bjorn, is it possible those last 5 kwh are a reserve of some kind? The Mercedes b250e bclass electric drive which has a similar looking driver interface, reserved 10 percent of battery under a "range extender" button. Mercedes keep 10 percent of battery unavailable for hilltop reserve so regen always works and also battery longevity. Without pressing the range extender button on bclass you only ever accessed 27.5kwh out of 36kwh battery.

  • Thats a tow hinge Bjorn:)

  • great van!

  • that thing at 2:50 is a tow ear, you screw that in holes in the front bumper to tow the vehicle

  • Where did you learn German? So hilarious 🤣

  • 6500 pounds weight? This ain’t no minivan! This thing weighs more than huge size 2021 Ford F-250 crew cab (4 door 6 passenger) 4x4 pickup with an 8 foot long box! And only has a 150 to 220 mile range per charge. It’s a very nice van overall. But how much does it cost? 2 fully loaded Tesla model X’s?

  • This is actually an excellent car. Have the contractors or passenger drivers buy these to lower emissions. That way I can keep buying my proper high revving petrol engines :)).

  • You must know this. They could have been fitted that car with a hidden storage space for the tow loop, and maybe there is somewhere, but that metal loop is mounted in the front when you need a tow. I am impressed with Mercedes choice of battery, range, power and comfort, and that car is a good example that they try to follow their own standards. Not a bad choice as a family van. The smaller diesel version is nearly as heavy, with about 2,7 ton.

  • really interesting van.

  • Looks really nice. However, 0-60 in just under 12 seconds is a bit slow. I get, it's a van, but a Honda Odyssey does it in like 6 seconds. I'd be ok with 8 or 10 ... but 12 is a bit slow.

    • @Bjørn Nyland You're right. That was the first number I found on google, but the actual seems to be 10s to 100kmh. So 0-60 should be in the 9s. Maybe the extra long version is slower?

    • The EQV is way faster than 12 seconds 0-100 km/h.

  • The metal threaded part is a tow hook to attach to the front or back bumper in case you end up in a ditch and they need to pull the car back on the road :)

  • Bjorn, good review as always. I get the temperature was cold during your test which would account for some of the range shortage. The flipside is, however, that vans will typically be tasked with carrying a lot of people and stuff which would of course stress its range. ~ 300 km's on a van, especially a premium one, is not good enough IMHO. It should safely be closer to 500 km in deal conditions and maybe down to a 350 - 400 km range in less than ideal conditions. Regardless, good start by Merc.

  • Very good range for that kind of freezing weather and vehicle size. Mercedes EQV gets more range in freezing winter than a very efficient Mini Cooper SE in summer.

  • Great test Bjorn! The range is ABISMAL (especially bearing in mind how big its battery is), however. 🚨🚨🚨 Normally you would use between 90-10% battery capacity, so you need to deduct 20% for stress-free driving.

  • Camp in this thing

  • God damn fossils with their loud music! :D 5:30

  • Is this the long (L2) version or the extra long (L3) you tested?

  • I have 4 kids. Thought about this thing.

  • In Sweden the regular car driver license allows you to drive a car (including trailer) with a total weight of 3.5 metric tonnes. This cars with some luggage and passengers barely leaves any room 😂

  • 180km for a van it's too low... if Tesla managed to fit a 100kWh battery in a SUV size car, Mercedes should be able to fit in a van 150-200 kWh battery at least...

    • but it would also be charging that much longer, i guess the power compromise gave this somewhat reasonable usage

  • Would be a great family car if a family with kids would be able to afford it...

  • Very nice van.

  • 100kw battery capacity and 200ish mi range....ugh.

  • TOWING HOOK, the "what the fuck is this THING i keep finding" - its the towing hook Bjorn, it goes under the plastic cover on bumper and gets screwed into chassis to pull car on to a truck... just standard for .... last 25/30 years on all cars with plastic bumpers

  • Ideal vehicle for Hotels picking up guests from the Airport etc. However, range will drop dramatically when picking up your average obese American family..

  • First thing on Björn's mind: a place to smuggle things. Old habits die hard eh ;-)

  • Bjorn you are Joking about The eyelet and the thread bar is also used if you accidentally get stuck in a ditch,it’s screwed into a port and a tow rope put in the eye

  • I managed to have 32-33 kWh/100 km in my EQV while driving 100 km/h in a -16*C day with no head wind in E+ (extended range) mode. Changing to Eco added 6 kWh/100 in heating, changing to Comfort additional 6 kWh/100 km. It is possible to have 280-300 km range in winter if you preheat and keep vehicle cold inside by using E+ (almost no heating).

  • Trochę niski zasięg ale w środku luksusowy.

  • I have a vw golf 7 GTE it does 35kwh/100km, with -5c at 100kmph with all heating on so seat, mirrors, back window, cabine on 22c. This is a hybrid that is 1500kg, it’s very bad...

  • Wow an electric refrigerator, except it’s a driving one

  • Why as a designer would you put the charge port on the most vulnerable part of the car for bumps and scrapes.

  • Daaaamm 6500 pounds

  • that flat back probably creates a massive vortex and thats why its eficency is so bad

  • That metal thing is for towing:D Many cars have them

  • Cows shouldn't die tio be leather seats

  • "What is this" - this is for "Auto abschleppen" (tow the car)

  • Wow, driving this van fully loaded of passangers and luggage, without using eco-mode and worse weather conditions (eg: rain) could use 600 wh/km. Energy efficiency 404 not found.

  • Too much coffee?

  • Bjørn is the new wltp

  • The thing you keep finding is a towing hook for the front

  • Rip out the back seats and turn it into a campervan 👍🚌

  • Wait.. 3 tons? And standard european drivers license only covers verhicles up to 3.5 tons. So you are legally allowed to only pack 500kg? that's 7 people, without luggage, then I don't really need a van. :D

  • Why do All the lamps Light Up in the speedo? Greetings from Denmark !

  • The best part of this video is Circle K’s Mexican salad which is a better deal than the MB EQV.

  • 459Wh/km SHIIEEEET

  • Your calculation is more accurate than MB’s numbers. MB has a habit of exaggerating its engineering prowess.

  • @7:19, 2960kg is substantially more mass than Model X. Evidently, MB used an ICE car body-chassis ( as evident by the side door that hides the deleted gas cap) , deleted the ICE-power train-gas tank, bolted on battery and motor. MB is infamous for cutting cost. Several years ago, MB rented a Model S, stripped it down for research, then reassembled it before returning it to the owner. The owner was not notified before or after the lease. The owner was furious when he discovered what MB did. That is in a nutshell what MB will do to cut cost. Shameless. Ruthless. Moral-less.

  • @3:03, that is the key bolt for towing. You screw it into a socket located underneath the front bumper.

  • That’s the battery MB should have installed in the E-Sprinter instead of the 70kwh. Consequently, the E-Sprinter barely can reach 80 miles, 140km, range. MB is playing the numbers game with battery, now.

  • Bjorn, love the channel. I have a couple questions. In this specific test for range, why didn't you choose range mode? Secondly I noticed on more than a couple occasions in other range tests over the same route. You report the distance error of the cars. Most cars are reporting the same 1% over reporting. How are you determining that they are over reporting? Google maps are notoriously off when calculating actual distance travelled based off algorithms that are rough estimates. So if most the vehicles are reporting 1% off then can't we assume that Google is wrong not the cars? Just saying. As for GPS speed there is a certain percentage error in that as well. Easily more than 1 or 2%. Otherwise keep up the great work!

  • "You can smuggle sh*t in here". The giggles are real Bjorn, lol.

  • The tow eye is used to pull cars out of ditches.

  • Bjorn doesn't know what a tow hook is :-) Cool review as usual buddy!

  • Wind resistance is a bi-ch. Nice review.

  • I posted about the tow hook before and got a rude comment from someone. The joke has been beaten into me. I now get it. LOL

  • The hook with the screw on the end of it is to screw into the bumper behind the little square flap, it is a tow hook for if you get stuck.

  • Weebls reference not missed.

  • The "pin with an eye" you did not know why?, it's there for a good reason!? -is an MB towing hook! -somewhere in the front bumper(and rear)you will find a hole with a screw thread it fits in -just be sure you screw it in all the way!!!!!

  • Har du kjørt i Hamar i dag? Møtte på en svart EQV to ganger, men så ikke skiltnummer!

  • Bad spot for charging port lol what if you got into an acident

  • Why Tesla hasn’t done a 150 kW minivan Or SUV is beyond me!

  • Edit: I guess I don't get the joke 😂 2:52 those are the hook that you can screw to the front or back of the car, in case you need to tow the car with another vehicle. Usually, under the car body, hidden by a little cover, there is the spot where you can screw it.

  • Approved total weigt of 3.500 kg - 3.000 kg 500 kg left. Not much left to carry 6 passengers and luggage

  • when this car is that heavy its not legal to drive with 7 people in it here in sweden if you have regular "B" drivers licens.. Not good

  • For some very annoying reason mercedes only put the 90kWh battery in this passenger version - you can't have the big battery in the panel van version, which is annoying because that's what I want. OK. I could buy this and throw away the seats, but that's very expensive.

  • 2:49 ...You screw it in the bumper to get a tow.

  • Ideal hotel airport shuttle bus. Doesn’t need massive range, as it’ll only run 30 or 40 km in each direction every time between city centre hotel and the airport and it will spent 50% of its time parked on the hotel charger, it’ll always have 100% charge.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Shuttle for hotels, resorts, hospitals, or for taxi drivers.

  • 2:50, pretty sure that's a towing attachment

  • That’s a tow hook, that’s why you find them in cars you test.