Driving Think City to pick up Ford Mustang Mach-E Long Range AWD

Publisert 19. feb.. 2021
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  • No one in their RIGHT MIND would purchase the “THINK CITY” .....

  • Those think City cars are well known for heater problems. Do not leave the heater on after you turn the car off. the car should be turned on with no accessories or heater turned on, then wait a few seconds and then turn on the heater. Lots of main boards fried on the original think City forums due to this issue. terrible design.

  • It’s like a bicycle to get out and drive it

  • Finaly a Ford Mustang Mach E😁😎

  • they gave you a backup heater. really funny. LOL

  • Start/Stop button? That is so 2005...

  • I think the heater is only blowing on the windshield when it is turned al the way, since it is then pointing to the window heat icon. Try to turn it slightly less high.

  • Biltema ftw!

  • What is the FLIR app that you have for phone?

  • I didn't know the Mach E doesn't have a heat pump

  • At least Mach e, great!

  • Awesome random German Words xDD KAPUTT, Alles Gut

  • More 'Think' videos please. Its brilliant!

  • The Mark E starts at @8:26. He does nothing with it but sit in it.

  • What is ‘The Think’ ? I want one. ‘Course in NA, no chance of small cars arriving.

  • Little bit jealous here cause you get to drive all those EVs and I don't 😅😢 when I as a photographer/videographer ask a reseller or manufacturer for a car a day or two they just say no. No matter how good my showreel is. Frustrating. Would love to take pics in scenic places for those beauties. Servus aus Deutschland :) thanks for the great reviews...always a pleasure

  • I'm little bit out of the loop. What is your current car you own?

  • This is why you don't buy but lease your EV currently - well apart from Tesla or maybe Audi - the value will get out-innovated too rapidly 🥳

  • Can’t wait for all the great content with the Mustang Mach-E (and cool little Think EV) 😎👏⚡️

  • That car looks really old.

  • LOL @ BILTEMA heater.

  • Hopefully the IThinkYouAreNotGoingAnywhereInAHurryCity doesn’t cost more then a 100€ either.

  • The Think is actually perfect for picking up loaners, it's efficient since it's tiny, and nobody would damage or steal it while it's abandoned at a dealership.

    • And best of all, people might even donate you some money if they see you driving it!

  • Fire it up, go vroom! and Final preheating stage... Great commentary Bjorn. Thank you for your efforts!

  • Love the Think City

  • I came here to find out a little bit more about the mache but then find out Bjorn has a Schneider Electric EV charger. Highlight of my weekend so far to find out Bjorn is using one of our chargers.

  • Bro that car is a piece of Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii......T.---- a bike might have a better safety rating

  • ohhh yeah its here.. alles gut yaa?!

  • Th!nk City was equipped with a 4kW MesDea/FzSonik RM3 fluid heater that had a major flaw in its design. If overheated, the heater simply destroys itself - permanently and with no possibility to repair! Or in some cases, a heater malfunction may lead to a fuse to blow in the car Power Control Unit, which ultimately takes 10 hours to replace. Th!nk developed, tested and produced a PTC heater, along with new PCU-SW, ready tested for installation and retrofit. Unfortunately it never came to marked before the company got bankrupt. The heater in Bjørns car can be upgraded to PTC-heater and also with a 50kW “fast” SW, that would give significantly faster acceleration. The delay of heat that Bjørn experienced, is most likely due to the fluid heater has to boil some liters of glycol. I had two of those Th!nk City’s and I loved them. A perfect city car, very fun to drive and with impressive range (at the time they came to market). Back in 2008/2009 this was the only EV available in Norway, both among new EV’s and among second hand.

  • Not neat interiorLy;pretty much like only changing motor

  • Can’t wait for the reviews.

  • From what I have watched on the other You Tube channels, I am impressed with this car! I think that Ford did good here! Dirty Tesla did a recent episode where he drove to meet someone at one of them, and went through the specs, before going on a drive in it with the other person. It really was impressive.

  • Please do a door handel spray/freezing video withe the Mach-E as well!

  • Seems like the Think is all the car you need ...

  • So, the Mach E is not your new car!?

  • That Ford Mustang Mach-E looks AWESOME

  • Ford Think thinking if it should provide heat.

  • i would also be looking desperately for any chance to avoid driving the clown car 😂🤣😂 waiting for a reaction video with ammery and the think...

  • will the Ford (with a horse sticker) mach-e (Mc E - Mc Donalds style 😂) out charm the think?? The think is pretty bad by today's standard, but there is nothing else like it until the citroën ami comes to norway.

  • That heater that you had it's a 120-150W heater, barely heats up a frozen windshield in -5 here in Timișoara, it's not going to properly heat a car. Trust me, had it on my Fiesta that has a broken ventilator. Think looks like a summer car to go around the city when you just want to find a parking spot and you don't want to be spotted. At least with that colour :))

  • Man the Mach E has tire as skinny as a Prius!! It looks so bad. I have seen one in person. I like the front end. But those skinny ugly tires make the car look pretty bad

    • @Blue Planet I think the GT version has a 245 tire size, might look a little better.

    • @Greg Hassler Electric Cars and Motorcycles well to be honest that was the first thing I notice immediately. It just doesn't have a athletic sporty stance, I guess they did that for efficiency. Naturally a big car with skinny tires doesn't feel planted on the road I know this from experience. I do think ford has done great compare to others, I'm assuming they're next version would be better of course

    • Prius's are 195 or 215. 225 is one of the most common tire sizes ever made. I'm quite familiar with the tire size of the Model Y :) It is on the thin side for a vehicle that size but it doesn't really jump out at you like an i3 or something. Just means the tread will wear faster.

    • @Greg Hassler Electric Cars and Motorcycles for a car that size they are, the standard range Tesla model Y has 255's Trust me in person they look pretty bad. I like sporty stance the Tesla Model Y has. If you see both in person you'll know what I'm talking. I really like the front of the Mach E though

    • They're 225's, not that skinny

  • BeastyQT gave you a shout out in his latest video.

  • Think city for the win! banana box test and 1000 km challenge needed

  • This is what we’ve all been waiting for!

  • Omg that looks like must sell vehicle-why even keep the think ?

  • Autist question: Did you close your garage door when the Think was charging? I can't stand the idea that a lot of heat was lost for 4 hours! A lot of energy is wasted with pre-heating EVs for short trips. They should all be parked inside in a well insulated garage, making pre-heating not so wasteful.

  • 👍

  • This little car is calling out for 1000km challenge

  • Electricity must be dirt cheap in Norway

  • I surprised they still call it the Mach E in europe, I know they've advertised it as a Mondeo SUV in UK, so figured it would be in europe too, since Mustang isn't a big brand outside of the US, I mena there's plenty of us who love Mustang cars, but it's not a mainstream selling name.

    • @Svein Hanssen I know everyone knows about it, but it's not a big selling brand, up until recently the only Mustangs were imports, and them being gas guzzlers our prices meant very few could afford to run them, and the Mustang that was release this way didn't sell too well. But the Mondeo has been a big success, even voted best car of the year on more than one occasion, that's why I was surprised they called it the Mach E and not Mondeo.

    • Everybody knows about the Mustang.

  • ooooohhhhh anticipation of a real review

  • Mach E Test for the win. Great.

  • Red calipers = big battery pack

  • Just be careful leaving car shows with it.

  • That cabin is just too dark/black... a shame they don’t follow the trend of brighter cabins - like the interior of the upcoming Audi Q4, of the white interior option of the Tesla’s

  • When is the 1000km test for the Think-e Comming ?

  • Thought 💭 it had a 88 Kwr battery?

    • 88 kWh net capacity. 99 kWh gross capacity.

  • Think City has many parts coming from Ford (steering wheel, buttons, handles, etc.)

  • Next video Think city on the supercharger😜

  • I can't believe you were able to borrow a Mach-E to review! I remember seeing the Doug DeMuro review, so it might be interesting to see your take! Especially with the different key options… (9:57) Is that… no driver profile? I remember the press car Doug got to borrow for his review had a sample driver profile. At least in his review, he showed that driver profiles had to be managed through a mobile app.

  • Come on already 🙄 If it was a Tesla you would have done driven 500 miles 😆

    • But then we wouldnt have this great content and commentary.

  • Old car problems

  • Time with chilly NOlongr and his cold ride.

  • Hammer it!

  • Bjørn remember that in some cases the colder the best are kept the batteries

  • To go from a luxurious van to this little thing must be fun

  • Mach-E looks interesting!

  • Ford Mach E - that was what me was waiting for. ps this car reminds me of another electric car... pbs.twimg.com/media/ESW48dUXkAAiZ1z.jpg

  • THINK I doubt you’d want to hit anything in that plastic piggy bank 🤓

  • did‘nt catch it, what little car is that?

    • @BackwoodsBungalow thank you very much for your explanation . Too bad that the company does not exists anymore

    • Little car is called Th!nk and was made in Norway. Some were later made in USA. In Europe it was built to quadricycle regulations, a four wheel motorcycle. It had a battery similar in size to the original Leaf in a smaller vehicle. Some were fitted with the Zebra molten salt battery which needs to be kept warm. This car is fitted with a Lithium Ion battery. The company was not able to stay in business because the battery was very expensive.

  • You see the car finally at 8:49

  • I would love to get a Think here, but we are only allowed to import used cars that are considered collectible (30+ yo). So will have to wait for it to become a classic.

  • How do you do heat camera on phone ?

    • It's a FLIR One Pro thermal imaging camera. £400 on Amazon.

  • We just test drove the Mach-E. It's smooth and quiet but incredibly heavy feeling and very small inside considering the size of the vehicle. Even with build issues, the model Y is better value.

    • @Brian Lear Dude, I know. I had high hopes from all the positive press but the packaging was terrible. The load floor in the back is so high, even with the seats down, it's basically as much room as a Mazda 3 in the back. The range was awesome as our 30 min test only used 1% battery, but it just felt claustrophobic inside. The giant screen was cool and looked nice but was not intuitive at all, with things scattered all over the place.

    • funny thats not what every other reviewer says. They all say the back seat feels amazing and spacious....

    • Small inside for the size of the vehicle is a standard Mustang feature.

  • The Mach-E seats looks absolutely terrible.

  • what the name is aplication navigation please

  • 9.32....Mickey’s car...😆

  • Look at that red beauty. It's really a nice car, that Th!nk! :)

    • Looks good from front but those tiny skinny tires look pretty bad. They are the the width of a small car.

  • OMG I was waiting for this Car!!!!

  • The heater dial was in between not on a set outtage.

  • Does the Think smell of white people?

  • Love the think :D looks like this 🚗

  • Funny weird mocky with their tribute to the original early production model S but of course worse with the cheap interior and stupid gimmicky knob in the screen to look "modern" among other things.

  • Why it is called Mustang? It's a SUV not a Mustang.

    • It’s about being cool 😎 They thought 💭 about calling it lightning ⚡️ That would have been my choice 👍

  • Looking forward to your full Mach E videos! Pleaseee get your hands on BMW iX3 when you can too 😀

  • Er denne fra Ford ski?

  • Besides your well-known tests can you try some off-road test ?

  • Came for the Ford clickbait, stayed for the Think

  • Heater in stingy mode, made my day 🤣

  • I took delivery of my Mach-e February 13, so look forward to your take, and will have my experience to contrast with yours. Woohoo!

  • Kinda waste of a video.... It would have been nice to just start with the Mach-E

  • Glad to see the winnerbof the 2021 North American Utility of the Year in action.

  • Lita aldrig på en norsktillverkad bil 😂😂😂

  • Banana box and range test of this car!

  • Doing the lords work Bjørn. Any plans for BMW ix3?

  • I think you will notice the difference from the Think :=)

  • You can see how the "power limit" light flashed briefly when starting the car. Maybe it senced too high power draw for the cold battery and blocked the heater until battery got warmer.

    • @Jukka Järvinen this vehicle had various battery packs, so they likely didnt bother with having different configurations for different chemistries.

    • @Greg Hassler Electric Cars and Motorcycles These liquid electrolyte cells do have higher voltage sag when cold but one can allow even 2v from cold cell under load. Datasheets of the cells do not usually tell these to avoid warranty issues. Now how to work around this is all in the pack design (insulation & heating) and how BMS is coded. If you have hard coded voltage limits and no temperature compensation these kind of issues will be there. Cold discharge has no plating issues. Graphite anode and liquid electrolyte can have issues during charging in cold.

    • @Jukka Järvinen it's totally logical, lithium batteries definitely have significant reduction in power output in cold.

    • @Jukka Järvinen You're expecting a lot of smarts from a dumb car haha

    • Not logical. Li-ion cells can provide easily power even in cold. BMS should calculate the temperature ecffect to the voltage sag. It`s just bug or BS for code.

  • Same thing happened in my model 3 LR which I picked up December 31st. Drove it home over dovrefjellet, -14C all was good. Day after...no heat. Took a mate for a spin in the new car. It was -8 inside the car😂 Tesla changed a couple sensors in the heat pump. Seems to be working since

  • Having just disposed of my 2021 Tesla 3 SR+ that was faulty I will be watching this ford with great interest.

    • @Dave Travels 10% import duty for cars and 20% VAT on top. It also puts the car above the £50k limit for our incentives so there's no grant for it either.

    • @Daniel Vanced oh wow, the xc40 is 40k GBP before incentives in the US. It seems like you guys have to pay a lot more for cars not produced in the UK! 60k GBP is way too much for that, even 40k I think is too expensive. 30k GBP is reasonable.

    • @RadioactiveSaddam yes, you can have a tow hook and heated steering wheel in the model 3. The XC40 is £60000 compared to £40000 for the model 3, it's too expensive, I cannot afford that. It doesn't matter how nice the car is.

    • @Daniel Vanced Yes they are still expensive but cheaper models are coming. The XC40 P8 can be equipped with both a tow hook and heated steering wheel, is something you find in a model 3?

    • @RadioactiveSaddam the Polestar and XC40 are both too expensive really. Not bad cars, but just too much.

  • I like how they made you park the Think so far away 😆