Marcusbil lent me a Think City

Publisert 12. feb.. 2021
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  • Wow, this Think is amazing. I thought it had a max speed of 60k. And 100k Range is also fantastic:) Forget the Mercedes. Do some testing on the Think instead:)

  • Love it . This is perfect for you :) I was wondering what you would do while you are waiting for the new Tesla . This Ford Think is ideal. Time to take it on a long distance test to Nord Cape :)

  • The think is the electric cousin to the electric smart. 🤣🤣🤣

  • An EV with analog controls? That's unpossible!

  • Why the hate on the Fiat 500e? Is it really a shit car? I'm asking for an Italian friend...

  • why do you need the backup heater

  • Charging time, range... And weight tests, please. Thanks! I love this concept!

  • Thinky. The best e-car for city use... But in another color.

  • Camping efficiently test

  • you should buy the best selling China EV Wuling Hongguang mini. Cost only $5000!

  • What is the capacity of aftermarket towing hitch?

  • A major controversy erupted when Ford decided to crush off-lease TH!NK City cars stockpiled in the U.S. After protesting by environmentalist groups, including a Greenpeace rally on the roof of Ford's Norway offices, Ford decided to ship the excess vehicles to Norway

  • Very good 😌 not everyone want or can buy a50tsd € car ! But it should be electric !

  • Anyone else notice that for some reason it has an old Ford Focus interior?

  • For local errands you could/should use a bike. Don't need a car for that.

    • @Bjørn Nyland It's not -15 all year round. And plenty of Norwegians (and Finns and Swedes and Canadians) cycle in winter too. That's what studded tyres, hats, gloves and heaters are for.

    • Bike in snow and -15 degrees? Wow. Try living in Norway...

  • I feel I'd enjoy owning this for a short time its cute and simple. Would love to see a range test

  • We need 0-100 times and ¼ mile times😆😂🤣

  • Actually, I always loved this little car. When I was in Spain I saw quite a few of them in Madrid. I believe it was originally developed by Ford. If it had a 150 mile range it would be great.

  • Forget about teslas & everything, this is the real deal!

  • With this Think! car, nobody will hold you back from doing a: - Range test - Camping challenge - Clean of the camera front lenses

  • haha what a car :D ... please do a 90-10% acceleration test, just so we always have a good laugh when looking at the table of test results 🤣🤣🤣

  • do a 2000km test

  • I had the same car for a couple of years, purchased in 2012. Range was atrocious and I had constant problems with the 12 volt battery going nearly flat. Manufacturer updated the software to fix a level 2 charging problem, but also modified the 'efficient driving mode' to max out at 55 mph, which was 60 mph max prior to the update. Having to drive in the regular mode to keep up with traffic killed my efficiency. The last straw came when I was driving the vehicle on the highway one day and the accelerator pedal went out. Car turned into a brick at 70 mph on the highway in the left lane (5-lanes). I almost got killed coasting into the emergency stop lane with no power steering or lights. The manufacturer replaced the pedal hardware, but the PTSD this created forced me to sell the vehicle immediately. Lastly, I'm surprised your heater is working. Dozens of reports on the original Think City forums with heater problems they go out constantly, and fry the main boards. in such a cold climate as your own, I would be very concerned about this.

  • That's switchgear from a 90s Ford. I used to own a Ford Escort that had those switches.

  • I'd love to see more of that Think car!

  • Bjorn....Borrows 2 cars. Puts the cars through every test putting the car within a inch of its limits constantly. Hands cars back.......Who wants to buy them :P :P :P

  • They see you rollin, they hating, police patrolling tryin to catch you rollin dirty....

  • Hmm, the tests with the Think City (I had actually forgot about this model..) could be.. Epic. Or hilarious!

  • You should test the new 500e, I'm sure you will be positively surprised.

  • 1000 Kms Challenger in that car... let do it...!!!!

  • Camping test. Lets gooo 🤣

  • No lag in the backup camera. That's amazing.

  • So the plug is called "Schuko" in norwegian too? Schuko is short for Schutzkontakt (preventive contact) in german.

  • Helo Bjørn. I love your channel! I notice that second hand Tesla's appear to be a lot cheaper in Norway than in the Netherlands (where I live) For example the cheapest Model S on is €4000-€9000 cheaper than the cheapest second hand Model S on Dutch websites. The difference is so big that it might be worthwhile for me to buy a Tesla in Norway and import it to the Netherlands. Could you make a video, maybe together with Marcusbil, on buying a second hand car in Norway? I'd like to learn things such as whether one pays sales tax (VAT) on a second hand car. How does the sales process go? For example, you have recently sold your car to someone who lives far away. Does a buyer usually make a test drive before purchasing the car?

  • With the glass back, you don't need a backup camera. There's no lag, even. 😎👍🏻

  • I see many Ford Mondeo parts on that car.

  • The test, is to get out of the car park, surely! Staying warm, too!!!

  • I love it. More on the Think please!

  • upgrade to a Renault Twizy next. ha ha

  • Ford think

  • All the tests!!!!

  • Make a range test 👌

  • Geilo Test

  • Hey bjorn I recognise the think has internal door pulls and handles from a ford mondeo the clocks from a ford KA, the steering wheel/ indicator cluster, headlight switch & keys from a focus. Suppose theres nothing wrong with tried and tested parts at least you know they will work.

  • When Bjorn meets wifey, knocks and taps all over her head and body to see if he likes quality of texture. When Bjorn dead and in coffin, knocking sound is coming from coffin.

  • Please take the 1000 km test

  • 3:12 “Damn, Like a Bawws”

  • 1000 km challenge!

  • That car is cute man Range test?naaaaa

  • Can you please test the new citron dispatch van does it have battery cooling or will it rapid gate and range test it at different speeds please i guess you will need an electric blanket if you want to camp in it.

  • BJÖRN; Your test of the Think should include camping in it one night in the winter. That is the #1 test many of us would like to see!

  • I think you should have started with the Renault Twizy before moving up to this luxury Think! 😃

  • I would love this a run about

  • 1000km challenge. See you in about May or June!

  • How will you do your sleeping test in this Think ?

  • Give us the "FULL PROGRAMM" XD

  • Looks like it has a lot of Ford parts in the inside..? 🤔

  • if you get the plaid plus delivered you have to borrow this again and pick up the tesla plaid with the think for the meme „upgradet“

  • At least it's a lot faster than Citroen AMI :)

  • Needs an upgrade. Have a look at Jonny Smith Flux Capacitor

  • Funny car

  • 🤣1000km challenge FTW 🤣 i gues geilo test will be do able

  • Hey Bjorn! Now that's a car! My wife loves it! I think it's really cool, it reminds me of my first EV! Can't wait for you to do some tests!

  • The "Thing" ... humbling, but perfect for local travel and shopping.

  • I have a feeling that you could accelerate much faster, judging by the power meter, I think if you put it in drive, you could max out that meter and get a lot more power out of it

  • Bjørn has a low lowkey chaotic vibe

  • Awesome. This is what motoring is all about. Can't wait for the Dacia Spring.

  • "exotic like a Leaf" words never uttered together before😆 Cool!

  • whole rear is glass? Hows that even road legal? Any bump into rear and you end up with broken glass in car or worse even in you lol 🤔

  • Looks like a pink city...

  • At the end of the Day it's all the car you need 😄😄

  • 0-100 km test

  • Where are the peddals? You’ll have to use your feet like the Flinstones car.

  • Love it! I have seen some ‘Thinks’ here in Germany, they use for Pizza 🍕 delivery in the city. I think (uh!) that this car is perfect for the purpose

  • Banan box! And definitely a range test!

  • Was really considering this as my second car, but when you said it doesn't have Sentry Mode I was like "no go bro" 🙈😂

  • This will do 90% of what most people need. Forget the usual tests Let’s have a real life living in the city, vlog with this car - I think it will smash it. It maybe sheeeity but its a lot of fun fun fun (cars should always be fun to drive) and beats getting the bus, and it could be cheaper!

  • Car does not need Sentry Mode. It's so manly, it does not give af about scratches or dents.

  • Norwegian Noddy

  • Bjorn, might be able to buy a Dacia spring when it comes out in a month or so. It will cost around € 12,000 +/- and many would be interested to see the test. That would be an entry level for many people when it comes to buying a new electric car. Have you thought about that? Just will it be possible to buy in Norway? 🤔

  • Range test

  • Does Marcus want to sell the little Think City, once you've done with it?

  • I love it 😁

  • Yes, we want to see the 1000km challenge. I love peice of crap cars. Nuggets as they are called are much more fun to drive than more expensive vehicles.

  • You should at least test the Fiat 500e!!!

  • Do some camping 😂

  • Artic circle test please 🙂

  • No lag. I love it. Enjoy the three prong head Swastika

  • Very cool car! Hope to see some tests with it!

  • Don't be too hard on the Th!nk. If it weren't for companies and cars like these, we wouldn't be where we are today with electric cars. I live in Canada, and when I heard about the Th!nk, I wrote to the company, then Th! to see if I could be involved with them. I believed in the future of electric vehicles. They wrote me back and said they didn't think they would, at the time, enter the North American market. But they did send me a brochure in the form of a road map pointing to what they thought the future would look like for their cars and the company. I still have that paperwork, and it's dated 2000. That's 21 years ago. They were way ahead of their time.

  • lol how much range does it get

  • This car probably was handed to you as a practical joke. The YuGo of EVs. But it gets the job done. Sorta. Have fun with it. It gives you perspective after being spoiled by the top end high expense EVs you mess around with.

    • @Glenni I have seen a Think City. Never before heard of a GWiz. Did look it up though. The Think is far superior than the GWiz in that you can actually use it as a car. The GWiz is just a golf cart dressed up in a car jacket. The GWiz does have a good looking body on it except for the tail lights. Being a 2 seater with a rear seat is a laugh. An adult man would be rubbing shoulders with both inside door windows. The GWiz is like 3 feet wide inside! (Maybe 4 if you sneeze inside it.)

    • No, the Yugo of EVs would be jokes like the Gwiz from India (look it up on google, it's awful, but sold a lot in London etc). Think City was actually decent for it's time, it didn't even have the "questionable" reputation cars such as the Yugo had. Good quality, solid construction. Mid range for its time.

  • Какой аккумулятор на этой машине???

  • By the way, this body design was by Ford back when it owned Think in 2001 or so. This is the fifth generation, Ford built about 1000 of the fourth generation and there are still quite a few on the roads in Norway (at least until recently). Tesla almost made the battery packs for Gen 5 Think but it fell through. Fourth Gen Thinks had flooded NiCad batteries and top speed around 90 kph with a range or maybe 80km if I recall, and was a contemporary of the GM EV1 (but the 4th Gen Thinks did not get crushed). The third generation saw only about 100 copies. Gen 2 might have seen ten copies. Gen 1 in 1990 looked like a senior project from an undergraduate engineering program around 1990.

  • The Think City EV will go faster in D (115 kph easy) than in E (90 kph with less acceleration), but there is also less regen in D. At least the US version with the lithium ion battery is that way after the heater recall. There is no phantom drain from the traction battery pack but the 12 V battery is only good for about a month when parked if you don't plug it in now and then. Less if you leave something plugged into the 12 V outlet, which is always on. We have a larger EV but we never drive anything but the Think in the city, it is way more fun. And you can park anywhere, see around corners that nobody else can, make crazy U turns, etc. We have had two of them for ten years, one has 87% of original battery capacity, the other is less. The parts depot in Indiana is still in operation: thinkparts4u (dot) com/

  • Oh my goodness. I was joking about a Fiat 500e. Wow this Think City is unique. I'm kinda glad you got something different to zip around for a short while.

  • Artic Circle test

  • I didnt know these were Norwegian, we have a few of them in the US. I used to see them around occasionally.

  • We need to see Geilo in that thing

  • I recognise some of the switchgear is from Ford.