MC Hammer getting glass repair at Riis Bilglass

Publisert 14. feb.. 2021
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  • They have similar policies in Canada ; fix for free, deductible to replace the windshield (no new wipers in the deal tho!). I was always amazed that in the US, they do complete replacement right away. It is really common to drive with a cracked windshield in Canada too (especially Québec); definitely not the case in the US

  • Glass repair shops in Spain even promote ad campaigns for you to fix these stone scratches with gifts (new Bosch wipers, tyre compressor, RainX treatment, etc). It is better for insurance companies to take care of this for "free" (with no penalization in your insurance policy) than changing the windscreen several weeks or months later. To make things easier for the user, glass repair shops open the repair cases directly with any insurance company! :)

  • Oh insurance is paying for this? Better give him literally all our upsells lol

  • I got new Bosch windshield wipers too on the same day. Strangely enough the Bosch catalog said I needed 28" and 26" but in reality I needed 32" and 28" and now trying to find the long one. Seems to be rare here in China. If Tesla has a big windscreen so does Peugeot 3008, from the top of the shock absorber to the roof.

  • I went to Riis glass today, they said my damages are too small, which are the same as bjørn’s chips. They do not fix for me😓 Asked about free wiper change, they said they do not have that, instead, there will be charged for 450 Nok. I think they offer depends on the staffs or due to Bjørn is a celebrity.😩

    • Takk for svaret 🤩

    • They will do it if you have a repair case. They just send the bill to the insurance company.

  • I was just waiting for the tow hook in the frunk

  • I did experience that even after repairing the stone chip, preheating from -10C cracked the windshield. I had many preheats from above -5C, but -10C seemed to have been the triggering point. Could it be that temperature that blows in the windshield at preheat is a bit too high? I did not experience this on my old car, that had many stone chips.

  • is it wahser fluid pipes on wiper arms?

  • Infrared or ultraviolet, same same but different. And it is illegal to tint the front window, driver and passenger side windows.

  • The issue is when it’s freezing the window might stick?

  • I can’t find this product on Amazon US site, anyone have a link?

  • I have a couple minor pits. So far I've been lucky. I need to get them fixed. Wasn't able to get PPF for all the paint pits. Great info and reminder.

  • allways have clear tape in car to shield the crack until proper fix. Result will be way better if moisture and dirt dont get in the glass. 10cets investment that can prevent whole glass cracking.

  • Thanks for all the info. I think the light is actually ultraviolet but it probably is safe for your eyes in this application.

  • To be honest, i actually thought this was the Mercedes EQV, because of the crack!

  • The doctor wants you to see often coz they need money.

  • Wax on, wax off!

  • I didn't have a good experience with Bosch wipers. They delaminated almost immediately. AutoZone took them back and told me it was a common problem with bosch.

  • Lol I had safelite come out and refused to fix these small chips said to just get a replacement when I had my 3 , everything is money for these companies

  • Isn't it UV to harden the glue instead of infrared?

    • Sure, it's UV (blue-ish color), infra-red wouldn't work, that wave-length is too long, too little energy! ;-)

  • Can you please explain the problem with model X? I didn't understand clearly what is the solution. Thank you

  • We used to apply talcum on the door seal.

  • Thanks for sharing!! Very informative 👍🏽

  • 1

  • lol I got a random Norwegian car repair shop ad on this video... I don't speak Norwegian, nor do I live there xD

  • So the Bosch A102S are the correct wipers for the Tesla model 3 (2019) ?

    • Yes

    • It seems so. The A102s has 650mm + 475mm. According to that's correct. The A102 is also used for .. according to a webshop: AUDI A3 Limousine (8VS) (Baujahr: 2013.05 ->) AUDI S3 Limousine (8VS) (Baujahr: 2013.10 ->) VW Passat Variant (3G5) (Baujahr: 2014.08 ->) VW Passat (3G2) (Baujahr: 2014.08 ->)

  • This happened to me this week. I was told since it was already slightly chipped, water droplets went in and expanded causing it to slightly spiderwebbed. I ended up buying 3 repair kits. 1 from amazon (would not arrive in time), 2 i fucked up (local store), 3 success. I do wish I kept more resin on it instead of using a razor blade and making it flush for stronger protection. Especially since it wasn't in the line of the wiper blades

  • I've had Fords with electrically heated windscreens since about 1990 and have never heard of these cracking.

    • Cars today are relying on the glass as part of the car’s extremely movement in the body flexing will result in a clip becomes a crack.

  • Haha, my M3LR is at this same place today getting a new windscreen!

    • Tesla Bjørn gets the big boi perks. No free wipers or bottle for me haha

  • Is this common in Norway also for non-Tesla cars to have so many cracks? Never seen so many.. maybe on very old cars with still original windscreen..

    • @Aki Kaivola thanks for explanation Aki :)

    • Common in Nordic countries where people have spiked winter tires and where they pour small stones (about 3-5mm) on the roads for friction. Spikes break up asphalt and some spikes get thrown out of the tire. Unfortunately the stones are worse than not using them as they get ground up to dust and enter lungs during the spring. Also the stones last about 10 minutes on the road and get thrown to the sides and to peoples windscreens.

  • Good tip on the rubber seals. I use Gummi Pflege Stift every so often.

  • Your sore thumb stands out like.....a sore thumb

  • Hey Bjørn, what is your insurance company? I'm insured with If and I wander if they would do the same with my Tesla

    • Stone chips are repaired for free in Norway if you have "delkasko" or "kasko" insurance.

  • Yea, mine has some too. The window chips just as easily as the paint on teslas

  • So what happened to the cracked Mercedes EQV windscreen?

  • it's really fair from you that you fix this, this should be a lead to many used car sellers to prepare cars before sell them to customers

  • I got the Metron Schuko type 2 charging cable because of Bjorn, and use it every night to charge my i3. It's been almost 2 years and it still works! (Old Percedos cable burned it's relays in 6mo)

  • To break glass you need a catalyst. That catalyst is water. Under water glass will break much easier. When you have a small crack then water will come in and help it to break further. When you repair the glass, then you lock the crack with the glue, then you prevent water from reaching the crack. With that the crack is nearly as strong as the rest of the flat glass surface. That Steinschutzpaster will keep the damage dry. That is all you need to prevent it from getting worse.

  • ~Support local business;)

  • Yo, whatsup!

  • Love your videos

  • BMW have a similar product for the rubber seals called gummi pflege that stops the squeaks.

    • @Lars Erik Lunde Unfortunately if you leave 3 seconds between you and the car in front you’ll be overtaken and the space will disappear. Lol

    • @Lars Erik Lunde What’s that got to do with lubricating rubber seals?

  • Love videos like this that show maintenance/enhancements items.

  • That's nice, you sold it and fixed it before handing over to the new owner! Good man! I wish everyone does this!

    • @Daniel Stefanovic in Sweden also :) there is 3 stages in insurence, if you have stage 2 or three they fix the glass for free,

    • Good to know, still Mighty decent of him to bring it to the shop:)

    • @Daniel Stefanovic Isn't there excess to pay? Edit: Nvm. He said it - no deductible.

    • its actually free here in Norway, they send the bill to the insurance company.

  • first