Tesla Model 3 LED matrix in slow motion

Publisert 1. feb.. 2021
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  • Hello Björn Nyland, my question would be: The Model 3 with Matrix light described here will also be available in Europe Germany and if so for all variants or only for the Performance Model 3? Greetings and thank you very much!

  • TM3 do not have LED Matrix. It’s easy to test if a car have LED Matrix, just like you saw on the Polestar 2 and many other cars.

  • Hello Bjorn Nyland, the new headlights with the Matrix high beam assistant for the LR Model 3 should also be available for Europe and, more precisely, Germany, as shown here in the video. Greetings and thank you for your answer. Markus

  • Lots of salt smutz fest. 😂🤣😉

  • Very good video. You touch a subject no one has do before and is so important to see clear in the night or fog drive conditions... Only a doubt, new model S or X have yet matrix led?? 👍🏻😷👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • US Model Y doesn't have these yet...it's annoying because I'm ready to buy, but will wait until these are in production.

  • I'm wondering if these headlights are a direct replacement since my 2021 M3P which I took delivery of in late December came with the old lights. I'm wondering if I can purchase the upgraded ones and replace mine with them or if the wiring or harness is different.

  • Nice, hidden gems in the LEDs 😆 som1 needs to go waaaay slower 😝

  • do you have a job dude?

  • You should “shoot” every cars headlights, it would be helpful.

  • This Tesla Matrix LEDs are horrible compare to Audi LEDs you can even see every LED dot.

    • Are you saying the Audi's are higher resolution or what? In other videos you can also see every pixel (which are square) of the Tesla ones.

  • I knew it from the beginning. 🤣 but I am giving away my Model 3 due to bad service and bad LFP cells.

  • It would be cool if you filmed more cars like Polestar and ID3

    • I have lots of videos. Check out my channel. You missed all of them.

  • So what is the conclusion? Does the refurbished Tesla Model 3 got LED Matrix, or do you believe it does because of that video?

    • The headlight is a matrix of 100 LEDs, and they can all be turned on and off individually. Look up Hella SSL 100. So now they only need to have the software for controlling the headlights. Look out for that in the future. 😃

  • The Polestar lights are amazing

  • Finally back to the Tesla, i enjoyed the leaf a bit but i prefer these vids :)

  • How are the lights compared to ID3 (Matrix)?

  • bjørn, plz review the 2021 fiat 500 electric :3

  • Awesome vid short and sweet.

  • Give the Leaf to me 😅 hahaha sorry I had to lol You see I didn't SHOUT 😉

  • You can lock exposure and/or focus by holding down on the place of interest on the screen.

  • Sorry, I did not get it: Does mc hammer (so a 2018 m3p) have led matrix?

    • Ok i did the same test using my Samsung S10+. On my M3 LR 2020: No led matrix, for sure.

    • @Francesco Palmisano I think so, but I can be wrong. The only way to find out is to drive with high beam on in the dark and see how the headlights work. I have LED Matrix on my car and it’s something else I tell you 🙌🏼

    • @Stian Tveit so that video was on 2021?

    • No.

  • One more argument to buy a new Model 3. I'm quite optimistic that the full matrix functionality will be enabled via software update in future. I'm used to have matrix light in my Audi, I don't want to miss it.

  • A 4H bulb was $4, a Xenon bulb is $80, A LED standard headlight is $1500 and the LED Matrix headlight?

    • Yeah and people wonder why a fender bender can be an $8000 expense. I’m sure these headlights are pleasant but give me a break.

  • Now I want to upgrade my Model 3 headlights. I hope it's possible to retrofit. I just emailed Tesla about price and compatibility.

    • Let me know if you hear back bc I was told no twice

  • Theses arent Matrix LED. It seems only like auto headlight on/off but far from real Matrix. I do not understand the mistake about it!?! Teslas dont have any special lightning like Matrix. Please do not sell what doesn’t exist.

    • @Fritjof D Hope so

    • Well the software has not implemented any matrix functions but the hardware is there. Could be coming in a future software update.

  • Make a headlight compare between some brands for example. Id3 vs Model 3 vs e Niro

  • Matrix?? Id3 have matrix no Tesla m3

  • Lmao Leaf videos are BORING

  • Very nice video. Please make more of this kind! Would be very interesting to see this test/video on other cars like ID.3 and Polestar. Thanks!

  • Will you do an Aiways u5, test? Thx

  • Bjorn, have you tried to put the headlight in the service/calibration mode ? Because it should show intentional pixel "movement"

  • The Polestar lights seem amazing. Everything being software controlled gives designers so many options.

  • Let get this right. Your 2019 MC Hammer has LED Matrix?

    • no, it was video from testing probably that "markusbil model3" bjorn borrowed and tested (the one with heatpump)

  • This raises two questions for me: 1. Could you get some sort of signal out of it to turn a LED-bar off automatically while it detects traffic? 2. How much would it cost to repair these fancy lights out of warranty?

    • This is not a new technology, two years ago somebody smashed my Matrix LED headlights at night and I payed 2400€ for the replacement at the Audi Service. Good LED headlights can already cost you around 1400€, so the difference isn’t that big. Of course my insurance paid for that. They have a lifetime of up to 10000 hours, so I don’t really think you need to replace them, except in a crash or in my case vandalism.

  • Amazing

  • Thank you @Bjørn Nyland for this video, it would be good to see if the tesla matrix lights are capable or not of dissociating the beam when a vehicle arrives in front, with flashlights for example

  • Are these available right now on the Tesla model three in United States?

    • @Glen F Tesla now use the same headlight on all Model 3/Y. They just program them differently depending on what country they are used in. The beam pattern in the US is different from the one used in LHD Europe. But the headlight is the same part number for all cars now.

    • According to a previous commenter they are illegal in the US.

  • Bjorn please go and review the most northern tesla charging station in the world, it's in Skaidi. Would also be great if you share it with "Now you know" that mentioned it on their channel. It's so nice to see collaborations between different NOlong channels.

    • @drifter13 Any day, sounds epic.

    • Yeah then how about taking the plaid + to Northern most charger when it gets delivered 😀 'I took my plaid+ to the northern most tesla charger in the world'

    • @Star Man Bjorn is too busy to just go and “review” he needs to do a test of like the new model Y or something.

    • @Bjørn Nyland It would be epic to have you go to the most northern most charging station in the world. NOW YOU KNOW has a contributory segment to show and then rate charging stations in the world. Would like you to take a road trip there and make a short segment to give to Zac and Jesse. It would also be an opportunity to gain subs from their channel too. I might be wrong but I think that's where I saw you the first time and subscribed to your channel.

    • Review? What to do? It's 250 kW. It charges. Then what?

  • Pretty sure Samsung's can record above 900fps.

  • I received at LR 2021 in November with the “old” light. Wonder if I could upgrade in the future 🤨

    • @nineflour strange , i know friends in the US, that couldn't get matrix LED lights because of regulations, was not a Tesla but an Audi though.

    • @superleggenda I just got unlucky lol. Late December US delivery got new head lights. I tried to buy the part from service center early January and was told no.

    • ​@TzarCoal 101 Yes located in US. US started to equip new head lights late December.

    • @nineflour are you from the US? Matrix LED headlights are illegal there, becasue of some regulations...

    • @nineflour absolutely: the first two deliveries (mid and late November 2020) of 2021 Model 3s (Long Range) had standard headlights (in a weird twist, apparently some unrefreshed SR+s made in China got the new headlights in November) . Matrix lights started on the Performance in mid November and came to the LR in mid/late December. Mind you, I'm based in Italy, things may be different in other countries with higher EV "penetration". The 2021 LR Bjorn tested for a while also had standard headlights. Matrix lights should be standard now for all trims. Welcome to Tesla's continuous improvement system. Gives you continuous headaches...

  • Bjorn, are those OE Hella LED Matrix Headlights? Too bad LED Matrix headlights aren't NHTSA approved for the US market. But, it's TC approved north of the border. Btw, what makes of the light bar did you install in your car?

  • Tesla has to got to keep improving their headlights before I buy one.

    • @Yggdrasil42 You certainly never see what a real Matrix LED does. Try an Audi or Mercedes to understand where is the difference.

    • Really? I'm very happy with my M3 2021 headlights. They're much better than the Ampera I had before. Which 'feature' are you holding out for?

  • Liked before i saw the video

  • I absolutely care about good headlights. That's one reason why I bought a fossil car, even I wanted to get a Tesla.

    • @MrPaukann e-tron is boring to me, and after one hour Polestar test drive me knee had a hurting mark from the center console.

    • @Peter Reid, e-tron with *Digital* Matrix (2021 MY feature).

    • Polestar

  • 👍👀

  • Bjorn, ask someone to point a torch at the front camera of the car to see if the car and the lights react somehow.

  • Isn't this just rolling shutter?

    • Nope. Rolling shutter is something different.

  • Do you have any idea about "retrofitable"? Would be great!

    • You could, but then Elon would blacklist your car from supercharging.

    • It should be but it’ll also be really expensive. One headlight assembly replacement will probably cost about 2000 usd

  • Nice, this was the first time I ever heard about teslas having matrix LEDs.

    • @Stian Tveit 👍

    • @Ralf Machulla I have it on my Skoda Superb iV Sportline and my father have it on his Audi Etron 55. Still, I didn’t order it on my Porsche Taycan.

    • @Stian Tveit I have the experience with the Matrix LED from Audi A7. And I need it. Please don’t try it!

    • Well, it do not have LED MATRIX headlights.

    • @sjokomelk ah, thank you.

  • Your samsung s9 can record 960fps in super slow-mo mode. Just for a fraction of a second, but it's enough for the light to turn on.

    • @Bjørn Nyland You might also be able to download "Google Camera" and try it as well as the default samsung camera app and you may get additional features if it works. My device is "not elligible" so they may be blocking it on non-pixel (or just Huawei) but worth checking.

    • Thanks for the tip. I will make a new video.

  • Headlights are one of the most important things that has a car. Good car with poor lights becomes a shitty car when driving at night or in bad conditions. I really appreciate your light tests cause only a few testers do it.

    • @MWM Osram and Philips both make decent LED bulbs for cars. There are plenty of test about these in the www

    • You make a perfect description of the Ampera, unfortunately. :'/

    • @Maks Zd xenon's don't need a bigger unit, any half decent LED requires a massive amount of coolant and will either have a large heatsink or fan which often can't fit inside your existing headlight unit. Xenons require a ballast which is wired outside of the headlight housing itself

    • @Maks Zd Nicely put... 😊

    • @MWM idk, I've never tried xenon on my car, my leds are thousand time better than halogen. Moreover, xenon needs a bigger unit.

  • Maybe Tesla could play a simple game with its new lights... Or driving simulator... Lol...

    • Audi has new digital matrix LED headlights with one million pixels per headlight. They run a short video when the car is unlocked and locked

    • Tetris

  • Do the Chinese and US variants of Model 3 have this ?

    • Ah, I misinterpret your question. The Chinese Variant has them, but not all US Refresh models have them. Date of manufacturing is crucial here, its somewhere around 19.10. where they started to implement the new headlights.

    • The newer ones in the US got them, yes

  • Impressive! That means new Model S also will get Matrix LED’s👌🏻

  • The sensible folks here in Ireland also care with our narrow-tree lined roads, also shortish days in winter and lots of rain. There are of course idiots that don't even turn them on.

  • random question. How are the NRS brakes holding up to far ? I'm using my brakes so few times i think they will deteriorate rather quickly and if the disks get damaged then i dont want to waste more money on conventional brakes that go kaputt becuase i'm not wasting energy into them.

  • Just be aware that having matrix LED doesn't automatically mean they can control each led independently, it could just be cheaper or more efficient or more effective than having a big ass LED for high beam. Independent control is still significant additional cost due to their high power. Either way it's still possible Tesla has those intentions.

    • Look up Hella SSL 100. They had a press release from March 2020 about "a premium automaker" would start using their headlight in late 2020. And people have been taking the headlight apart, and it is the Hella SSL 100 headlamp.

    • @katze_sonne The focus is just a lens and the quantity doesn't matter, there are matrix LEDs with much less LEDs that work just fine. However when dealing with high power LEDs smaller is easier to control the light spread, easier to cool down and possibly cheaper. Like I said it doesn't mean much until Tesla confirms or denies the possibility.

    • No way this is not intended to be controlled individually. They are way too good focused etc. to not be meant as a controllable matrix. Also it's up-to-date technology where Tesla was behind - no way they still don't jump on that train. And: If they were going to use multiple instead of one huge LED, they would have used 10 or so but definitely not this many.

  • I dont get it. Matrix led lights in TM3? How does it work? My model 3 08/2020 has only regular and high beam. Models from 11/2020 have Matrix but not programmed yet?

    • Probably. They have new headlights that is a fact. Wegen you set them up in the menue you can even See them move left and right. It ist possible that it could bei updated to some Sort oft Matrix light and maybe a turn light. For now it just Looks a bit different and lowers the amount of different parts globally. The new ones can ne programmed for right or left streetside driving. The old ones Had to be for that market specifically.

    • By Q1 2021, we expect all Model 3 and Model Y vehicles to feature this new unit. electrek.co/2020/12/15/tesla-upgrading-model-3-y-headlights/

  • Please more Leaf)

    • Ye have to make more LEAF. Videos the best all rounder EVs out there . The best out on the road. No pint having one on the Internet or coming status.

  • Nice idea to film it. Lets hope the refreshed S has them too.

  • Hmm lets see. Just because you can see the LED-Matrix Pattern, doesnt mean necesarry you can actually switch every segment on and off individually.

    • It is a Hella SSL 100 headlamp. And you can turn each diode on and off as you wish. Tesla are saving money now on headlights, since they can use the exact same partnumber headlight for all cars in all markets, and they only have to program them differently depending on what beam pattern the car should use. And they can do matrix highbeams where they are allowed, and disable that function where it is not allowed.

    • @Arst Could be a heat managing system too. Staggered on/off cycles to manage heat dissipation.

    • @Arst I agree, at this point we’re all guessing. 🤣

    • A lot of speculation here, bud the fact that the Pixels are brighten up randomly is maybe a legid point that there is a more complex driver behind.

    • @Arst what Dennis said. 🙄

  • Do We sense a Leaf up-load gate

  • Is the Tesla matrix better than the VW ID 3?

    • not really.

    • This is NOT Matrix LED, no comparaison w/ID3 or other effective Matrix Light

  • Re your comment about not being wide enough. If you press the adjust headlights button in the service menu (you don’t have to actually adjust the lights) then you see some of the additional functionality they may be capable of...the lights seem to swivel. Alternatively see what happens just after 6 mins in this video nolong.info/show/Y9dkaX1unaaEraM/video.html

    • Look up Hella SSL 100. They are made by Hella, and they do swivel right and left. So I guess there will be more functions coming in the future with software updates.

  • Great to see that other cars have this feature in the EU! Still a long way here in the US (Regulations). I've read that these lights are a good as hdmi quality.

    • @Glen F our country should be embarrassed of itself.

    • US must be the only first world country stuck with the high and low beam law. Those rules are fossils from 1967.

    • @7S POWER because the government doesn't give them enough "funding" for their tests.

    • NHTSA approved headlights are light years behind the EU Reg. headlights.

  • What does it look like in real time? Why are some LEDs turning off and on when you are stationary and simply shining the lights on a wall? Why aren’t they continuous under these conditions?

  • Interesting to see that they seem to adjust the level when switching to high beams. Do other brands do this as well with matrix light? Never seen this before.

    • Audi introduced the LED Matrix. So, cars with LED Matrix do that.

    • Our Volvo did that too I think

  • I really hope the updated Model S and Model X will also have the Matrix LED light...

    • No matrix on Tesla as far from today

    • Not for any US market as they aren't approved by NHTSA, but are TC approved north of the border.

    • @Tone P Because atm there are none available and there haven't been anything told us about that for the Facelift

    • Why wouldn’t they?

    • Pretty sure they will.

  • Looks kaputt !!

  • Too early to watch movies on the wall

  • Just a tip: you can adjust focus and exposure on the iPhone. Tap and hold on an area you want in focus in the camera app to AF and AE. Then slide your finger up and down to manually change exposure compensation.

    • tap and hold UNTIL it blinks and leaves the box on the screen, then next to the screen is sun icon and you can slide over it many times to move it up or down

  • is it pixels or the design of the reflector? i thought the reflector also has boxes embedded into the plastic design.

    • It is 100 LEDs in a big matrix. Look up Hella SSL 100.

    • How would different parts of the reflector light up at different times?

  • Can it turn (or simulate) left/right?

  • Can you compare it to Polestar 2 LED matrix?

  • Ohh,, they will surely "ramp up" the headlights,, 🤪

  • Love the videos! 👍🏻

  • You got a name for the Plaid yet? Big Plaid Wolf?

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