Mercedes EQV banana box test

Publisert 15. feb.. 2021
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  • I haven't been here for that long, this might be my 3rd car with Bjorn, but, it's funny I'm sitting here watching a guy load and unload a van with banana boxes and find it entertaining. From the "I would never have thought to..." folder.

  • The metal thing is the key to success.

  • Who has that many banana boxes! hmmm

  • At least we know what vehicle they should drive £184million of cocain found in banana boxes

  • BUT, this is a van...

  • 1:30 are you serious or just joking?😀

  • Lmao. Love this video

  • BTW that metal rod thing is supposed to attach to your safety harness when you go deep sea fishing so the big fishes don't pull you in.

  • It’s a tow hook

  • What about env-200 and e-crafter?

  • But you know that, don't you...

    • I know that many people don't think I know.

  • That thing you keep finding is a tow eye for emergency towng...

  • The "weapon" you keep finding in the cars, is a towing eye. It has to be screwed into the correct socket in front bumper somewhere. In case you need to be towed. Would look silly to have it always attached (like older cars had) - so it's in the trunk nowadays.

  • Felsberg - Großes Glück hatte am Samstagabend (13.02.2021) ein Paar aus Felsberg-Hilgershausen, das um 22 Uhr auf der Heimfahrt war. Als die 46-jährige Fahrerin die Raiffeisenstraße in Felsberg befuhr, explodierte der zwei Tage alte VW-Golf 8 Hybrid. Das Auto war erst 300 Kilometer gefahren. Hi Bjorn. Have you seen article about VW GOLF 8 HYBRID, which explode recently? Maybe you as professional can comment something about it, like difference is batteries in each car maker etc, could be intresting

  • Det er en slepekrok din løk! 😂

  • Can that 3rd row be taken out completely? How many then ;) ?

  • I just take some interesting conclussions out of this test: -You have a good level of potasium on your diet -There's a limit to the amount of banana boxes any man can store at home. -This van needs the parking space of a regular car behind it just to open the trunk. Jokes aside, thanks for these tests! 😉

  • But i cant get any electric van in the US and its not fair!

  • 2:11 that edit had me rolling on the floor xD

  • high pitch bjorn

  • Not sure what that tow hook is for either but I’d use it as a tent peg

  • yes banana box test bjorn tesla

  • Speed 1,5 and this is hilarious. Van for the win 😉

  • It's a towing hook to screw into the front of the vehicle. 🙂

  • Always enjoy your videos! 👌

  • Bjorn, you must really love bananas ;-)

  • Okay I see its the L2 version not the extra long L3. Imagine how many banana boxes fit in the extended version

  • This car is suitable for Bjorn's Nimble work throughout Norway... More and even larger sized boxes will fit haha ;)

  • That silver thing was meant to be used to move those seats quickly. You use it like a hammer.

  • is there a frunk?

  • Björn's sounds during the fast forward scenes. Priceless 😂😂!

  • To screw in the front og rear of the car.

  • Hmmmm, Bjørn, you have driver a license. Towing screw in the front of the car.

  • It's German!! . Of Course "It's a weird Design"!!! The Annoyance of owing a German Vehicle.

  • Banana box test is always a lot of fun!!

  • Are you going to do a 1000 km challenge with the EQV? I am curious to see how this van is going to do on long distance. Can you also maybe do another range test but with lots of cargo on board to see the consumption of it when its loaded. I am curious how much of a difference it makes.

  • 😂

  • Bananarama.

  • A Mercedes sprinter sized van with decent range would be the ultimate.

  • Hi Björn. I think, the glass in the tailgate can be opened individually. Trotzdem it out, please.

  • A question Bjørn: I can see the outer rails from the seats went through the whole van. But the inner 2 rails looks like interrupted in the middle. Are they really interrupted or are they covered with something?

  • Another good V-class feature is that you can open only window on trunk door.

  • To remove the “rack thing” easily, you need to release the 3rd row seats and move them a bit to the front. Afterwords it is possible to rotate the rack a bit and get it out to the back site

  • That metal stuff is used if your car needs to be pulled. There is a small opening at the front and back bumper where u insert it

  • How long before manufacturers start listing storage volume in banana boxes?

  • High pitch Bjorn moving the parcel shelf sounds like Scrat the squirrel from Ice Age chasing his nut :D

  • and if you took the third row seat out you could probably add another six to ten boxes. amazing!!!!!

  • E-nv200 46 boxes

  • Your videos are entertaining, informative, easy to watch, funny, great scenes, etc. Also they have great scenes, I love those. I hope in a few years I could rent an electric, so I can get a taste of what it is.

  • I love your banana box standard!

  • To-hitch, but you know that :-)

  • Its a sectional sowing needle for King Kong! You just need to find the hollow tube and the screw in needle point!

  • its an alternative gear stick for a metal head!

  • If you remove the back seats, it will fit six more!!! 😁

  • reminds me of the e-crafter banana box test

  • 2:25 XD "...Alvin, Simon, Theodor we are the chipmunks..."

  • 1:29 Obviously that is a starting crank.

  • Yeah but where is VW e crafter on a leaderboard???

  • I can imagine the neighbours that don’t know what he does thinking... “this guy is crazy, just playing with card boxes in and out” 🤣😂

  • That's the Holy Cow attachment. You just hook it to a horned animal then put the vehicle in neutral/tow mode. Just have an environmentally way to move your car.

  • Doesn't the EQV have a split tailgate?

  • I like this bro

  • Not enough banana boxes? Test how many banana boxes fit in the Think City. Then test how many Think Citys fit in the EQV. Done!

  • Now try the VW e-Crafter... Although I’m not sure if it comes with more than 1 seat row

  • 1:31 It’s when your car got stucked, you just basically screw it in the hole which is covered with a small plastic under the front lights, you take the cover off, screw it in, wrap there a rope and you can take your car.

  • I propose a new unit for measuring Mercedes vans. A standard "banana box" is no longer sufficient. How about "Banana Republic"? How many entire countries can you get in an EQV?

  • nice Campervan possiblity

  • How many did the VW e-crafter hold? IIEC it was over 100.

  • Hey Bjørn, it’s a tow hook. For tow a car if it’s run out of juice. You can read it in the manual… Or you can watch this funny guy… he explains to you how to use it!!! ☝️

  • Еmergency towbar for towing . a car when it is damaged .. :)

  • Do Mercedes also supply trusses or is that an optional extra!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Love the Trollin baby!

  • Will there be an AMG line of EVs?

  • 1:30 not sure if you are joking, in case you are not : this is a tow adapter in case the vehicle needs to be towed. you have to screw it in a specific place in the front bumper (there should be a small plastic piece to remove to see the screw holder)

  • 3:28 "Heavy is good. Heavy is reliable."

  • I think you could also take out the whole second or at least third seat row just like the boot-rack and put in even more boxes 😂

  • Didn't bjorn do the bananabox test for an env200 once? That wasn't in this list. Ah yes. env200 and crafter: 50 and 156 respectively: We want to know if this has space for more than 50 with the all the rear seats removed. Go down the wholesalers and get some more boxes :-) I suspect it is a little bigger than an env200.

  • “There is not enough bananas 🍌 in THIS world 🌎” 😂😂😂 Thanks for the video, Bjorn

  • That hook are for towing the car. You screw it in on the front of the car on one dedicateted place.

  • You have to start a new list for EV Vans.

  • That 'thing-weapon' that you find in all cars it's a hook that you screw in the from (or rear) to be able to tow the van/car if if gets stucked in the mud/snow

  • Very interesting Bjørn 😉 Let's hope that MB learns something about modular interiors. Just kidding, it's all about safety and those things need to be strong 😎 Now, If these weren't empty boxes then you could have made a loaded range test 😜 Keep it going and take care ✌️

  • i can't imagine the range when this van is full of stuff and people. got to be horrible because it is already low.

    • I think he commented on one of his videos when towing with the model x, and the range was more affected by the bad aerodynamics of the trailer than what was in it. My guess, if it relates to this car, is that it wouldn't suffer too much with 4 people and luggage.

  • I see neighbors REAAAALY didn't like camera. First wall, now made Bjorn shoot other angle. We have to get used to new view.

  • It is a tow hitch Bjorn. Duplicates as a weapon if needed.😃

  • 35 boxes, but per box it might be more effiicient to run a smaller car twice as the EQV drinks elektrons for fun.

  • Male EQV owner meet beautiful girl in bar, "I hope you like bananas"...

  • That tool in the back is used to tow the vehicle of a rut.

  • do you have storage unit just to storage those banana boxes?

  • brilliant german engineering hahaha, 100 kg heavy luggage cover

  • 1.35 it is towing hok

  • If all else fails, read the instructions, I know from experience I have a Kia van.

  • perhaps a driver is not allowed to tow a EQV?

  • One day I want a signature from Bjørn on my tow hook.

    • If he ever sets up a swag shop it'll be one of the top sellers for sure 😂

  • hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Does he really not know it's a towing eye

  • I'm looking forward to the banana box tests of the Škoda Enyaq and ID.4. Can they get 10 boxes in the trunk? There's only one way to find out!

  • Comments about tow hook help the youtube algorithm bring in more subscribers 😁

  • No fillers, just the actual test. Thank you, Bjorn!

  • This and the PSA (well, now Stellantis) offering have been too long to come. Ideal not only for passenger hauling but also as work vehicles. Plus, since the battery is high voltage, i'm pretty sure a well packaged van can have 220V plugs up front for even more convenience (electric gardening tools for instance) where the engine used to be. Given the battery capacity of this one in particular, some few hundreds of Wh is nothing.