#71 The last road trip with MC Hammer

Publisert 19. feb.. 2021
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  • A-B-C... Always do Boot Clap 👏 before getting in the car.

  • Crazy to think my first road trip I watched was probably No. 4 or 5. Now it's 71. R.I.P to MC Hammer. He was a great ride. You know if you have another model 3 in the future and you want it to be more comfortable camping you could add some thermal insulation in the boot or other places you think its lacking. You just have to pop out a few plastic trim panels. You can buy sticky back thermal insulation for camper vans and stuff - 20 to 30mm thick with a reflective layer on top. I have added this plus butile sound deadening to my Toyota to cut down on road noise. It's annoying to do but often worth it.

  • Hey. Get a garage you 2 allready😂

  • noooo bye bye MC HAMMER you will be always in our electric hearts

  • Canadian parts r tough :)

  • Hello Bjorn, I am an avid subscriber to your channel and I really enjoyed your videos on Supercharges, on ways to charge quickly and on battery preconditioning. MC HAMMER will be missed. Thank you a thousand times for all the work you have done. I hope you will make some great videos for us with your future TESLA. I laughed when you gave us the battery heater DONG !! ;-)

  • Thanks for putting stats also in wh/mile, this saves me using by brain 😁 love the format and style of the channel

  • Canadian break pads must be very nice

  • You know what.cost of tesla model3 in thailand is about133,066dollars.**+tax**

  • Do we know what the kilowatt charger is on board the Mercedes van is it a 22 on board kilowatt charger please let me know thanks Wade from Canada northern Manitoba Saskatchewan area.

  • I generally like cars with knobs and buttons the Tesla's are okay like the speed Ludacris drive but just not fussy on the plain interior.

  • What is the other vehicle that can charge fast in the cold looking to get my first EV currently do like the enero I also like that Mercedes van.

  • Lovely last roadtrip for MC Hammer! As a 2018 Model 3 owner myself I can say that the Model 3 is a fantastic car! I'm sure the new owner will have many a nice drive in him!

  • Fair-well MC.H. Thanks for carry us along with you. Cheers

  • did you record every video twice because ive watch this video but you only speak thai

  • I’m gonna miss MC Hammer... watch so many videos of him before getting KITT (my M3)

  • I`m definitely going there when the brakes on my model 3 needs servicing.

  • Great vid as always. Are you going to hold a competition to name the new Model S when it arrives?

  • Bjørn, you should eat healthier!

  • Love the scenery of Norway.

  • I’m going to miss you MC Hammer.

  • At 6:53 - ABC, Always Be Clubbin' 😎

  • I'm going to miss MC Hammer, and I still miss Optmus Prime, I even still miss Millennium Falcon , thanks for the memories! Looking forward to what's next for Uncle Bjorn!

  • One day people will complain that their Tesla charges too fast for a meal/comfort break and they get charged idling penalty fees.

  • Yea I have some surface rust on the inner part of the hubs. Common on every car especially in saltschmutzfests. Love the scenery. Man I know it's just Norway but it's very nice. I mean I overlook some the hills and ridges in the horizon here being local. Good trip for a good cause. Stay well MC Hammer

  • i am sad mc hammer is sold on my birthday

  • Auf Wiedersehen MC Hammer! Greets from Cologne/Germany! I like your videos! My car‘s name is Pegasus (pearlwhite M3 LR 2021) - it‘s an awesome vehicle, too.

  • Goodbye MC Hammer thx for all the good times.❤️ from Køge

  • Bjørn, brings back memories from the days when you were driving Millennium Falcon (Model S) all over Norway, doing Nimber task deliveries with the car packed to the brim.

  • I went to Norway two years ago, it's a beautiful country and with your road trips I can visit Norway another time. Thanks for that. I hope I could visit Norway again but this time with my Tesla model 3 bought a few months ago 😁 Goodbye MC Hammer.

  • Nooo. Not MC hammer!

  • MC Hammer was the best he will be missed by everyone here

  • You had the willpower not to eat those fries while they were hot!

  • I'm pretty sure it's not 400kW but 575kW sharing between 4 stalls. You can easily find the labels on the web.

  • great videos new to the channel whats replacing mc hammer

  • In his last appearance on Joe Rogans Podcast Elon said the Plaid Plus is about a year away from delivery. That's a long time to be without a car!

  • Omg that roundabout in a tunnel! Very cool!

  • I'm really don't see a point to drive 1k km for check a brakes. Specially in Norway 🇳🇴

  • This is the real stuff, nice roadtrip with great views and awesome comments & music. And sad this time....reminds me of saying goodbye to my V70 T5 years ago....

  • Goodbye MC Hammer, thanks for all you brought us👍🏼

  • Nice videos Bjørn, greatly appreciate it. Would be great if you point out the cost of the services you get, or the food you get in the way. That makes both a more informative and a closer followership for us. I'm also specifically interested in learning the marginal costs of owning a car in Norway and would like to learn it from your videos as we move along!

  • Love the music

  • Ah too bad we don't get to see Flam and Gudvangen in winter. Flam is the most beautiful town in Norway (among many, many towns...not including Oslo), in the summer. I was hoping you could video it for us in winter. Oh, well, thanks and goodbye to model 3! Plaid will be awesome.

  • Have you got a name for the Plaid? It would be interesting to see keep track of how well MC Hammer ages as his next owner(s) put on the miles.

  • I’m also looking forward to switch to another car.. For me our M3 is a far to stiff car. Most uncomfortable ride in a car ..

  • We will miss you MC hammer , waiting for the S plaid + ¡¡¡ good video as usual Bjørn ¡¡¡

  • I like to hear smuts, neien

  • V3 Supercharger probably can be easily upgraded from 4x 100kw to 4x 200kwm with doubling the Power stacks. But with the initial v3 rollout, there are not enough stacks for that kind of power. But its better already, before 2x 75kw from v2. Interesting information anyway, thanks!

  • Bye MC Hammer!

  • Goodbye MC Hammer. Thank you for all of those entertaining miles you’ve given us and for keeping Bjorn safe.

  • the more i watch you the more i like you ; strange i know 😂

  • Thanks Bjorn, I enjoyed the road tour and the lovely scenery of Norway, what a privilege.

  • I like your Videos very much, but this time I didn't like the "music" at about 7:00 .. 8:00. To me it doesn't fit to beautiful norwegian landscapes.

    • Uh, not much of a landscape at night...

  • Bye bye MC Hammer, part of the electric revolution!!!!💪👊

  • ABC MCH = Always Be Commemoratincg MC Hammer

  • Love these road trips! Nice one, Bjorn 🇳🇴

  • What the heck, why I almost crying when see this video?? Hmm.. that's not my car, I no driving it.. Maybe, that how is it Bjorn gives us an of aura and energy of his situations, and it's awesome! Missed for MC Hammer. Good luck.

  • I hope Bjorn used the seat heater to keep the fries warm :)

  • "I think I have to enjoy the last few hours with MC Hammer, today" Too bad it does not have a tailpipe, then... :p

  • Goodbye MC Hammer ! All good things must come to an end. Now he's going to make a new owner happy.

  • We will miss you MC Hammer!

  • I will miss you MC Hammer... now waiting for the MC Hammer Plus!

  • The new owner gets FSD, because it's not sold with Tesla involvement I heard. Great! But we don't see the Hardware 3.0 upgrade now, I guess?

  • 00:32 handed over to the new seller.. You mean the New buyer.. 😂 🤪

  • It was a pleasure, goodbye MC Hammer.

  • 😢

  • Bjorn, you're my favorite driver and I don't even have to pay for the trip mate!

  • The cabinet is 1MW, but the grid connection isn’t...

    • Bjørn Nyland Huh, interesting indeed...

    • @Oscar Josefsson That information is supposedly incorrect.

    • Bjørn Nyland ”Faster Charging, No More Power Sharing V3 is a completely new architecture for Supercharging. A new 1MW power cabinet with a similar design to our utility-scale products supports peak rates of up to 250kW per car. At this rate, a Model 3 Long Range operating at peak efficiency can recover up to 75 miles of charge in 5 minutes and charge at rates of up to 1,000 miles per hour. ” Tesla.com 06/03-2019 www.tesla.com/sv_SE/blog/introducing-v3-supercharging?redirect=no

    • Incorrect. The stack is only 400 kW.

  • Hello from Scotland, do you use this EV planner? abetterrouteplanner.com/

    • @TaxiPat Planning I meant, not on the road. A routeplanner.

    • We all use abrp on the road!!!

  • Will the new owner keep MC hammer named MC Hammer?

  • How about your fans choose the name for your next Tesla?

  • Long Live MC Hammer!

  • Will miss McHammer also. Great road trip.

  • 'Only -15' spoken in true Viking style!

  • So what pop rapper will become the namesake of your next car?

  • For Rotor read Brake Disc :)

  • Farewell MC Hammer!

  • My wife: "How can you watch so many videos of a Norwegian guy just driving around?" Me: "Hey! It's MC Hammer's last drive!"

    • He is a legend, as MC Hammer is also! My wife asked the same... They don't get it, it's ok.

    • Even my kids shout out ‘yo wts up’ when i turn on a mc hammer video.

    • @TaxiPat Bjorn is funny, he has a good sense of humor!

    • There will always a good reason to watch a norvegian driving a car and having fun doing it!!!!!

    • Bjorn is not just a "Norwegian guy" he is a legend! He is the E-VIKING! :)

  • The Norwegian Tourist Board should pay you money lol :) I think we all wanna do road trips in Norway now :) Great views :)

    • Bjorns videos is what made me drive to the Nordkapp in 2016. I would like to visit again.

    • They really should. Now we know alot about Norway from Bjorn

  • Tomorrow you be Hammerless! :)

  • feels like youve been selling her for 6 years

  • Bye Mc hammer :(

  • As always, great stuff!

  • Legend says that Björn is still sitting in MC Hammer and the owners are frozen outside...

  • this was very emotional 😢 Good bye MC Hammer thank you for all the wonderful memories

  • Thumb up for your playlist.

  • MC Hammer was the reason we bought a Model 3 performance last year June ! He will be missed!

  • Thanks for doing an update on the brakes Bjørn. Really appreciate it!

  • Are you getting the plaid for free in lieu of the 2 Roadsters tesla owes you?

  • Bye MC Hammer, .....but....better come back in a Model S

  • So long Hammer. It's been fun👍

  • Farewell, MC Hammer. ABC...always be hammering!!! ✌

  • 2 Legit 2 Quit!

  • Farewell, MC Hammer. Sheeeeeeeeeeeet.

  • So long Hammer.

  • Adios MC Hammer...thanks for the memories. :(

  • You can see how clean it's stayed by that iconic silhouette at 28:05

  • Good Bye MCHammer- many good memories

  • That’s going to be a long wait until model S Plaid+ comes out.

  • Seller? Don’t you mean buyer?