Live streaming Ford Mustang Mach-E 1000 km challenge today

Publisert 20. feb.. 2021
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  • Hope to see this test on the Id.4 soon!

  • Doggo was just trying to be on the spotlight too...never underestimate the appeal of a chihuahua.

  • How is your neighbor's dog called? Trolly?

  • Maybe you should upload day before the livestream to make everyone see this

  • you like that shit yeah? yeah I do

  • this guy makes some awesome videos! im not a fan of ev but i like his videos so i watch them all. very educational! great quality videos!

  • Bjorn is the chinese norwegian that speaks english that we all need & love

    • he's thai.

  • Ninja math...nailed it again!!! Great day of live streaming today!!! Looking forward to the 90% to 10% tomorrow too. Fun times!

  • Didn't know you had a live stream channel

  • 1:10 i don't like that shit :-)

  • Looks like the design is inspired by peugeot

  • I hope You get hands on the Rear wheel drive long range soon!👍 Thanks for this


  • Ford Mach-E is really a sexy car

  • Good luck! 👍🔋💪

  • neighbor's dog is excited about the Horse-E!

  • I guess under 11 hour.

  • I guess you´ll get better eficiency and range in summertime, but cant wait to see how this EV Mustang handle your challenge.

  • yowhatsap

  • YESSS! Been waiting for this one!!!

  • 👍

  • My Neighboring Dog Troll

  • My favorite Car. I love the Mach E.

  • how do you pronounce ø? in bjørn

  • i dont like the door"handle"

  • Ugly like Hell...

  • You have to rename your Channel, without a Tesla youre now the EVBjörn !

  • its a nice pony

  • So each car comes back to the dealer with 1000KM or more off it - must hurt sales

  • dog barking, DMCA violation

  • The Ford Mach-E looks awesome! Let's go, Bjorn!!!

    • Guy at work is getting one, AWD, ER, probably March. When we all get shots in, and back to work, he said he would give me a ride. Can't wait. Not that I'm giving up my 2018 Model 3 AWD. I'm one of the lucky ones too, but I want to see that Stang. That is no compliance car. That is a serious effort.

  • Dogs are as annoying as loud combustion engines..

  • Ahh that god damn dog!

  • It’s so pretty 🤩 ✨

  • Bjørn! You are the number 1 EV-tester in Europe. Keep up the good work!

  • I like that shit :)

  • Your neighbor ‘s dog is excited over the Mach E.

  • I cannot understand the solution of door handles. Please show after 1000 km challenge, how to handle the doors without getting your hands dirty!

  • This dog is a Mustang hater

    • he don't like the red horse ^^

  • Hey Bjørn , I know this is the wrong video to ask you but which window covers Do you use in your model 3 camping videos?

  • I don`t like the look of the Mach-E.

  • Great video

  • There is a secret handle

  • Those door 'handles' are pretty cool

    • Yeah, especially when -20 degrees celsius or -5 celsius and a little iced water from the sky and car has been parked for few days 😅. Sooo cool to try open the doors. I mean, very cool idea for countries with no rain, no snow, no temperatures under 10 celsius.

  • I like that car, but why did they have brand it like a Mustang? Couldent they make a new model?

    • @Tom Möller You mean a coupe or sedan? The GT version of this car will be 3.4 seconds or so. That's supercar 0 to 60 but if you mean a coupe or sedan. Well that will come. This takes advantage of the massive SUV market and Mustang is a name that will be talked about. Ford know that not every Ford EV will be a Mustang. It'll annoy and be controversial but there you go.

    • @JohnnyZenith iam quite sure Ford knows how to make a car better than i do. But why make Mustang a standard electrical car. Why not make it more of a flamboint "performance" car Mustang is known for. Iam all for EVs, i even own one myself. Or atleast a plugin hybrid

    • @Tom Möller Everything. Mustang as a brand has to evolve like everything else. Mustangs have to go electric but they also have to explore other variants that will sell. Like it or not SUVs are a massive sector. Ford know exactly what they're doing. Nothing wrong with those specs on a car badged Mustang either. This won't be the last Mustang EV variant. Get used to it.

    • @JohnnyZenith what does that have to do with anything?

    • And when petrol cars stop being sold what do you think will happen to Mustangs?

  • How I waited for this video)))

  • The dog probably doesn't like ponys :-) Looking forward to the tests.

  • It’s 1:27 am here


  • You like that SHIT!!!!! Oh Bjorn, talk dirty to me.....

  • Dog: f*** o** of my gate.

  • Greatest looking EV so far. Looks amazing

  • Safe drives! That's a exciting choice and surprise - great

  • New phone?

  • Nice !!

  • good luck !

  • Nice car. Great job Bjorn

  • Great news! Stay safe and good luck!