I sold my Tesla Model 3. What's next?

Publisert 10. feb.. 2021
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  • Millennium Falcon says NO!!!!!!

  • I’ve sold my LR AWD too and waiting for the European Y...

  • The 12V battery problem on the Kona (I assume also eNiro) is no longer an issue, after a software update the traction battery charges the 12V battery whenever needed and doesn't need to be plugged in to do so. Here in the UK you'd probably get the Kona for quite a bit less than the eNiro because there are more of them around and for longer.

  • This is just "ventepølse". Guess you Bearboys know norwegian. Bear is Bjørn. Ventepølse is the hot dog you eat while waiting for dinner....

  • Expect at least a 10% rebate on the current Model Y price when they will actually start beeing produced in Berlin.

  • Bjorn: "minimizing losses" picking white paint Me: losing $2000 picking white paint :[

  • I would really enjoy watching standard range plus tests. I live in northern Canada and would appreciate your opinion on range as well as usefulness of the rear wheel drive in less than ideal conditions.

  • Please 2021 M3 SR+ 👍

  • Best comment ever:`I`m a NINJA, I can live with that`:)

  • SR+ yes please!

  • Get a cheap EV most people dont have the money in Europa

  • Fiat 500e!

  • The SR+ isn’t tested much, so I agree, that’s a perfect idea! Most testers go for the long range. We have a SR+ as our only car for 1,5 years and 50”km. A real working horse with roof box in the winter, towing a trailer with ATV on, caravaning, 930 km in one day-runs etc. Super cheap to run and most people can’t tell the difference between SR+, LR and P. 👍🏻

  • As an HEV Ioniq (2019) lease driver I can safely say that the petrol hybrid is great for long range road trips. Still a bit wary of EV (mostly due to infrastructure or lack thereof for longer trips).

  • Mustang would be entertaining, too

  • If you need a ride around Oslo or make a review of family model x, just drop a mail :D

  • It's time for ionicBjorn to rise ☀️☀️☀️

  • imo higher mileage model 3 is more interesting than new

  • Yes confirmed but even more interesting would be the ID4

  • I'd like to see some more ID.3 & 4, maybe also some Cupra el-born later this year.

  • SR+ will be excellent. I’m part of those people who’ve been patiently waiting for SR+ videos from you. Some places have rebates that apply on the SR+ that aren’t available on the more expensive LR and performance so that makes the SR+ much more interesting.

  • Wify said *lol*

  • So, yesterday I watched a German NOlongr 40min video going 1400km to Croatia. Just saying. People will watch this.

  • 2021 Model 3 SR with Heat Pump. Go for it. I wanna see it.

  • Ford Mustang Mach E? Not that much of other content available, great car, and something new tl test.

  • I like the SR+ option, do it! #GoodShit

  • Want a performance 4wd version but insurance is extremely expensive😢

  • You should try the cheaper 15k electric car range, show what the average entry level used EV can do for the average person in 2021 :) (I recently purchased an eGolf for about the same price, it is my first car)

  • we want tesla SR+ thanks

  • I believe you will get loads of views from Berlin built Tesla Model Y. It will be my next car after my current BMW i3S 120Ah! :D

  • Business strategy: sell it, rent it back.

  • VW ID.4

  • Yes! Tesla!!!!! 🤣

  • I am a little confused about the warranty issue. What is the difference in the electric Hyundai/Kia warranty compared to the Tesla? Here in Australia the Kia warranty on their fossils are 7 year unlimited Kilometres but seeing as the Tesla is supposed to have less moving parts how come they cant give you better warranty? Was looking at a Tesla but I would run out of warranty within about 2 and a half years where as the Kia will give me a 7 year warranty and is about a third of the price. Is there any way that they may increase their warranty in the future as it is a bit of a deal breaker for me.

  • Tesla content only

  • Yes.

  • SR+ heat pump efficiency videos would be super interesting

  • Yea please, SR+.

  • More about Tesla model 3 standard range plus please, preferrably the lfp variant from China!

  • I say keep the Tesla content. Where I'm from we don't have the infrastructure for non teslas. All we have are super chargers and I would like my own Tesla one day. So yes. Go with another Tesla, buy one used!

  • I have a SR+ 2021. I would certainly enjoy learning how to get the most out of the shorter range.

  • Get a cheap ID.3 to show Volkswagen what they need to improve and to Show other people that good EVs are not that expensive anymore!

  • Can’t you temporarily lease a Tesla from Tesla? Untill the plaid + comes out

  • this (www.citroen.fr/ami, 6-8K Euro, max 45 Km/H and 75 Km of range) would be a fantastic contrast to your just sold Model 3.

  • Standard range M3 and a 3 year old ioniq to run back to backs on for 6 months.

  • In the USA white car is women’s color. In US only white Teslas are free of charge color.

  • Ask Bill Gates to buy you a Taycan with all the money he made shorting TSLA stock. ;-)

  • Go for a standard range plus. Great value, better video content, best safety. 18" wheels with decent tires. White.

  • What has it cost per / km?

  • Wow only 8k Euros less than it's new right now. Björn Bonus :P (DE)

  • Model 3 SR+ with CATL Battery would be super funny and epic. Why? Ahh just wait. ^^

  • Whaaaat! Norway gets 100.000 km warranty on 3 and Y? That's it, I am moving to Norway ASAP. (;

  • ID3 please!

  • The LFP SR+ Model 3 would be very interesting, especially for colder Regions.

  • Hi Bjørn, forget Niro, Kona or ID3. 🤔 Buy Enyaq. It has a much more modern and high-quality interior than any other... 😁

  • Buy the cheapest tesla please !

  • Bjorn, maybe you can start investigating the small EVs? We have an electric car for long trips, but are looking for a small EV for my wife. Your thorough tests are much appreciated before we buy any second electric car.

  • I thought the money was USD....nice video

  • The iMiev actually piqued my interest. Esp considering that you yourself said the car you own will just be sitting around for most of the time while you test other vehicles. As a person who wont be able to afford even a used Tesla anytime into the foreseeable future, it would be interesting to see how you get along with a small, low range vehicle. And then going from that to the Plaid will be a huge contrast! As far as road trips go, I think many people will find it valuable to see if you can get along with renting cars for trips.

  • 19:14 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  • I would rather see you get the Model Y standard range, but I look forward to the videos you'll be making either way.

  • Why no talk about the Mach E, å press car has been in Norway for several months now?

  • I understand you very well, for many people here is hard to understand why I am changing car every 3 years for new, or when they have about 100.000km... I have a calculation which tells me, the driving with a new car is appreciably cheaper then driving with the old car. Mainly, it is because my time is relatively expensive for me to deal with repairs, or how to say it simplier....the loss after selling 3y old car is smaller, then the cost of repairs after warranty and my time spent on it. I am buying cars about 40k Euro, still unfortunately fosil.

  • Yes Bjorn, standard range plus content would be great

  • Wait for ioniq 5 😆

  • “I tinted the rear glass, good shit” 🤣

  • Nio is heading to Norway, Nio EC6

  • Any chance you can test the Tesla SR+ Made in China ? the on with the LFP battery? or as i love to say the shitty one. Anyway, good knews for the new model 3, more video to watch.

  • Wheeler Dealers host Mike Brewer made a series called Trading Up. Traded from a Suzuki Alto to a Porsche 911 cabriolet in first series and like a Ford Falcon to a Ferrari 348 TB in second series. Could a EV trading up be something?

  • I love your thought process. It reminds me of me. All of that thinking and you came full circle.

  • How are you speccing your Plaid+? 19”? 21”? Black interior? FSD? Color?

  • Why not short lease different cars? i.e. 2-3 months each model, until your Plaid arrives

  • “Black never come back” 😂 I hear you Bjorn

  • SR+!

  • I first ordered sr plus but changed my order to lr... couldn’t stop thinking about rwd in winter.

  • It cost you how much kr for the protection film?

  • SR+ please !! :D

  • Go for it. Great choice. Remember road trips though. Love to wifey ❤️

  • Hi Bjorn. A 2021 SR+ seems a very good choice. I'm curious to know if it actually has a heat pump and what kind of battery. Thanks for all your awesome videos

  • If they are quoting mid-2021 for Y, does that imply Norway will get Texas gigafactory built model?

  • Tesla is a joke, using consumer parts (screen, memory, etc.) in the automotive products. Good luck to the brave second-hand owners, must be a bit nuts to take such risks to own an out of warranty Tesla.

  • Nio would be cool

  • It's rare that youtubers share their thoughts for future decissions in such detail.. nice video bjorn

  • Before the end of the video I was going to ask about the Model Y, it’s the only Tesla Bjorn (Tesla Bjorn 😁) hasn’t driven or tested yet. I hope he gets it!

  • You can try Toyota's new electric suv BZ which recharge at 10 min and also door handles don't get freeze

  • VW ID.4

  • BYD TANG is nice

  • I liked three ideas: 1) Sr+ 2) Super cheap ev like imiev or 24 kWh Leaf 3) Id3

  • So now you have ordered a Model Y?

  • Forget Tesla, buy Taycan !

  • Tesla Model Y ?

  • Happy Wife, happy life. Get the Taycan!

  • if everyone donates 1€ to björn he can afford a taycan that would be very awesome. If you like the idea leave a 👍

  • So, why didn’t Bjorne go for a used American-built Model Y? Are they not available in Norway?

  • There are more and more leasing companies offering an Subscription Model...all included...and this is perfect for several month. Even VW offers now this Subscription model in Germany (called AutoAbo) for the ID3...minimum 3 month...not sure if available in Norway, too...but would be surprised, since this is THE eCar Country. www.vwfs.de/autoabo.html#elektroautos After this you can give it back...or add several month(s) until your new car arrives

  • Why not buy a ID.4?

  • I can think of many interesting SR+ tests, especially in winter! 😁❄️ Here in Sweden where supercharging is non existing in or even close to skiing regions we had som challenges for sure. Serious coldgate in - 15. A bit on SuC but quite bad on Bee charger where we only got 30kW because tesla for whatever doesn't preheat properly for for third party chargers and don't offer a manual option. Felt like driving a 2017 Zoe for a while. Tesla really need to fix this! Also no new SuC planned for 2021 in the region so next year will be the same 🙄. On a positive note however, seems like at least SR+ (with smaller battery, less to preheat) with schuko charges fine on schuko. From -21 it took about 40 to start charging and now during a sunny and warmer day we'll finish without problems.

  • I will miss mc hammer especially when uncle go drifting in the snow back then... 😊

  • Yes, please make SR+ tests, I own one but I would like to know more about it... The best idea 😊