Handing over MC Hammer to the new owner

Publisert 19. feb.. 2021
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  • 😞

  • Feels sad but like at any farewell you should laughing. I did , when try to take off with the charge cable plugged in. So NOOBish 😂😂. And than ABC

  • i really cried :(

  • now think forward some years, when many 3,4,5 year old Model 3´s enter the second hand market, people will get great value and power for the money. Not the worst scenario. I bought a used end 2015 Free Supercharging Model S two years ago for not that much money and even If its not the fastest charging car I still have a smile in the face when I drive.

  • Two weeks ago I sold my Hyundai Ioniq 28 to a private buyer. I know the special feeling when my car leaves my residence with a foreign driver at the steering wheel. Bjørn's tests of Ioniq a few years ago was the direct reason why I bought an Ioniq in 2018. I have been thinking about why Bjørn's car is called MC Hammer. It probably has nothing to do with motorcycles. MC might mean My Car - and Hammer .......? I can beat them all - maybe.

  • :-(

  • what background music it is? I want to do a video about my sold 911...

  • Bye

  • Will never forget ❤️

  • What's your next car?

  • 😪

  • Damn you, Bjørn. Why the heck I'm so sad? It's not my car, I've never driven it... Hell, I didn't even see it on the road! And still that's pretty touching video.

  • His old tesla model s watching this:ahh life goes on anyways😞

  • Bye bye Mc Hammer, have a lot of save miles ahead of you....

  • MC Hammer the legend

  • Kind of funny, despite I do not own an electric car, I enjoy every video of Björns channel and MC Hammer was my all time favourite car. It feels a bit like loosing a good friend. Would be nice to know at least in annual updates about that car.

  • Don't cry. Cry a lot.

  • Any video on how you "hand over" access etc? Do you just reset the car?

  • Damn that's such a great looking car. I have a white Model 3 as well and yes it's a great looking car too.

  • wow! I teared up!

  • Can t wait for the new Model S :)

  • The last time the hammer 🔨 falls. So sad, but so many happy memories! 😃

  • Hasta la vista baby! nice car and nice channel! youre the GOAT of ev´s Bjorn! I have a big hype to see model s plaid +!!!

  • 😥🖐

  • 😪

  • they grow up so quickly and then they're out of the house...

  • Wow never thought Id feel like that for a car I have never driven myself and inly watched on NOlong!! You'll be missed MC Hammer 🙌🏽

  • Damn, even I got emotional when u took us back on alot of the trips MC Hammer has been on. Hope the new owner will take good care of him ❤

  • Is he keeping the name?

  • For how much????

  • It's sad to see it go :(

  • Yesterday I bought a Model 3 as a replacement for a Hyundai Ioniq!

  • Are you going to replace it with a Plaid Model S?

  • The new Hyundai Ioniq 5 could be the temporary car you need, with 800v charging (10%-80% in 18’mins, 232kW top rate) and a 500km range I reckon you might be able to do your 1000km challenge in 9 hrs

  • Maybe I missed it but did you present MC’s final numbers, miles, kW used, efficiency etc.

  • Nice farewell Bjorn !!

  • ნახვამდის MC

  • What about your free charging session ?

  • ^_^ epic car.

  • Yes, bye MC Hammer, a sad day for Bjorn, and some of us too. Liked the 'memory lane' footage.

  • Goodbye MC Hammer, you inspired many to get onboard the Tesla train, including me. You'll never be forgotten.

  • Farewell MC Hammer - to serve the new owner as well as it served you

  • I /cry ed a tear :)

  • Goodbye MC Hammer, may you hammer every fossil you come across. (in 1.x Seconds)

  • Did the full self driving transfer over to the new owner?

  • Shieeeeet, that made me a bit sad. Good luck to Marius and MCH, together.

  • Nice video

  • It's a sad day :(

  • MC hammer was more than a car.....it was a studio!

  • Hello Mr Plaaaid

  • Ok. Let's give your new car name MC hammer also. Sounds like a transformers

  • I dont know if I should hit like or dislike in this video...

  • So you have no car now? Anyway I hope he/she drops you a note ;)

  • Wow , i get wet in my eyes :) ... Marius should start a channel called Marius Hammer :D So we can still see how life goes on with MC Hammer.

  • Awww! What’s next, is it the Mach E you’re picking up?

  • Gotta admit, this was way more emotional to me than I first thought it would be. Farewell Mc Hammer!

  • Is Marius Polish? :)

  • I just went over 60,000 miles on my early production LR RWD Model 3, have never had a problem, just change tires and windshield wiper blades.

  • Just metal but linked to lots of memories. 😇

  • Bye bye MC Hammer 😘

  • So sad to watch a car drive away for the last time :(((

  • Great video 👍👍👍👍

  • MC Hammer is gone, but we will stick with you Bjørn. Looking forward to see you get your Plaid. God hælg!

  • 👋 Hammer....may the road rise up to meet you

  • End of an era ... now on to new victories!!

  • That is a truly proper farewell to MC hammer. Thank you so much for alot of fun at NOlong with Bjørn and MC hammer

  • At least he knows what he is buying. The is best documented car ever :p

  • i remember when you said you were getting MC. he will be missed.

  • Snif Snif Bjorn

  • And good for the buyer you did no serious offroading with it 🤓

  • Good car owners love their cars, nice video Bjorn.

  • wish him a good luck :)

  • You practically made all of us miss your car.

  • Dude, the ending was so sad...

  • 2 questions: how much? what do you drive now / until you get your plaid?

  • Nice one

  • farewell MC Hammer! I remember the first videos with him. Big source of inspiration for this channel

  • I'm not crying, you're crying 😢.

  • Congrats on the sale and to the new owner, he will have a blast with that car!

  • 4:50 😢

  • This video will make more people cry than when actual MC Hammer "goes away"...

  • Good bye Fremont friend

  • The end was incredible! I was surprised for a second at 6:10 that you were already in Berlin and in a well known place of mine.

  • I have a tear in my eye....good luck to new owner...we will miss you MC Hammer

  • Is the new owner from Romania?

  • This was too good!

  • Und tschüss. 😢

  • When MC Hammer disappeared around the corner, suddenly I feel sad😥😥😥

  • Marius of course his name would be something roman

  • 😢

  • I promised myself I wouldn't cryyy! 😢

  • Bye bye MC Hammer and thanks for the videos with him. Roll on the Tesla Model S Plaid +

  • :(

  • I hope he keeps the name

    • Sure , we still keep the same name "Mr.MC Hammer" 😊👍🏻

  • FSD cannot be transferred officially, correct?

  • Those damn hybrid adds .

  • Great car

  • 😢

  • Good bye MC hammer you have been a star , so many road trips across Europe , so many beautiful memories. It has been emotional journey. You will always be remembered 👌 live long and prosper 🖖🙏