Nissan Ariya review

Publisert 5. feb.. 2021
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  • I like your camera zoom skills and ooh sounds

  • We are Nissan-Fans (GTR) in Switzerland also waiting for the Ariya e-4orce Performance. Thanks for showing us all these details. We are only unhappy about the trunk or the space for the cables as we have a Schmidt Dog Box for our Gordon Setter filling the thing. Unfortunately also the show car has no Glass Roof to see how the available space from the headroom will be reduced. Actually our PEUGEOT 3008 HYbrid4 offers a perfect trunk for our hunting dog with a split lid, e.g. same as Range Rover and has had just all the Nissan offers, but some 8 years ago. So we are wondering how it looks with other interior color than black and the glass sunroof and of course how it performs on our mountain roads. P.S. Dear Björn where could we got 5 COVID-19-Masks as per your example for our people here (success (at) swissonline (dot) ch). Many thanks in advance...

  • It kinda looks like a huge duracell battery. In a good way.

  • hyundai ioniq 5 has the front middle armrest movable aswell

  • "I like that shit"

  • maybe it is worth after leaf, but its very cheap inside, plastic even not rugged, will get scratches soon

  • The confusion at 9:00 like guy have you not been inside of a rogue ?

  • Cd only 0.297 😳

  • So looking at all the specs and sizes, this one is a direct competition for the Skoda Enyaq and the VW ID.4 - very interesting. So far my favorite is the Enyaq

  • Do you have anything about miles per kwh? bigger than Leaf. 4?

  • Glad Bjorn Gloved up !

  • Looks very small. At 173cm, the head rest on the front seat is already quite low.

  • And what do i do when i get a flat tyre? where is the spare?

  • Liquid Cooled Batteries? CCS Charging?

    • Weren't you watching? He showed the ccs port And yes. It does have liquid cooling

  • 7:40 WHAT'S THAT? a car-review on youtube, and you light the trunk with an additional light? what a genius! (well, not really, but since no one else seems to think about that _ever_ it is kinda special, so THANK YOU Bjørn!

  • Hey, a tip if you want to measure phone charging speeds more accurately; try the app "AccuBattery" on Android, it will show you much more detailed battery information, including charge rates.

  • Perhaps the buttons and screen didn't work because of the rubber gloves?

  • interior looks cheap

  • "There`s barely fist space here" - Tesla Bjørn 2021

  • Bjorn is the best car reviewer anywhere.

  • It's a shame that EV manufacturers are not standardizing charge port locations.

  • I hate the complexity of legacy automakers-bring on the innovation and minimalism.

    • You consider something like this "complex"

  • they have lot stuff.. ohh! that button actually works! - Bjorn Nyland

  • It is about the car, and not Bjorn... The comments suppose to add value to the presentation...

  • Just by the shape I can tell it's going to be thirstier than what most Leaf owners would expect. I hope better than e-tron. I am excited to see Nissan with an updated vehicle. I'll take bare plastic or coated metal vs the fabric board dirt connectors of the Tesla Model 3 wheel arches

  • I thought it has sunroof but in this demo there's no sunroof. Maybe it is not in production yet is it correct?

  • “front mud flap” is actually for aero to push the air around the wheel instead of running into it.

  • I'm impressed. Good job Nissan!

  • The arch of schmütz - it comes standard.

  • Schmutz flaps!

  • Thanks for this video. I really find this car interesting and I am looking forward to see you drive it in the future.

  • I feel like Nissan have to much Renault influence on design.

  • Rapid charging, and availability of chargers for those on the move, remains very important. The likes of Amazon makes purchases easy, yet some of these charge point supply sites make purchases unnecessarily complex or 'fiddly.' for the narrators criticism of Uk charge points. It is NOT a criticism of the I Pace or other EV such as the Ariya, but a criticism of Tesla own their sites I believe. Perhaps Govt. is missing an opportunity here to build sites and benefit from the income? Too many suppliers of charge points with differing access protocols ( cards, downloading apps. etc.) I would like an EV but until the chaotic and slow roll out of Rapid charging points improves the nI will stick, for now, to hybrids that can be topped up from home and also negate "Range anxiety" caused by perceived lack of access to RAPID chargers. NOTE: I say 'Rapid' as opposed to the many slow chargers dotted about the country. Video:

  • So they still cannot support the 12v with the main drive battery why?

  • thank you for the review! I looks like it isn't a mudflap on the rear, but a deflector for better drag

  • Aryia must have relatively bad crash proofing when hit from the front since there is no frunk. Nissan may have put in huge reinforcements and thus this will increase weight. This may lead to understeer/oversteer issues. Weight distribution will be terrible relative to a skateboard design. Truly a shit design....from first principles.

  • What is the ground clearance? You were so close. You would be the first one with this information as I can't find it anywhere, and I have looked. Is it more or less then the model Y as a comparison?

  • That logo in the front has no reason to be there

  • Bjørn you're becoming a legend! Thanks for the review! (as always AMAZING!!!!)

    • Look at the doorgaps. Not japanese quality!!!!!

  • Is the tow hitch a removable one or a hidden/motorised?

  • Thanks for looking at all the bits that many reviewers don't look at. I must say, there are a few small things I'm not a fan of, but overall, this is a car I've got an eye on.

  • Actually the trunk looks quite small for such a big vehicle

  • Does it get tow hook and roof rails?

    • Nissan sucks , Tesla Forever!!!

  • Ooh that center deck if it's not moving could've killed the car! But thank God. It missing spare tire! Also interior materials sounds like sunny so cheap & not sound isolated! Hope these cons are only on this pre production! Then it'll be on the list of my EV SUVs to buy in the future! Thank you so much for the great sneak peek!

  • The head space is a bit poor - especially in the back - strange for such a new SUV design. As you pointed out - only really a 4 seater. Hopefully you can do a banana box test and give one the full 'Bjorn' treatment soon :)

  • thank you for the review! I looks like it isn't a mudflap on the rear, but a deflector for better drag

  • Charge stations need to be laid out the same as a petrol station so that it doesnt matter where your charger goes.

  • Never seen such a thorough reviewer of a car. Instant sub

  • You’re on trending! Yay!

  • Rear is welded not cast 😂

  • 19:55 "I like that shit!" 😂

  • A better place for a charging cable is ever a Frunk! Schade!

  • Yesss....a quick peek at the front under the hood...and the underbody!!!! Even the wheels...plastic? Ugh! Deeper dives are great since the USA will be far behind the European and China markets.

  • Look at the doorgaps. Not japanese quality!!!!!

  • This is the car we wanted to buy from Nissan 5 years ago. (We gave up our low range Leaf). It may do well in US at $40K+ by late 2021.

  • The touchscreen could work without gloves.. :)

  • Nissan sucks , Tesla Forever!!!

  • Wow, finally a hands on review of a real car not from a Nissan representative. Now, waiting for a test drive. Keep up the great work, Bjorn! Cheers!

  • I want one, but how do I get one? No reservation, no pricing, no excitement from Nissan about this - a dud from the get go.

  • Hey Bjorn those are not mud flaps they are aero flaps só the wind doesn't impact the wheels then the car can be more aerodinamic

  • If Nissan can do anything, it's paint a car. that paint looks amazing. i'm really looking forward to this hitting the US market.

  • I have headlight washers on my 2013 Leaf. Didnt know that they removed them in the 2nd generation model(i.e., 2018)

  • The charging port door opens the wrong way. The cable will come from the front of the car and it will be difficult to plug in, especially as HPC cables are not very flexible.

    • Many HPCs have the plugs in a slight downward angle like a pistol. The charge port will hopefully not be in the way for the plug.

  • Can't wait so see this one on the road ( and being abused in 1000km challange / geilo test / 90 and 120km test range / charge speed test / Coldgate and rapidgate test / 🍌 box test. And the other car : ioniq 5.

  • My 2020 Subaru in Thailand has headlight washers which pop out like these, and the headlights look ahead and around corners as I turn the wheel. Very cool and worth having!

  • I love the name and I love the looks.

  • The presenter at the Danish Online reveal said that the chargeport would be on the left side .... oh well .... time will show :)

  • Excellent review

  • No more videos of the Ariya??

  • This is an EV update of Nissan Qashqai. Looks great.

    • Those are not mudflaps. They are wind deflectors for aero.

  • i have a 19 Altima, and the cameras are not great, to be kind,also Pro pilot assist, is also terrible, auto steering is dangerous,you can't trust is at all, its usually late to turn..and i think its all down to older cameras.

  • U forgot the right pedal if its working.

  • Is that a wireless charger not something to open?😂

  • No cup holders?!

  • Good review. thank.

  • I like the way the interior was made. Like open space in front

  • There is absolutely nothing new or innovative about this crossover, even the exterior design has already been done before.. I guess it is an upgrade from a Leaf but thats about all... BORING..

  • Those aren't mud flaps in the front....they're for deflecting the air for aerodynamics around the wheels

  • It’s sort of hideous on the outside. Interior looks nice though.

  • Seems like a dumb name in the age of social media!!! Ariya is about as HARD TO TYPE/SPELL as HYUNDAI or HUAWEI!!!

  • my old 2013 leaf does have headight washers, same style, popup and spray :) Weird that they removed that on the facelift. The "front mudflaps" are not mudflaps but air spoilers, to direct airflow around the wheel. Leaf has them too in front. Not directly at wheel well. I wonder did they still stay with the bad parking brake style, keeping it inside rear disk? That just corrodes away so badly.. specially on flatter country where it's not used almost at all. Maybe check if u get to drive it :)

  • I think it's better than ID4

  • No legroom in the middle seat!

    • Wrong, looks ok after you move the console.

  • Those are not mudflaps. They are wind deflectors for aero.

  • this looks really good for a nissan lol

  • It seems more like a dummy car..

  • The flaps in front of the wheel are there for aerodynamic reason. It will cause less turbulence.

  • Почему нет обшивки бардачка? 🤔

  • the front mudflaps are not mudflaps, they are aerodynamic flaps to flow the air away from the wheels and they help in sidewind as well

  • Is this replacing the Murano?

  • Nice colour but I wish more car manufacturers would stop putting huge unnecessary grilles on their EVs. Taycan has a nice front without one, just like Tesla.

  • Nice design. I like the moving console. I can never get a good rest position for my arm.

  • Very cheap interior. You know they will price this as high as a Model 3 SR+. You’d have to be mad to buy one.

    • ​@Sean Holdom Stupid troll

    • tesla no hud masive ugly tablet no alexa voice control no buttons on interior terrible build quality

  • Having no Frunk in a modern EV is a non-starter IMO

  • Nissan should focus on range because what they did with the first leave and also with the second leave was beyond ridiculous.

  • :) thanks. I am looking forward to seeing the banana box test!

  • Hm, I do not like the exterior design. The rest seems to be OK though. Too big I think. And Björn's hands look like the Blue Man Group... 😁

  • The 2012 Leaf has headlight washers. Strange that the new model doesn`t have it. And I really like the double glove box! I`ve had an Qashqai before the Leaf, and I would really love to have the Ariya one day, really like the SUV look of it, and just how much more modern it looks and feels. I`m pretty sure this is gonna become a huge best seller in Norway

  • Hi, is the stearingwheel now finalla also adjustable in axial direction? I’m quite tall and didn’t fit in former nissans because they left axial steer adjusting out of their cars. Thanks for checking in this car or when you can drive it in some months

  • Looks more like a prototype then a pre production.