Tesla Model 3 Performance vs Long Range consumption test with @Kris Rifa

Publisert 3. feb.. 2021
Kris' video:
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  • Could you compare the data for 2021 P / LR to plus 35kwh (50ish%) after navigating to SuC arriving with around 5-15ich% - like a SuC stop on a longer trip. How much faster is a P charging at V2 / V3 would also be great.

  • There is no surprise that Performance is practically as efficient as Long range. They have the same powertrain and weight. Why should be a difference then?

    • @Tesla Dude true, but the miles per charge given on the website are slightly higher on the long range. Now, plenty of car guys will tell you to ignore manufacturer mpg and range estimates and look at real life tests from motoring mags, which is basically what this video is. But I also don’t exactly blame somebody who didn’t know for believing the description.

    • @Michael Thomas Because one is marketed as the Performance does not make it less energy efficient on particular speed. Acceleration is limited by software in a Long Range.

    • Because one is marketed as the Long Range. In fact I bought the Long Range over the Performance because the range was more beneficial to me than the extra acceleration. I feel misled, I would have bought the Performance if I’d known and then I would have had the best of both worlds.

  • conclusion: do not buy Teslas with LG batteries

    • @timemachine_194 buy, test, and return if you think you’ve got an LG model? Of course, very labour and time intensive. So really it’s better advice for used car buyers, than new. Savvy salespeople will list Panasonic battery in the description to get a bit extra money.

    • And how do you do that? There is no option to select in the tesla configutator.

  • @Kris: Fake News, Audi drivers never use blinkers :P

  • Just do the drag race

  • Bad labeling. :)

    • @Bjørn Nyland Based on your tests Tesla labeled 'Performance' the Long Range model and vice versa.

    • What?

  • Hej Bjørn, are the two battery meters are calibrated the same?????? so said, do the two cars know where 0% and 100% is?

  • It's not English C-19 we just have to be the one that have find it out first.

  • You guys are funny together lets make more videos like this one!!!!

  • Forslag til challenge: «Polestar: Et fulladet batteri gir en rekkevidde på 470 kilometer, som betyr at du kan kjøre fra Oslo til Hemsedal og hjem igjen med god margin. Dermed kan du boltre deg i skianlegget uten å bekymre deg for hjemturen. Men da Polestar skjønte at det ville bli vanskelig, ble «Hemsedal» for noen uker siden byttet ut med «Norefjell». Norefjell ligger mye nærmere Oslo. Mens Oslo-Hemsedal tur-retur er 408 kilometer, er det bare 222 kilometer tur-retur Oslo-Norefjell, altså 186 kilometer kortere». Klarer vi t/r Hemsedal med Polestar??

  • The orginal 19inch rims fits on the Performance?

  • Hey Bjorn, can you test your theory about the Panasonic 82 kWh pack and heat up the battery pack above 25 C when it’s down below 20% and see how much power limit you get?

  • can some explain what kris did wrong parking at the supercharger?

    • Drove ~1 car length too far. Reversed ~1 car length to fix it. The two chargers farthest from each other in the “charger row” are for the cars that are behind other cars.

  • Thanks for another great video thanks take care and safe travels

  • You see this ad yet Bjorn? 😂 nolong.info/show/qqmrZJiVeZR-aKc/video.html

  • bjorn tesla

  • Does the boosted long range has less range then the standard long range

  • Having both of you is twice the fun

  • sweet

  • When will you test the Chinese SR+ variant with the lfp battery? I heard that it has some charging issues in cold weather, would be nice to do the Bjorn testing procedure on it 😁

  • Any chance you'll do a range-test with different amount of Kg loads (+500 kg?)?

  • My wife love's driving her Model X, I'm waiting for the Tesla truck

  • Why not trying with the New überturbine wheels? Would like to see the consumption of these wheels.

  • This is the video I wanted to see! My conclusion: (based on the 2021 LR has the LG and the 2021 Perfomance has the Panasonic): Always buy the Performance, maybe trade in the 20' wheels for 19' and you'll have more speed and range! ;-)

  • Any power limit on the Performance car under 40% soc ? My 2021 3P gets alot off dots next to where the battery shows on the screen when under 40-50% soc LR power only

  • This is best EV video I have ever seen! Great job, thank you. Looking forward I finally make a road trip to Norway and remember you at all these places!

  • Kunne vært gøy å sett en vintertest med to "like" lr biler med og uten vp kjørt samtidig under helt samme forhold.

  • Hi Bjørn, great test! My friend and I both have the 2021 model 3, I have a LR and my friend the SR. The SR won’t charge at the SuC above 40kw no matter what temperature and preheating. Do you perhaps know what’s going on? Tesla will not respond to our question

  • If you wanna know more about the Tesla M3 SR+ lithium iron based batteries MIC (made in China) the German NextNews has the detailed info and tests here: nolong.info/show/arRibKd-iduiqYE/video.html There is really a problem aparently...

  • It is strange that Teslas doesn’t auto adjust the wheels circumference as they have GPS and can easily do it on a straight highway segment.

    • @Harsimran Bansal That was in the legacy auto era, Tesla’s are computers on wheels with autonomous self driving coming up, you better be very precise with speed, otherwise you might get wrong trajectory calculations in case of emergency and higher crash 💥 risk. When you calculate physics you need accurate source data.

    • Almost all car makers add a small margin in speed and sometimes distance. Usually it’s speed so it shows up you’re doing more than you actually are based on gps!

  • Its the wheels that make the difference in consumption.

  • Björn, can you make a test with the Long Range + Acceleration Boost Upgrade? It costs 2k Euro but you have a trial period of 48 hours. So you could test everything without pressure. This would be lovely from you. Looking forward for your test. The tests I hopping for are acceleration, consumption(LR, LR + Boost, P) and the feel if there is any difference between P and LR.

  • I thought Tesla made their own batteries? No? 🧐

  • Bjorn, there is no acceleration boost available for E5D at least in my case. Can you check this with Long Range car?

  • Will you also do the SR+?

  • Interesting.... but also Confusing !

  • Chris is probably underreporting his weight =)

  • So if there is a 2 - 5% difference in efficiency, doesn’t performance model even out with long range in terms of range?

  • Important: 89.5% equals to 90% and also 90.4% equals to 90%.

  • Where is Pawel?

  • How do I work out wh/mile from your numbers ? ÷ 0.62 ?

  • Bjorn please make a video about usability of the Tesla model Y standard range vs model 3 Sr+ as I'm torn between the 3 and y! I only trust your informative videos. Thanks!! I like the hatchback, more space and ride height of model Y, but model 3 is 8k cheaper ($3K price difference and $5k federal incentive for model 3 Sr+ only) The model 3 Sr+ does have little more range too.

    • @Bjørn Nyland I mean a short review spec wise and price wise Bjorn brother. I'm from Canada. Thank you for your replay

    • Y not in Europe

  • They aren't shitting you when they say aeros offer 4% consumption advantage. This is why I'm never taking them off no matter how ugly they are. Would be interesting to see the same test with 18" mags on the perf though.

    • I don't want to charge on the road if I can avoid it. My work days in winter take me close to the limit and charging infrastructure is not that great around here. Also 4% savings from charging costs (really more than that since I get to charge at home vs. on the road) plus savings from smaller tires, I'll take it any day. I'm not looking at the car while I'm driving, makes no difference to me what it looks like. It's just a tool.

    • So in daily use 20-80%, we are talking about 8-12km in difference.. I will take the better look than 8-12km~1,5%.. Can always just charge..

  • I'd love to see this exact test between a heatpump model and a non heatpump model! Awesome test as always :)

    • @KallMeKG Visuals I think both cars are 2021s with heat pumps - just one is a performance and one is long range. I'd just like to see how one with a heatpump compares to a non heatpump version!

    • I think Kris’ car was the newer one with the heat pump, since its a 2021?

    • Not exactly the same, but he has compared them: nolong.info/show/ec-msLB_q7mIooU/video.html

  • I didn't understand that Audi style turn signal thing. What was it about?

    • Audi/BMW drivers are notorious for douchebag behaviour (high beam pulsing/left blinker on) when Autobahn driving and no blinker at all or messy parking patterns when city driving. For some it's a bit of a status thing and for other this is just this used affordable but fast car vibe that probably makes owner proud and prone to showing off etc. It's a sociology/psychology area and I'm just wildguessing hahaha

  • Are those 2020 models? Because 2021 only comes with 20" wheels now (at least where I live)

  • Hi Bjorn, thanks for this video! When you say 'tire pressure is the same' how could this be since 18" and 19" would very likely need different pressure ?

  • Audi! That’s for rich ppl. Looks awesome though. Double glazing. 😑 ahh well. I must set my sights lower but still awesome technology in these cars now. Just incredible.

  • 😂😂the ending was funny. But yeah, interesting differences.. maybe a model 3 buying guide video is in order 👍

  • what car doesn't coldgate? is it an eLEAFtron??

  • Get 2 sets of the same wheels and tires and do it again. I know, not an easy thing to accomplish but it would be so so interesting

    • The point of this video was to test standard wheels. Performance can't normally take 18" so it's irrelevant.

  • This is proof positive of the battery chemistry and it's effect, since we have quite similar M3 versions. It would be perfect to compare a USA and China M3 LR only to see the exact numbers, but this comes really close. Would additionally be great to do the comparison in more than 1 temperature condition winter, spring/autumn and summer. My guess is that cold gating would almost disappear for LG batteries in spring/autumn, but might still be there for panasonic. Did Bjørn do more detailed tests of this yet? Would also be great to see the battery evolution since early MS to latest versions and then compare with plaid+. This is difficult though since you need exact battery condition info as well with each drive and charge test.

  • "That's an Audi driver." :D :D :D

  • 5:44 Is this the new and improved way of wearing the mask against the new covid mutations?

  • 11:15 "It's funny(ier) because it's true". :)

  • ist that LR a 2021 Model, with heat pump? I see the chrome delete on the LR.

  • Would be fun to put the 18'' wheels from MC hammer to see how much better that makes the 2021 P. M3P 2021 with 18 inch will defenetly be the M3 with the longest range. WOulf be nice to see how much. Do the same test again with Kris :D

    • @MrSpuzzz yes, I bought 18 inch for the winter tires. Still have the original 20 inch for the summertires. 18 inch is 5-10 % more efficent than 20 inches. During Norwegian winter the range is reduced enough by the temperatur. 20 inch and minus Degrees is a range killer. 18 inches are more silent, and propably a bit more comfy.

    • @Runar L oh wow. So you bought a 2021 mp3 and then put 18”aftermarkets on it? I want a perf model but not the 21” wheels which is all they offer right now. Did you sell, or keep the stock wheels? Do you find the ride more comfortable/quieter with the 18s?

    • @MrSpuzzz 18 Inch original rims will not fit. But 18 inch aftermarket is working fine. MC-hammer is a 2019 model 3 performance owned by Bjørn. He is running 18 inches on that one, same as I do on my 2021 M3P.

    • Didn’t Bjorn say the 18” wheels wouldn’t fit the m3p? I’m not sure why that is, but that’s what he said.

  • 21 kW..... AC charging?? 😂😂

  • How was the charging curve on the Performance now?

    • nolong.info/show/i95ncJqlnMFtfmg/video.html

  • Hey, Bjørn. Can to you make a test with 4 peoples inside or 220-240 kg of cargo ? To find out how weight affects to eficiency. And thank you for your content!

    • @Cloxxki I see 189-210 Wh/km fluctuation in ABRP calibrated consumption at 110 km/h single driver vs. driving 3 adult, 1 9 y.o. and a dog.

    • Only the rolling resistance aspect of consumption would be increased. In 90 and 120 kph, that would be REALLY little. Let's say at 90 kph rolling resistance and air drag are equal (I didn't even try to look it up). The ~13% more weight would add 6.5% of total consumption. From 150 Wh/km so like 10 Wh/km extra. At 120 kph, the RR increase with be 13.3 Wh/km on say 210 Wh/km (I really didn't look anything up), an even smaller percentage.

    • No huge difference, maybe 15-25 Wh/km more with fully loaded car at around 110 km/h, but my observations are not scientific, based on calibrated ABRP consumption for fully loaded vs. driver only car (LR 2021 E5D).

    • Yea Björn this is exactly the kind of test we need.

    • Loading it up with whatever heavy he has would probably work. Some wheels possibly?

  • Why did Cris park the car wrong at the SuC?

    • Looking at these layouts should help. Keep in mind, all Teslas have the charge ports on their left end. electrek.co/2016/08/18/first-look-tesla-supercharger-new-layout/

    • @Bjørn Nyland I was an Audi driver for a long time, maybe that’s why I don’t understand it neither

    • @Bjørn Nyland I'm a USA Tesla owner, but couldn't understand how he parked at the Supercharger wrong.

    • Because he's an Audi driver.

  • You could do a Road trip and strictly follow the navigator in tesla by charging at places and times that telsa wants and comparing with the same trip where you post the trip.

  • So, conclusion is that Performance is Long Range, and Long Range is Performance :D

    • @Blue Planet 4680 fat cells FTW! But first in the Berlin Model Y in a few months. Can't wait! Probably kicking a.

    • @Abraxas Tulammo no plaid+ supposed to get the new batteries that's it's 840+ km

    • "Absolutely, but not really..." - Michael Scott :D

    • Same thing with Model S vs Plaid+

  • Nordic Greets from a guy named like u 🙏... I would like wanting you to check the rumors with the ghost shown on Tesla Displays while standing at graveyards 👻👻👻

  • @7:14 performance has 20 inch vs 18" aero

  • but i don't understand. the new lr has 580 km range. the new performance 560 km range. the old performance like your less and less. so how it's possible that you say that you lr has more range?? and battery can't be only 70 kwh. you found that lr after was died has 5,5 kwh over. isn't it?

    • There is a buffer below 0%, LR will not get 580 km without going below 0%. Also, WLTP test assumes some significant energy recovered via recuperation.

    • @Bjørn Nyland ok kwh but the question is the same...

    • nolong.info/show/preopXypo5aiinU/video.html

  • Bjørn, could you find out the battery type for both cars? Mine is E3D Bb1s, for a LR.

  • How much worse is the degradation on the LG battery?

  • Maybe you can check consumption for the LR with and without the wheel caps?

    • @Bjørn Nyland thanks for the quick response

    • nolong.info/show/ibWTfa58n6tum3k/video.html

  • Cool test. Please test the MC hammer vs new performance. That would be interesting!

  • I do wonder how accurate the weighing station is, l have noticed in the past that the Kia Soul EV is the same weight as the Nero, which it obviously isn't.

    • +/- 20 kg

    • The weights are accurate since they are used for toll/road taxation. They sadly had to remove visible decimal accuracy since local dealers used them to split up batches...

  • Finally YES!!! this is what i have been waiting for. Im planing to change from P85 to 3 Long Range or Performnce but im not 100% sure which one. A Perfect video for me :)

    • I'm in the exact same position after they killed the CPO warranty.. leaning pretty heavily towards the 3P myself.

  • Corona is a joke lolllll

    • NothingHereToWatch : you're right, Corona beer is an absolute joke!

    • You have to see Fast and the furious. Corona for the fastest drivers.

  • It will be the same with the Model S Plaid+. The most performant car has the longest range of the lineup.

  • Hey Bjørn, love your content, much wholesome! I was wondering if you ever considered to range test the new Fiat 500e? I know you and the old California model weren't exactly best friends but I was wondering if you would give the new La Prima model a chance? Cheers

  • and the SR+?

  • I'm a BMW-driver. I don't get what Kris did wrong with the parking at supercharger? The other car that came parked the same as him? I want to buy a Tesla in the future so someone please explain this to me! :D

    • To be fair, the markings on the ground were covered with snow. So an honest mistake for an 'Audi driver'. 😁

    • the one he parked at was for a person on the other side. He needed to back up 1 car space

  • Chris is da man! Did you configure your wheels correctly? Does each Tesla have the right dimension and type of rim stored? Not changing these settings will mess up your distance and consumption. Just saw, Bjørn you are driving on the 20” Uberturbine as per your screen, you ought to adjust that if you are running 19”; it should then match at least distance.

  • Hope there will be a vid with the SR+ (made in China, LFP). The charging is really not great on that one 30KW at most for a few minutes

    • @Andy Zazzels thanks schon gesehen :)

    • @Moritz Sanne sie the carmaniac video is not true? Now I doubt that. nolong.info/show/g8icfauQa8OCfIE/video.html

    • @TschingisTube Idiot. Solche Fanboys wie du sind am negativen Image schuld. Und das sage ich als zukünftiger M3 LR Besitzer. Werd erwachsen, Kiddie!

    • @lane0mator I'm pretty sure that if i watch nextmove tesla basher that they have something negativ to say about tesla to gain clicks in youtube by putting tesla in every of their crappy videos. Like the price increase of suc vom 33 to 36 which is wrong because it was 35 before 2020 tax reduction. They take every negativ news about tesla to push their view count and there are enougth people getting tricked since the word of some car rental guy is now some battery and manufacturing expertise. The error will disappear when the software accomodates for the additional balancing required for the lfp cells, but i do not want to start a believer war, just watch nextmove and trust the guy able to run a rental for technical information. BTW if its a general problem with LFP cells, call VW, they will also use them in their next cars.

    • @TschingisTube Thats wrong. If you are able to understand German, watch todays video of nextmove. This is a general problem of the LFP Cells. They name it the "Tesla first mover club" ;) -> beta tester

  • Best combo like hamburger and hotdog

  • swap the wheels, ehm...damn audi drivers xD

  • Oh yeah!

  • Great!

  • More collabs with Kris !! He is awesome !!

    • @rzvqvb Would be awesome !!

    • I see a 'Model S Plaid+' vs. 'Model S Plaid' comparison in their future. 😀