How to fix frozen door and charge port in Tesla Model 3

Publisert 9. feb.. 2021
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  • poor design choices is not only the door handle the rubber around door freezes if water come there

  • Try using a lighter. Gently warm up the door handle and around the window frame. Or the charge port.

  • Bjørn, just silicone treat handle, rubber fitting and other pleases that can get stuck. You're Norwegian, this should be standard knowledge for you.

    • Of course I know about this. The purpose of this video is to show you how to solve the problem *if* you haven't used silicone.

  • We had some Eisregen recently, scratched my Zoe charging port to get it open. Nearly 1cm of ice on the car. Took me 30 minutes to get in. Slammed against the door to break the ice.

  • all machinewashes can be set to wash your car without the brushes, so i use the machine at winter with brushless mode

  • I had issues with all my cars if I washed them during the Canadian winters. One quick way for the Tesla's is to keep windshield washer in the frunk and poor it over door handles, bottom of wndows and charge port if one can't afford to wait.

  • I always keep a de-ice spray in the trunk for the door handles. Just in case...

  • A watering can full of hot water from the house supply works in seconds. You need to drive away before it all refreezes.

  • Ya, forgot to add WD-40 on the door handle hinge. See manual. WD-40 repels water to prevent freezing of the door handle hinge.

  • Isopropyl alcohol works well for deicing. Put it in a spray bottle and even dilute with water depending on the temperature you expect to be working in.

  • A 23 minute video to show you to remotely turn on your climate control....

  • Hahah so many good one liners in this one!

  • My right hand has more endurance

  • Also turn off folding mirrors or they will get stuck :D

    • I turned it off already since I had the E61.

  • Tip for measuring thermals on a reflective surface: Stick a patch of masking tape on it and wait a few seconds.

  • the 1cm ice layer on my charge port laughs at you! :D

  • 5:42 "man, too much squirting, can't get it up anymore" LOOOOL

  • Don't use the recirculation... you need the hot air to escape the car ... you need to create higher pressure inside and the air will then exit through any hole it finds. Recirculation is more energy efficient as it adds heat to the existing volume of air instead of the cold outside air, but in this case it works against you...

  • If the doors are electronically opened anyways, why can't you pop them open from the app?

  • I won't buy an EV until Tesla freezes over. Well, I guess I will buy an EV 😂

  • 2 pro tricks: 1- Push on the narrower end of the door handle, it will move slightly and break the ice. 2- Once your door handles are free, if the windows are close, just try to open and close the door handles. It will make the windows go up and break the ice (if it was rolled down in winter mode).

  • I think you can keep in the car some de ice spray, so you will charge in a matter of seconds

  • I think it may not have worked because you were heating rather than pre heating. I think pre heating without entering the car works differently, I remember eg you said it heats the battery.

  • Hey Björn, the refresh Model 3 has the doorhandles from the Model Y: you can press in the entire doorhandle a few millimeters to break the ice. So this video was basically useless for the refresh version. :D Maybe make a comparison between old vs. refresh Model 3 doorhandles.

  • I guess in an emergency it's faster to get an Uber to the hospital. 😜

  • Is crazy-hot leg heating in Model 3 fixed with update?

  • As someone who grew up in Rochester New York this would be completely unacceptable.

  • Would it work with anti-frost panes, de-icer, spray from the outside ...?

  • @ Bjørn Nyland why not open the windows on the phone app, then push the button on the inside ??

  • my windows always freeze. therefore they cannot drop and I cannot open the doors. there are situations where I simply cannot wait 20 minutes for the car to melt the ice. Any other suggestions? Please?

    • Preheat. Don't make it more complicated than it really is.

    • @Bjørn Nyland Yes, thanks I did already last winter but it didn't help. I still use it just in case. What do you do if the window is stuck? It is impossible to open the door without doing damage in this case. But there are situations where I cannot wait.

    • Use silicone.

  • 5:42 Man too much squirting. Can’t get it up, anymore. 🙀

  • door handles a bit frozen like in your video:: softly bang handle-area with flat hand and the ice wil jump off the junctions and gaps and it opens without preheating!!

  • Probably after washing the car, take a towel and open all the doors/charge port/etc and dry everything good.

  • Nice

  • You may have had a better result if you used the APP front and rear window demisters - APP/Climate/Bottom Right

  • Can you try again but NOTuse recirculate air? Would it push more air out of the door handle this way. Hopefully it will not disapoint this time.

  • on god my family was asking me wtf im watching with all that squirting 😂😂😂

  • Here in Switzerland it's deep winter aswell and i never had problems with my charge port. Only with the door handles... and its very annoying if you have snow on your trunk and when you open it half of the snow will fall direclty in your trunk. Im already looking for summer. I don't like the cold with that car.

  • Ok but how will you turn on an ice car to pre heat it if the door handles are frozen?

  • When mine (TM3-2021 LR) are frozen I always push the thinnest part of the door handle. From what I heard this a "safety feature". Dont think this was possible on the older models

  • TESLA should offer an arctic version with heated door locks , mirrors & charge port. The glass problem is still a hard to crack nut.

  • What a mess...

  • You don't have to purposely wash you car in cold to reproduce the issue, just enough to park it outside and it is usually much worse then is shown in the video. I have those problems with door handles and especially with frozen windows very often. 1) Door handles easy, you just need to spar with them a little bare handed or wearing gloves - the steel there is thin so it bends/vibrates and ice goes off. 2)The real problem is windows freezing at the bottom (not at the top where Bjorn showed) to doors, and no heating will help solving this. Solution is provided from Tesla - it is the tesla key card (I understand why it has this form now). You just try to squeeze it in-between window and isolation where it is frozen and go forward and back multiple times, though you have risk of breaking you key card. So Musk fix this! Change all plastic key cards to those made of steel!

  • Solutions? no solution

  • Why didnt you use the defrost (rear Window Heat) in the App? That should heat the chargeport with newer M3. Have a look in the manual. Useless Seat heating instead :-(

  • English version of my question: Is it possible to drive 7- 8 miles in - 10 celsius (- 50 fahrenheit). Let the car stand 7 days outside unplugged (not possible to plugin) and then drive back the same 7-8 miles? Is it possible at all with a model 3/Y?

  • Wondering if not having recirculating air on would be better then? Realise air may be cooler, or more energy required, but internal air pressure will be higher and cause air to exit through charge port and handles won’t it?

  • Bjørn.. just pee on the door handle

  • I'm in a Hurry!!!

  • I did blive that you know its not recomended to wasch the car i - temps.

  • I literally just got back from the car wash in -9c temps and the Model 3 door handles froze by the time I got home! I would never preheat for an hour though, just tap the handles a few times and you're good to go, at least that's what I do here in Canada.

  • This dude sure does love his electric cars.

  • Recycle reduces volume of air being forced out of the car.

  • Tesla should sell a hair dryer..

  • Definitely need recirculation turned off to force the warm air out of the cabin past those handles.

  • I think you need recirculation off!

  • I've never been more convinced that a Tesla is NOT the car for me. I live in Alaska where these poorly designed doors would be frozen all the time in winter, (it's currently -30 here). I don't own a smart phone, nor would I want to be dependent on "pre-heating" to get into my car. What a terrible design. No thanks! I'll look at Kia and Hyundai instead, (maybe Nissan). Thank you Bjorn for posting this video.

  • yo whats up bjorn

  • Class video😄

  • I think you may be out of your mind. This happens all to often by itself...

  • I use de-icer whenever I wash the car in the cold. Never had any problem with my model 3.

  • I had this problem with my m3 yesterday for the first time. I was unaware of all the tricks but i blew my hot breath against the handle and it defrosted in 1 minute. However. I went inside the car and slammed the door shut. And actually ruined the wrap on my door trim because my window was frozen in the up position...

  • Squirt some deicer on the handles and charge port. And keep it in your frunk, of course. Spend a little alcohol rather than 10 kWh.

  • Is the heat that comes out around the door handles only on new model 3 or on the classic one too?

  • 70 dislikes are Fossil owners. 😂😂😂 How can actually dislike this guy? 1 of the most decent guys I don’t know. 😂

  • could it be that it took so long because your ventilation was on circulation, which means that less fresh air is drawn in, resulting in less leakage?

  • I spray wd40 inside the door handles were the hinges are every 2 months maybe during winter and don't have this problem, of course I use preheat also but since starting doing it I haven't had any door handles freeze. The manual even recommends this method

  • Wasn't there the fix (even an official one?) were you breefly slap the door beneath the handle to brake them free?

  • Long, long time ago, when the car keys used to be keys to the car, someone clever invented small canisters with glycol/alcohol, some neutral gas under pressure and a spray nozzle. Never waited longer then 1 minute to get in. Should work with this car as well, with much less kWh ;-)

  • Walk inside and get a bucket of warm water, pour slowly over the door and handle and it should be ready to open after that

  • Your right hand has more endurance??? 😂😂😂

  • Downside to having a neat looking/invisible charge port cover. Never had a problem with a square fuel filler flap on an ICE with a few mm gap right around them. Being flush to the body, freezing water would freeze that solid easily. Probably rare occurrence for most.

  • Turn defrost on, particularly when connected to a charger. This will heat the interior in no time.

  • When heating the car, maybe cover the charging port with a spare coat or a scarf? Wnen you also use those reflective insulators on the outside for the windows, it will warm the car faster. The warm cabin air exits in the left "pocket" of the trunk into the bumper. Maybe it would show on the FLIR?

  • 4:35 the way Bjorn talks gives me a feeling as if angry neighbour is trying to take a revenge on me on this cold weather 😂

  • Today my door handles were frozen. Pressed a bit back and forth on both sides alternating. That usually breaks the ice.

  • شككراا لك انت ايضاا على المعلومات الرائعة

  • Silliness for the win 👍 Good job

  • blowtorch .. sorts all of those issues in a few seconds , and yeah frameless windows were clearly designed by someone who's never seen snow or ice

  • I just make a fist and hit the large end of the door handle with the soft side of my fist, that will brake the ice on the door handle. There was a time or two where the window was to frozen to lower the first time, so I pulled and released the door handle another time or two and then window lowered and door opened.

  • Car Cover ftw

  • Machine wash i great in my opinion! You just choose a program without the brushes. It cleans the car fairly well, and it dries it fairly well to. Plus the most important is just to get the salt off. If you want your car really clean, you of course need to do a proper hand wash.

  • THAT car is dirty😄?

  • Preventive care: Lubricate with silicone spray moistured cloth the inside cavity of the handles and seal of charge port. I've also lubricated the non-electric plastic to plastic surfaces of charge connector.

  • 4:22 - Mine too!!!

  • @18:39 you can see that the passenger vent was switched off... so maybe that was the problem why the passenger door was not opening.... you should have tried to let it heat up from the app further more. It looks like the manual from inside the car is not switching on all vents but the app does.

  • Rubber and plastic parts should be treated with silicone oil or WD40. 👍👍👍

  • "man too much squirting and it doesn't go up"

  • Spray Rubbing Alcohol in between the cracks. It will melt the ice really fast.

  • More than an hour or preheating. That will drop your SoC a lot with non-heatpump models.

  • Always Bring Kettle... and warm water to unfreese chrg port and door handles. I have many times used hot water in plastic bag to unfreese locks

  • why are you not using defrosting spray which you can get at every gas station. Spray it on the door handles and the charging port and you are done

  • Hi Björn. In Sweden this week there is a lot of talk about a man who was going to replace the battery on his BMW i3, at the cost of 250.000 sek. Do you as a electric car guru, know how other manufacturers prices an eventual change of battery? Best Regards Urban Eriksson

  • I preheat and just hit the handles or chargeport with some finesse when they are stuck works much faster.

  • Yes yea make it hard. Right hand ✋🏽 more stamina yeah , make it hard. Let’s squirt,, oh yeah oh oh yeahaaaa

  • I was unable to close the charge port on our electric car at work. Due to snow and ice after a charging session over night. Had to use a srewdriver to pick the ice.

  • For the door window problem: spray the door seals with silicone spray. Then the glass will not freeze to the rubber. Do not use vaseline. It's petroleum based and rubber doesn't like that.

  • Clearly haven't met the stranger enough...

  • All Tesla cars should come with a Flamethrower....

  • would be cool if they implemented a heating function located at known problem spots that you can control from your phone to pre-heat or auto