Mercedes EQV acceleration and noise test

Publisert 17. feb.. 2021
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  • Please test vauxhall e vivaro /citroen e dispatch / Peugeot e expert pls

  • Where is the 100-200 test?

  • Yes, you need to test more vans.

  • Is this the xxl or long? In the Uk I’ve been told only xxl available

  • EQA is there in Norway? Will love to see your review

  • weird acceleration curve

  • I bet you could load this van with 9 rugby players, bags full of weights, and not even feal a difference in acceleration or range.

  • On a good ev, battery is the limiting factor of how much Amps can go to the motor and how much power can go to the wheels. Being twice the weight and twice the battery size, no surprise it has similar performance on flat ground.

  • Expected a little more juice for 0-100, at least 9 sec would be nice

  • Who else wants to see Sabine Schmitz take this van around the Nürburgring?

  • I was on a roadtrip in Germany last week (with the old 2018 Leaf), and had to jump out of the way because of some EQV hammering it on the left lane. It was going 160km/h at least. I first thought it was Bjørn but it was a German licence plate. Anyway, seems like a really fast car and hammering seems to be the hack anyway to make it charge fast. They probably designed it for German Taxis who are notorious for hammering.

  • Drive a fossil van and compare it to a electric one.

  • Brilliant work - thank you!

  • when will the google shiiit turn in darkmode ?

  • ist this RED s "sport" mode? did you test it 0-100 ?

  • I drive a V250d in my work, I’ve taken out the sofa and the shelf in the back to be able to load more, but the separate seats weigh about 50kg. I enjoy the van and I get about 60L/100km, the best I got on a day was 54. Just stay within the limits to not get it to be too thirsty. 😉

    • @Augustiner Edelstoff Sorry, yes, got confused a bit, but a normal day I drive about 600-650km, and the best consumption I get with the little more narrow winter tyres now and the consumption is between 5,4 and 6 on a normal day. If I'm in a bit of a hurry it goes up to about 6,5-6.9. It's all about planning your driving and not use the brake too much, but letting go of the accellerator a bit sooner instead. ;) When the summer-wheels are on, the consumption goes up about 0,5 more.

    • Do you mean 6,0L and 5,4L? I drive a V250 too and i can confirm even though its a diesel it really can be effiecient

  • so slow

  • Love your channel. When will you be reviewing the MG5?

  • It will be intresting if the new EQA is thursty, too.

  • you will be interested to see it here guys compare on Dino stand 2020 model 3 performance and 2021 model 3 performance!

  • Loving the channeling Sabine!

  • Lovely how it slows down at 65 kmh, without that restriction it should make 0-100 in 8.5 secs

    • @McRon FPV that's already the case by the courier drivers in Mercedes Sprinters, rear ending you on the German auto Bahn in a 120 zone. Because they want to drive vmax (160 kmh) all the time.

    • I feel that way too. And it's a good thing!! nobody wants to share the road with 3T high performance véhicules driven by maniacs!

  • Interesting that it almost weighs 3000 kg. Because Mercedes states it weighs about 2650 kg

    • @FSXgta no the regular passenger version

    • Maybe the cargo version without seats and extra noise insulation

  • Mercedes Benz UK says in their EQV brochure: Performance Acceleration 0-62 mph sec 12.1

    • Haha that's typical. They are making more money selling diesel cars, they don't want everybody to know this van is fast ;-)

  • @Bjorn: I have been considering changing our E-NV200 (trusty companion now for 4 years) for an EQV or an eVito as daily family mover. I move mostly in urban and suburban environment, and my question qould be: could you do some test with such parameters? 50 to 70 km/h max, with high volume traffic? I think, that a lot of such people movers are in the city a lot, and this consumption would be highly interesting for taxi drivers and bigger families. (I am aware that doing such a test is not easy, but this being the gigantic brick it is, with the wind resistance of a two-door fridge, slower speeds might produce far lower consumption).

  • Peugeot e traveller test please!

  • this van is pretty awesome, imagine this as a camping van it would be great.

    • Same here... 100kwh battery van with quick charge is what I want so bad. Power for days for drones computers cameras, electric air heater, electric unicycle, electric MTB... Make this AWD with high clearance and take my money.

  • Have to say, loving the van videos but not a fan of this Van. Is this pre-production? Even though it's Mercedes it seems almost cheap. The door errors...The leaving on the fuel flap thing... Not that impressed. Keep doing vans though!

  • Bananananananana

  • You should consider, that it's very cold outside and the EQV has a fairly large space, which has to be heated up and holding warm. That's why I think the consumption is that high, if your are comparing it with the test from #nextmove in autumn. Maybe you like to test it in summer again. Also the "auto mode" in recuperation.

    • @McRon FPVI'd recommend #nextmove's EQV test. You can find them on yt too. They have test it at the mid of october in good old Germany.

    • I would love to see how range it gets at 80kmh at 25 degrees.

    • Most power is spent moving the car in the air (aerodynamics) Cold air is more dense, vans have a higher Cx so it's wasting a lot of energy moving all this air.

  • On polish website I found 0-100kmh in 10.0s

  • So it is 3 seconds slower than the comparable 300d Diesel. Those are some heavy batteries...

  • You are an asian ofcourse youl love a van :P

  • Top Gear reference, a man of culture!

  • in the start of the video you looks very tired need to see a camping test 👍

  • Im looking at ordering a Enyaq IV80 which has a specified range of 510km, which would a realistic range in the Scandinavian countries? family of 4, max travels around 400km routes.

    • Take the ID.3 range tests and add 25 % for a first approximation.

    • The WLTP Test Scenario has an average speed of 43km/h. So if you're driving slowly, without using climate control, you'll maybe able to reach same consumption like WLTP

    • How can you tell without a test? Range figures are up to 536 km WLTP btw.

  • Thank you so much for this. I have a question: There are two versions of the EQV: "long" and "extra long", which are 5.14m and 5.37m respectively. Which one do you test?

    • This definitively looks like the long/5.14m version

  • How does it handle in the snow since it doesnt have 4wd, its a big factor in Norway

  • LiFePO4? That's why so heavy?

    • No, it's probably NMC 1:1:1,

  • Why has it got a massive grill? Looks stupid

    • It is a converted ICE car platform. Mercedes is a bit late to the game.

  • They build this car because they have to. In terms of efficiency don't think they aim to make any better.

  • Electric B-Class actually has a pretty decent drag coefficient of 0.28. Similar to Kia e-Niro which has Cd of 0.29. Can you do a range and efficiency test? If it's inefficient as you say then that means the drivetrain was inefficient. Edit: Just checked that even in size the B-Class electric is almost the same as e-Niro.

    • I was using that car for over 2 years, it is inefficient and useless on high distances crapp...

    • There no magic inefficiency here, its just weight mostly... Improving DC wont help much

  • Quick van, faster than my mom's much smaller car from 0-100 so impressed.

  • Thank you so much!

  • Yo yo honey singh

  • You’re an absolute Machine, keep up the great work! The content is fantastic and I absolutely love it!

  • 2:48 The famous Google shieeeeet strikes again

    • Thank you. This is what I subscribed for.

  • Will you test a Smart ForTwo EQ please! I don’t think you’ll be camping in it! 😂😂😂

  • Aye yo whats up

  • Maybe You are the first person who test it 0 to 100kmh.

  • I guess they're just using 1 EQC motor but with a 100kwh pack that thing really should pack a bit more power. Loaded up with 7 people & luggage it'd be a real dog. i guess in Europe a diesel V-Class isn't going to be more powerful anyway.

    • @McRon FPV In general yes but there is a lower limit to power/weight ratio where doing things like getting on the freeway becomes nerve wracking. 0-100km/h below 10s isn't really necessary but once you're over 15s you really need to think ahead. out in the country this is less of an issue since you have a longer runup but in the city sometimes you don't have a long way to get from stop to freeway merging speed.

    • It'll be plenty fast even loaded. Nobody is trying to clock lap times in this thing, is all about smoothness and getting there safely.

  • So this is the standard length EQV. Will you be able to test the extra long version? I think it's an extra 20cm or so.

    • @Dan H Hey, he also tested the eCrafter

    • He already ran out of banana boxes.. what more can one man do?!? :)

  • Bjørn what are you doing man, I need to wake up early tomorrow... Its 01:30 for crying out loud :D

  • Yea, it's in the 10s as suspected. However, still a far cry from a Honda Odyssey.

    • @CyAn The milkman does!

    • @CyAn Uhm ... well ... tbh, it was something I really wanted. It's a really underappreciated car. Sure, it's ICE, but it's really nice. 6 cylinders, 280HP, 0-60mph: 6.5s, so under 7 0-100kph. And you can get one under $40k.

    • You hardly buy a car like this for 0-100 times though.

  • Honored to be the first viewer ever! Very good job!

  • Can you do the same test whit classic ioniq and new ioniq?

  • Loving all these Van videos!! Thank you!

  • First :D

    • @mousetreat Well, you care enough to comment. LOL 😁

    • No you're not and nobody cares.