Mercedes EQV 1000 km challenge

Publisert 18. feb.. 2021
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  • Wait till Bjorne gets one of those EV dump trucks for the 1000km challenge.

  • I am so happy you got 220k subscribers now. You truly deserve it, these videos are crazy. I hope to see you doing a lot of videos in the future aswell

  • Would I buy the EQV? Me: Yes Born: 23:56

  • Don't burn yourself out, Bjørn - we need you in this game for the long haul. So much great stuff on the horizon in the EV world!

  • The technology is not ready for vans.

  • I love seeing all the Tesla Superchargers in background at Rygge.

  • 1000 km in vain...

  • Too thirsty :(

  • It seems to be a very nice family container.

  • Bjorn you are driving a motor that is as aerodynamic as a brick. Slow down man!!!😂

  • 9:25, Guy says battery like a boss!

  • Really impressive time! It's by far your coldest 1000 km challenge, the biggest and roomiest vehicle you've tested and one of the most luxurious. And it achieved a good time that makes it very usable and practical. In summer it would easily be 2 hours faster, as air resistance is stronger in cold winter and this MPV is necessarily less aerodynamic than a saloon, thus cold temperatures impact is more important.

  • what is the cost of charging the car?

  • moooore vanssss

  • Bjorn, although us EV drivers take it for granted. The reliability of our cars is fantastic. Have you ever had a serious problem on your 1000km challenges?

  • 14 hours for this test + an hour charging before start + geilo test before is insane amount of hours on the road in 1 go. This isn’t safe, and I feel culpable by supporting this by watching. Maybe next time do 1 big test and nothing else?

  • It would be nice to see more vans, buses and trucks .

  • 23:56 .. nein nein nein nein .. Bjorn's German impeccable as always

  • VLTP = WLTP (as in double-u)?

  • I would love if you test Peugot E - Expert next! 😇

  • I see you used D--, does the EQV does not have D Auto?

  • What price in Norway for the EQV?

  • Please try again 1000km on summer with EQV.

  • Maxus e-deliver?

  • 26:00 not bad if compared to an I-pace which cost more or less the same, need approximately only 1h less for the 1000 challenge, and consume only about 20-30% less being a 5 seats car (considering the different temp of the 2 tests). But I don't understand why they couldn't provide this premium van with such a big battery a faster charger while Tesla has a 250kw on a cheaper model 3&Y.

  • I believe aerodynamic drag goes up exponentially with speed. So slowing down in a Van will actually help you reach faster due to higher efficiency

  • Almost half a Megawatt of energy for this 1000km challenge, crazy! How far would a fully loaded Model S or 3 go with half a Megawatt?

  • Would you consider doing the 1000km test in summer please Bjorn? Will it rapid-gate in warmer weather? If it doesn’t rapid gate it would make a good diy camper conversion for the family in a few years when second hand ones become available. Thank you, I really enjoy watching your tests, you give us the truth.

  • Snoop Dogg LMAO

  • Does it rapidgate?

  • Yes! I have enjoyed this video very much. Thank you for your hard work

  • Yes, please test other vans.

  • We have the Mercedes sprinter van here in the United States, and I see a fair few of them around, though not as much as I used to. It would be interesting to see if the EQV could sell here.

  • I wish there were electric vans in the US. THE VAN GOES 100 MILES WHEN ITS COLDER THAN MY FREEZER OUTSIDE?! WOW!

  • Odometer is of for a reason. There is a law in place that your Odometer can not be 100 correct in case you have tire size changes or for example you add a snow chain. I believe they have to stay between 1 and 3%

  • EQA please

  • Somehow I have the feeling, that, if I ever go to visit Norway, I have to visit a Circle K as well 🤣

  • i assume you have been driving with the airco switched on? I guess the car has also individual heated seats. I wonder whether the watt consumption drastic decreases when driving with heated seats on instead of the airco ? I understand that in general airco consumes a lot of energy.

  • With such a battery thr car should've been able to charge with 200kW. Only a max of 110kW with consumption twice as high as a Zoe, it's basically not significantly faster than a Zoe with CCS on the road. Charging should be at least 2C nowadays or 4-5 times the average consumption. Hopefully more OEM's come to understand that.

  • Here's what you all came for: 23:56 ;)

  • What's consumption at 70-80km

  • Yes, more 1k challenge in vans please Bjorn.

  • 200 kwh müsste der Akku haben, damit eine solche Schrankwand absolut langstreckentauglich wird. Bei gleichem Preis, natürlich. Momentan würde ich noch sagen: EVs in 2021 should be as aerodynamic as possible, the battery technlology will be ready for Vans in 2022, 2023.. 200 kwh would be sufficient even for "Wohnmobile".

  • ชอบมาก ตามมาจาก ช่อว งภาษาไทย อ้าย อู้ Eng so so good . Super clearly .

  • Why dont you use OBD to get accurate batt temperature?

  • Not that i like Mercedes, especially their efforts in electrifying their range but this van has impressed me.

  • When you have your new tesla, you should test autopilot in winter

  • Will be great if you test the Volvo electric truck

  • I really hope Tesla comes out with a minivan of their own. I would be one of the first in line to buy one!

    • @Kawan If only Mercedes sold those here in the US. But we all know a Tesla minivan would probably be more efficient anyway.

    • Get EQV instead.

  • Just came in for the nein nein neiiiiiinnnn!!!! 🤟🏻😂

  • With such a heavy car it's always best - or maybe a good idea - to simulate/imagine you would be piloting a 'flying fortress' - to and from destination. I do this all the time. Quite comfy. And sometimes quite entertaining as well this idea of changing 'the tool' (by imagination) whilst on the way.

  • I think you should call it MC Vanner! 👍😊

  • With a Van slower traveling speed always pays out. 95 km/h or 100 is enough. And of course optimizing the choice of the charging stations would help. Think of what Had been possible by always charging at 110 kW. (Maybe calculate the time lost you had from all the slow charging?) And I wonder if norway grid could have been throtteling down the supply for some reason? Temperatur or no good state of the grid because of a powerplant shutdown? Of course charging one car should not make much of a difference for the grid. I drive 1100 km from Trier, Mosel, Deutschland to Spain with a Diesel Sharan and a Family of 5 in 13 hours. But we don't need to refuel. Stops just for comfort. Consumption for Diesel is about 70 Liters at 100km/h speed of travel. Thats about 85 € with Lux Diesel. Quite okay for a journey of five.

    • I drove this journey above mentioned once with just one child and very little luggage, with 90 km/h travel speed, good tire pressure and an 'saving chip' installed - er Made it at about 5,2 l/100 km. And with Luxembourg Diesel, at that time cheap at 90 Cents per Liter, the trip was about 50€ for the fuel. If you keep such a car for 15 - 17 years or 400tkm and just roll most of the time, then the cost come down quite a lot. Careful driving like with an EV of course helps every car.🤗👌- it's then like with an airplane - you just collect 'ours of use' - good choice!

  • Are they going to sell the Ford Mustang Mach E in the EU?.....if so, I hope you will take a look? Chevy Bolt slashes their price. Tesla drops their entry level price. Seems the price war may start. Lower price 263 miles on base M3. Lower price on the Bolt, same range as before.

  • I would like to see more VAN tests in the future!

  • How much all charges sections was costs ?

  • This car needs a battery of 150KW and a charging speed of 250KW to be comparing to Tesla cars

  • I laughed so hard with the airbreaks to break hard. Brilliant, I love your humor man!

  • Cool!

  • That is a DANG nice car! Do a Tesla video!

  • Why not test the Citroën êC4, Opel Corsa-e and the Lexus UX300E?

  • The e-Expert would be nice or the Proace.

  • You're a machine Bjørn! :D Also, I'm the 1000th like :D

  • Crazy man I love it.

  • How much does it cost to "fill up the tank" on that one?

  • You should also test new eSprinter - seeing how fast is rapid charging it's awesome

  • The guys from Latvia, who inspired doing 1000km tests from you, have made a van test before you - with Nissan eNV200 - 22hours :D

  • Is it burning in the back at 22:16 ?

  • I hope you’re going to try camping in this EV.....😂

  • This is good enough for me for vanlife. But how much energy would it spend keeping you warm while camping? This is worse weather condition than I would use, so it is a great baseline to what I can expect from it

  • The tires look a bit on low pressure.

    • They look low but I already checked the pressure and they are ok. Probably just a heavy car.

  • The van is juicing up it’s battery while Bjorn is juicing up with battery 😂😂😂

  • Mercedes need to put a 100kWh battery in something that isn't van or SUV shaped.

  • Great Car but.....this Germany we pay Minimum 0,39,- Euro / Kwh at DC Chargers, Ionity cost 0,79,- Euro / must work many hours to pay the charging bills..... .

  • Bjorn - I wish you'd do a test to confirm or refute the alleged problems with the LFP cells in MIC SR+ 3's.

  • Truly amazing that you can be bothered to drive 1000km. Can't wait for your Model Y test, hopefully you get to borrow a MY before we get the one we ordered and go on our planned 4000km round trip with a camper in tow

  • Please do a camp test!

  • You totally rock! More vans, please, if you are up to it, 😆.

  • Good work Bjorn. I think by testing vans you will be doing a service to all those small businesses out there who might be wondering if an electric van would work for them.

  • I am very interested in the Maxus EV 80, also because I am "working" on to convince my boss to exchange the diesel cars in our company fleet with Maxus EV's. Your test could be a big help, because he likes your videos and your real life tests.

  • Ciao Bjorn it would be awesome if you could try the new Fiat 500 electric ⚡️

  • snoop dogg... xD

  • Great music😃 Thank you Bjørn I really like your reports.

  • Is it possible this one have tesla drivetrain and battery? Like B electric?

  • Toyota Proace Electric with 1 million km or 15 years battery warranty needs testing. Yea lets open up a new test category: Vans, we already have the banana box test for the VW e-crafter. Not only Mercedes needs a manual battery heater start. Right now, I only know Optimus Prime, that has "max battery power" feature for manual battery heater startup. What a shame, very important feature! The EQV has battery heater, right? Mercedes?

  • What does the red/grey fan to the right of the battery in the ICL display mean? Sometimes it is grey and some other times it is red.

  • Should be called EQV 450. For the consumption.

  • Considering doing this right away after Geilo, which is also almost good ~500km, about (or over?) 1500km in a row in a freaking electric van is insane! 🤪

  • to be fair, this is poor test for a van, vans are typically loaded with people and lots of dead weight (cargo), very very few people will be in the market for van for only themselves... most people are into vans for one of 3 reasons.. so need to do a loaded down test even if its just dead weight like boxes or bags of rocks and sand to simulate weight. SUvs and other cars like sedans and coupes can get away wth it just being you circling around because alot of people buy SUVs and just haul themselves to and from stores and work where as Van owners typically load vans up hard. 1. people hauler, work as an uber/lyft etc... say 5 people including driver. using global bodyweight avg of 62KG/136LBS thats 310KG or 683LBS.. assuming everyone is carrying 31 LBS of luggage (14KG) per person thats 56KG or 123LBS of luggage.. (4 people not including driver) combined that 366KG or 806 LBS of weight.. 2. repair/services tech, etc type work so van will be loaded to the brim with tools and hardware for job. means nearly always carrying around a lot of deadweight, i dont have an exact figure but i carried around about 500 LBS (267KG) of tools in back of wagon for a while.. add to that common i also carried 100-200 LBS of wood on my roof and trailered around a heavy generator.. probably 10000 pounds (454KG) there and i wasn't even most equipped person on the job sight some days. 3. family hauler, personal family hauler for long trips, maybe camping with wife and kids. this depends on where going if camping in or with it.. but expect 6-7 people including driver... so lets make it easy say about 800-1000lbs (362KG-454KG) assuming again avg body weight globally of 132LBS (62KG)..

  • NineNineNineNine!

  • Still stunned that the 28kwh Ioniq is still competing with the big (expensive) boys 😄

  • Great summary Björn. Thank you. I like the Mercedes.

  • Astonishing: cold gate at 450Wh/km consumption ...

  • Awesome video!

  • Not a true van but a 7-seater: Opel COMBO-e LIFE maybe ?

  • Hi Bjorn, please do the 1000km test with a Peugeout e-Traveller 75kw van or the Opel e-Zafira 75kw van. Thanks

  • Try to get your hands on a Vivaro-e, this might be a good alternative for our CNG transporter.

  • The Mercedes Actros has a Cupholder right in Björn Position:)

  • I would really like to see you do these test with Maxus eDeliver 3 and E-NV200.

  • Would be interesting to know how long you need to hammer it for the battery to get up to proper charging temp. So you could cruise easy and then give it the beans for 10km for instance, to charge really fast.