2021 Tesla Model 3 Long Range 90-10 % acceleration tests

Publisert 13. feb.. 2021
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  • I have watched this video. To me the bigger story is why the 2021 performance is performing so much worse than the 2019 after 70SOC. Is this a cold only thing or can we expect this all the time?

  • Is there anyway to tell which battery type a car has (Panasonic vs. LG)?

  • I want a Model 3 Long range 4wd but the insurance kill my business case😭😭😭 and the extreeeeeeeemly expensive winter tyres that’s more than double price than I paid for my Volvo winter tires. That kills my business case more than twice together.

  • Interessting Video Bjørn, as usual. The 90 - 10% acceleration test would be nice to see with the Acceleration Boost for the Long Range!

  • Can you re-test MC hammer in these temps? Last time you tested MC Hammer was in the summer.

  • Hey @bjorn did you spot this Swedish EV race? nolong.info/show/lrNoqX2Hh6mcjIU/video.html

  • Thanks a lot as usual

  • Hei hei bjørn elsker å se på videoene dine du er så kul og flink med reviews. Takk for alt. Jeg vurdere å kjøpe en mustang mach e. Lurer på om du kan få til en reviews på den snart ❤️🙏

  • Wow,I really don't understand much about those numbers in the test video. But Björn is a real Tesla scientist.👍 He should be hired as Tesla valued technical consultant to improve Tesla cars much more.

  • What about the LR with boost?

  • I was just wondering @ 4:45 the 10% run the App reports 130 kW (+10% Bjørn said) max battery output. shown in the comparison @ 8:20 it says 200 kW. Am I missin something?

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  • It will be so interesting do it with the SR+ 2019/2021. Thanks Bjørn.

  • Awesome testing, hope they will fix this, soon!!

  • tesla needs to announce a statement for this, potential buyers and owners would be worried otherwise. we need a statement if this gets solved or is due to a physical problem.

  • My 2021 3P starts to get power limit from 50% and below. So its a Performance Model 3 half of the time 😄 Its not right

    • Same here it’s so stupid

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  • 4:20 Thanks for showing the values in the app you are talking about. So you can be followed more easily.

  • What I really enjoy is seeing how MC Hammer 2019 numbers vs the newer 2021 Performance. Maxxxxx Powwwwahhh

  • really cool test! you should really add this as a standard test procedure :D ... and to complete the list, please do the same with the 2019 Model 3 LR please :D

  • bjorn tesla is epic yo whats up

  • Hi Bjorn, in the Excel sheeeit you need to add: - battery voltage at max power (100-400 kW) - battery voltage at no power (0kW) The difference between these two is the voltage drop, in most tests on both cars the drop is about 60V. For example: at 90% battery, the voltage drops: 393V - 330V = 63V. However on LR at 10%, the voltage drops from 330V to 270V => 60V. While on performance the voltage drops from 315 to 270V => 45V Because Lithium batteries are not allowed to go below 2.7V per cel, the max power is also lower. The reason for the lower 315V vs 330V on 10% is a different battery chemistry, possibly related to Cobalt change. Tl;dr: problem is in battery chemistry.

    • Are you sure?

    • Oh No. If that's true. Tesla cannot fix this with an update. Cobalt shit or not.

  • Wow, I was actually considering purchasing the performance Y. You just saved me spending 10K for an effectively non-functional feature. Thank you for performing these tests! Edit: I love the spreadsheeeits.

  • Hi Bjorn, this is not amusing at all! I am going to get my new 2021 Model 3 Performance in two weeks and...I discover that it is so much SLOWER than the Long Range and of the 2019 Performance as well? Very bad news...may be I should not buy it anymore 😭😭😭

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  • long range is more consistant that is cool

  • Even test number NEIN was pretty much JA JA JA!! Schnell!

  • Even at 120kw why is the 2021 performance so slow at 10%

  • Perfect job Bjørn! Sweeeet data. Unbelievable, a performance looses to a long range at 30% and below. Without your data, nobody would believe this. Thank you very much. With all high performance cars, this test is gold. For instance Taycan. Or the new Audi e-tron GT RS.

  • Can you make this test also with the M3 SR+?

  • I still don’t think this is an LG battery. It’s just the old Panasonic pack in the new heat pump car compare the 21 Long Range with the 2019 Performance the increase in time is almost identical.

    • @Scott Wills I am happy to answer in detail with documents and more data as proof of my statements, but there is no point doing that here. Feel free to contact me directly. BR

    • @lastnightsfavorite I really don’t understand this, LG do not claim to have ever sent 2170 batteries to Tesla in the USA, neither does any publication or investment channel. I have asked Tesla UK directly and their response was all LR and Performance cars have Panasonic batteries. I was talking to a service centre manager I know quite well and I asked “do you get many LG battery cars” and he looked blankly at me and said there are no LG batteries in Europe. LG supply China. I do not believe Panasonic would be happy for LG to send batteries to their part owned factory for assembly into packs (I have considered the packs are made in China and shipped to the USA). But when Bjorn did the charge test the 2021 LR and performance charged identically (the LR finished just before but it has slightly less capacity) and now this test which shows the LR has similar characteristics to the old Panasonic battery. As we know Tesla start using the new parts when the old ones run out ie double glazed windows and new frunk cover on the pre heat pump car and then since the update they have added a new interior and now from rumours a heated steering wheel is being fitted. Why couldn’t this not be the “old” 77kwh Panasonic battery in the updated car? Remember this car was one of the first delivered with the heat pump. I know 3 people with a LR AWD and they all have the bigger battery. 🤷🏼‍♂️

    • The European Type registration papers leave no doubt that all E5D Long Range have LG battery packs. It's clearly stated by Tesla to the authorities.

  • Love your videos ! I cant wait to see you doing the same tests with your future tesla plaid+ jet on wheels... I have a question. Could you do some acceleration tests with a Boost AWD+ LR 2021 Model 3 ?

  • Hey do you have any plans to test the new Fiat 500 Laprima?

  • great video I bet Tesla sees your videos.

    • i hope they do. i ordered a perfomance 2 weeks ago, because its faster. This is xxxxxx fix it!

  • Did you do this test in the summer too ? Maybe another comparison to do in a few months, add weather data oto the spreadsheet. Maybe one improvement you could do is to wait that battery temperature is at the similar level for each %. At least for 90%, you can wait after charging for the same temperature.

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  • Is this New Performance Panasonic battery the same as MC Hammer's Panasonic (2019) battery?

    • No, the 2018-2020 have the 2170C cells (77.8KWH) and the 2021 has the 2170L cells (82.1 KWH).

  • I just wish Tesla would fix this. And not only from 10% SOC. Performance should be performance and not slower then Long Range. this is embarrassing. I'm not buying one until this is sorted

  • Why was 2019 faster than 2021 performance?

    • Performance model doesnt handle low temperatures (sub zero C) that good, it cools down the battery too much when running for a long time. This issue doesnt apply to warm weather.

  • On full launch it nearly pulls 1kA?! :o

  • In the US does the Performance also use the Panasonic and LR use LG? Or is that an EU only thing?

    • @René H. Could you link a source? Bjorn tested two 2021 Models (Made in China), which had the Panasonic and LG batteries. What's the battery inside the US Model 3s?

    • @René H. the latest EU Model 3s were built in China though? The latest US models are built in the US.

    • US and EU models are the same since either produced in Fremont (except some intermediary SR+ deliveries to EU from China in late 2020).

  • I just watched both tests and noticed the real issue: despite the temperature differences, what I realised is that the lower voltage cut-off tesla is using in the 2021 performance is much higher than in the other two. While 2019 and 2021 LR cuts off at 270ish V, 2021 perf cuts at 300V. Such difference is what is causing both power loss and limp mode, as natural voltage drops with soc, it does not leave any room to drop even further when sucking power, and we could even see cars with 3% not even moving. This choice could have lots of reasons, from design to testing or preservation. What is clear though is that it could cause lots of problems, specially when packs get older and internal resistance rise. Renember, this is a new pack.

  • I actually like their power curve to HP model - it contributes to better battery life by avoiding too much voltage drops when below 40% charged.

  • Interesting test. Any idea how the 2019 long range would compare to the 2021 long range? As for Tesla "fixing" the problem, this would seem to be a conscious decision to optimize range over performance for the corner case that you have discovered.

  • It pretty embarrassing that even at 90% and good battery temperatures that these car are around a half second slower than the manufacturer states (I understand Tesla uses the 1 foot rollout, but that should only be 0.1-0.2 difference). Same way that on paper the Taycan Turbo S is slower to 60 than a Model S Performance Raven, but in the real world the Porsche wins every time.

    • @Harsimran Bansal Tesla: 0-100 kph - 3.3 sec(*) * With 1 ft rollout, when battery level is 70+%, under ideal weather conditions, rounded down to the nearest 0.2 sec

    • @KyleBrightman thats not half a second off then, its only off by 0.2 seconds. And also consider that the tarmac and tires were cold so they wouldn’t be able to put down the power. People have gotten better 0-60 runs simply by having a warm tarmac and warm tires with everything else stock!

    • @Harsimran Bansal I respectfully disagree, the 2021 Model 3 Performance is rated at 3.3 sec for 0-100 kph (3.1 sec to 60 mph). Well short, even considering 1 ft.

    • They really aren’t. The performance does 3.5 and the LR does 4.4. That’s exactly what he got if you account for 1 Ft rollout!

    • @Roni92pl Battery temps I could see due to lower amperage limits (which is not the case), but aerodynamic drag due to higher air density should not have nearly that amount of effect.

  • Tesla Model 3 LR?, I'd say Long Performance better! , thanks Björn

    • define better ;] just different targets ;

  • This is brilliant comparison! Bjorn; any chance you could do the same with Long Range WITH the performance upgrade via the app? I think it would be way faster than the Performance after 40% battery loss :)

    • @Lord Flathead Have you seen homologation pampers with aby mention of the battery variant (E3D or E5D), what VIN region do you have? Mine is 84****.

    • @VS EV studies I have the EU variant as I am in the UK.

    • @Lord Flathead Do you have US or EU version? There are rumors that LG packs were only fitted to EU variants. I have version of vehicle stated in my EU homologation certificate: E5D (believed to be LG pack), Version: Bb1s5T1, also battery capacity which ABRP estimated is around 74 kWh, which also corresponds to so called LG pack.

    • @VS EV studies possibly. Bjorn said the LR (well the one he has) has the LG battery so I just presumed it is all 2021 LR models. I do have the upgrade option in the app, hence my earlier post about testing this combination. Tesla were not forthcoming when they released the facelift 2021 model, and the battery specification was only released few weeks after launch. Is there a way to test and see what battery is actually fitted to the car?

    • @Lord Flathead lr 2021 LG model with battery?

  • Thanks for the test, I am waiting for SR+ also...

  • Video with the boost add on....

  • So if I get the boost on my long range 2021 I’m getting a better deal than performance?

    • @VS EV studies It will be interesting, when I get my car to see if it is there or not. 🤔

    • @Marko Mäkinen I should get a short video about that. Also assumed the same. Maybe there is no power boost option regardles of the pack Type because both Panasonic and LG packs are new and undergoing tests, boost may (or may not) become available later with OTA update (same as faster charging). But less than 5 seconds to 100 kmh is still plenty. Driving mostly in CHILL mode now due to snow.

    • @VS EV studies I don't know. I have assumed that all LR's have it in the App to be unlocked for money. I will get my car next Thursday.

    • @Marko Mäkinen Do you have power boost option? Mine LR is E5D and I don’t have it.

    • My LR 2021 has Panasonic battery.

  • Bjorn, yo what's up....I see you are grabbing the max power outputs. I can rearrange my scan my tesla data to match yours, and run the test in celsius and give you the results for 2021 M3 AWD with acceleration boost with 77.8kwh battery (confirmed through ScanMyTesla)... Interested? Would be interesting to see how the acceleration boost compares to the performance and non performance.....

    • @Alexander Lüthi I want bjorn to give me permission to record results and buy and run dragy with my scan my tesla numbers.... :)

    • @J Sal Oh come on, just tell us already! 😝

    • @Alexander Lüthi o ya.. No doubt

    • Do you imply that the acceleration boost is a worthy upgrade? :)

    • I ran a test at 90 percent... Very interesting results. Hoping bjorn is down to collaborate :)

  • This is what I like about Bjorn’s tests. He takes the time to investigate what we are actually getting when we buy or lease a car. It was his and AutoBears tests of the MG that reassured me it was the right car for what I needed.

  • NEIN 4:42

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  • Lol the LR is even with 20% Soc faster 0-100 then my SR+ 88KW variant with SOC over 90% never see the 5.6 on my car with dragy

  • Thank you Bjorn.

  • Hi Björn, thank you for that very interesting test! I am pleased that I ordered the LR.

    • You know the LR can also ship with the Panasonic battery right? This is a lottery.

    • Same here.

  • Launch number NINE!

  • @Bjørn: Do you know about any differences in chemistry between 2021 Panasonic and LG battery? More cobalt in the LG?

  • Not savaging heat below a certain pack soc seems like an obvious thing to do. I wonder how Tesla missed this. No winter testing? Jub testing???? (Just use bjorn...)

  • Need a fix on this. Asap 🙂

  • 7:16 "I put this google sheeeeeet in the same folder" :D :D :D

  • Tesla engineers....."we designed it so we know the car" Bjorn........"hold my mead"

  • So they use worse battery on the performance? or the LG one just simply can't output 400kw even at full charger?

    • @Harsimran Bansal interesting thanks for the knowledge

    • No it’s just cold weather issues and battery chemistry. Panasonic battery has almost no cobalt, LG has a bunch of cobalt. Cobalt is used to neutralize the nickel that is used and so less cobalt usually leads to a more unstable battery. Tesla knows this so they likely wanna take it slow for now then send a software update to fix the entire issue!

    • maybe with less capacity, but certainly not 'worse' if anything it should have higher performance cells. Probably just different controller logic

  • Who the hell down voted?!?!? Do you need a hug?

  • Nice results. I’d be interested to see how much of a difference there is compared to the older LR model as well as if you have the 0.5 second faster addon

    • @VS EV studies Definitely get it booked in then. Someone should phone you to talk about it.

    • @Clive Flint Interesting. I do have Enhanced Autopilot and FSD, but no acceleration boost.

    • @VS EV studies Seems a good idea. I booked a serviced to ask the question as I didn’t see FSD as an upgrade.

    • @Clive Flint I have full ownership of the car, no leasing. Probably need to call Tesla to clarify this.

    • @VS EV studies Do you lease your car? I discovered that the reason I wasn’t seeing the paid addons was that my car is leased. Not sure how the performance boost slipped through though.

  • Hello Bjørn mc hammer what winter tires do you have on it, Can se that you drive in snow, is it any good and what what the noise, i’m looking for tires, i’m from Denmark so not that much winter/snow that you Got in norway..

    • Check his other videos regarding this specifically

  • I love this channel cause no other channel has so detailed reviews

  • the 2021 performance max power low battery performance is poor!

  • Every day I wake up hoping the next tested car by bjorn is the id4 (or the enyaq instead). I'm getting tired of useless reviews that repeat the same info all the time or the german reviews which I see a thousand times at YT without getting a s***. Your reviews are waaay better bjorn!! No doubt. Excellent job!!

  • Tesla should have a target battery temp of 25 degrees Celsius when driving. So when battery is colder than 25 the car should heat the battery. And when battery is warmer than 25 the car should cool the battery.

    • VW heats the battery to 13 degrees and everyone is crying it takes up so much energy. 😱

    • If you don't care about range and cost, then it's great.

  • Loving these super nerdy videos 🤓

  • Brilliant comparisons Bjorn. Please do the same for the StandardRangePlus too when you get one 👍🏼

  • Thanks for the awesome tests! Used Marcus referral code for my model 3 performance.

  • Thnk for all those info! realy like your contain

  • Seems like the LG batteries are of better quality than the Tesla/Panasonic ones.

    • @René H. the LG battery is the same one that others use as well, so that would mean the LG Chem Tesla batteries contain >10% cobalt.

    • @freddy19985 there have been studies done and papers written about this and so you just gotta find them and read them. Then there’s Jeff Dahn who publishes his own papers which reflect the new 4680 cell that Tesla is making in partnership with him.

    • @Harsimran Bansal Maybe only a difference between 2% vs. 3% cobalt, in that order of magnitude. Other EV makers still use >10% Co chemistries.

    • @Harsimran Bansal How do you know how much cobalt a lg battery have? I'm not saying you're wrong but think it's strange people knowing the chemical composition of the batteries.

    • LG battery: lots of cobalt = bad ethically Panasonic: very little cobalt: less bad ethically Tesla 4680: no cobalt = no ethics issue and good cold weather performance because of solid electrolyte!

  • Great video Björn. Please test SR+ MiC 🇨🇳

    • Difficult. Hardly anybody wants a SR+ in Norway. There's only a handful registered in this country.

  • First view

  • Sorry mate, but that's not near as quick as Dual Motor Performance. The DMP had much colder batt temp as well, so not apples to apples even below 40% battery soc.

    • @Korrel Zout it may also be just different controller software logic, I highly doubt in any conditions these cars draw as much amperage from batteries as safely possible - car would be faster but at significant cost of battery life ;

    • Watch the whole video...Bjorn redid the 10% test with the 'limping' Performance. At a higher pack temperature. It was still slower than the LR, but way faster than the 10 degree 10% run he did. Also... acceleration is not the problem, but it shows the underlying problem...the specific pack in that Performance car is struggling to provide adequate power for save driving when the pack is cold and SoC

    • Sorry mate, You missed the point totally. This is not about the performance figures on paper, but real world tests in similar conditions (cold if you didn't notice it).

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