Mercedes EQV airport shuttle test

Publisert 16. feb.. 2021
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  • 6:18 towing eyelets

  • Just test closing the back-doors with an open window ;)

  • this piece of iron, an iron hook-bolt, is needed for towing - open the hatch in front or behind, screw this piece of iron into it and tow the car. this is a tow hook.

  • Bjorn has GAS. (Gardemoen Airport Shuttle)

  • A English speaking Norwegian guy of Asian heritage driving an empty 4 1/2 ton electric German luxury van in simulated airport shuttle service during sub freezing temperatures to the empty airport departure terminal while listening to western country music with virtual passengers. Am I the only one who finds that quite humorous?

  • 3:41 "...they drive like they stole the car (van)" LOL. So true in Canada too!

  • Looking at the tow hitch: Is this a weapon??

  • Nein, nein, nein.... lol And also shouting it to a German car (van)....

  • Bjorn 'Shuttle Service' :')

  • The chocolate bar part was the best.

  • Hotel receptionist "This guy keeps pulling up in a van, opening up all the doors and filming it and then driving off again, what is going on?"

  • As a taxi driver it’s so exciting to see a anyone getting a port. Sickines the nay sayers , when I share it.

  • Oslo airport is so freaking fr away.... Wow

  • Wow you are ready for Uber driver 🤣

  • Very light people onboard. It's key that it charges super quick or taxi drivers will opt for an ICE, unless forced to buy one. Hydrogen or solid state batteries might be the future for commercial and work horse vehicles.

  • Is this a screen for ants? Why arent companies copying Teslas big screen?

  • Who would have thought to do this test? Only TeslaBjorn. The consumption of this thing is TERRIBLE (something like 580 wh/m based on Bjorn's number), but then again it is a van. Imagine there were passengers and luggage, and it might have been 680 wh/m or worse. I have to believe Mercedes could have done better, plus that stupid unused fuel door that intrudes into the driver's side is ridiculous.

  • The cargo of passenger vans could potentially vomit. That’s the only good reason to drive slow

  • Coming soon...UberBjorn! ;)

  • The troll hook makes another cameo!

  • Bjorn you should create proper passengers, like bananabox people to shuttle them around. That would create hilarious faces :)

  • 50% of the time the doors work every time

  • Probably three trips in summer or just above 10°C (50°F)

  • I stayed in this hotel when I visited Oslo :)

  • The metal thing is a german dual-use sex toy. For extra discomfort, leave it outside in the winter prior to using it.

  • How much difference would passenger and luggage weight make?

  • Good sheeet! Given that Helga and you don't weigh much, what would be the impact on efficiency of a full passenger and luggage load in low temperatures?

  • 1:31 „Ignition“ alert? Ah, this will be corrected via OTA for sure, aren‘t they? Co‘mon.. it‘s EV-time now!

  • Hey! Another shuttle test could be with charging during loading/unloading passengers. .. That could give you some profit, maybe one more ride before fully discharging 🤔

  • See, folks be complaining about panelgaps in Tesla's, yet even Mercedes has them!

  • Fly-to-get is more fast and cheaper than van

  • Country music 😂😂😂👌

  • Nein nein nein😂😂

  • The Ultimate German Built car - always Electrical faults... How much is it in Norway that EQV?

  • 6:18 what the heck is this broken spoon

  • On a Tesla those panel gaps and problems with the doors would cause endless consternation by ICE drivers. But it’s all ok since it’s a Merc.

  • 'Welcome to annual convention of Hydrogen cars' - this was funny

  • It s the only mode to drive in total relax :-)) total empty !! Super

  • Country music 🙂

  • Atleast this video is inte....... wait for it...resting! Lol!

  • Super test...

  • Lol I am a Toyota driver!!! Ok let justify, that is the car I have, a hybrid Corolla and at minimum throttle input even at speed the ice cuts off, also at lower speed with minimum acceleration the ice does not kick in, catch my drift?? Minimum lol!!!

  • Most of the shuttle services will need to do several hundred km intercity transfers at least couple times a week. This battery will not be enough in winter time. Or you will need to keep fossil van for those longer runs anyway. So this V-Class can do only airport to city. Unfortunately not enough, but we're getting there. Looks like couple more years.

  • Bjørn is too funny... omg!

  • Maybe MB could actually design the van to be more efficient or a bigger battery so you could actually get some decent range out of it, especially at that price point

  • DEUTSCH QUALITAT !!! Nothing ro see !!! 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♂️😊🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • That thing is not a weapon. Its a towing hook.

  • Perhaps the doors need a bit of silicon implanted where they squeak.

  • I miss airports!

  • The cold weather is probably to blame for the doors not closing properly. The resistance from the tough lubricant and harder rubber seals will trigger the anti-crush protection

  • Hi bjorn, I love your steady dedication after all these years, keep going you are great !

  • Switch of ignition lol what is it igniting??

  • 19% to make 40 km? it's an insane 47 kw/h 100 km!!

  • With people and baggage will be even less, doesn't seem a good investment

  • My diesel vito van has "comfort and Eco". buggered if I can tell the difference at all between them :-). I drive my van like it's full of people, even though it's just a private van, sometimes the Police pull me over as I'm driving so well they think I have something to hide.

  • You should add weight to simulate people and luggage next time:)

  • An ok test.. but, you’re missing the extra weight, that would be the passengers and luggage. Wonder how much of a difference it’d make.

  • can you open the window of the rear doors separately ?

  • Nice screen

  • Can you close the doors manually, just in case it doesn't close after several attempts?

  • welcome new passengers, but 0 weight

  • Another soundtrack option might be Queen - Invisible Man. 🎵🎸 There were actually 6 of them in the van. 👀

  • Paradise! But at this distance from the airport, I think this is stretching it just a bit. When the range is updated just a tad and the charging curve is improved, this is the future. For now, this would seemingly work really well for hotels etc. in the immediate vicinity. One question are the chargers at OSL located in areas that you can get to without paying for parking?

  • Seems like that sunlight is a factor for closing the sidedoors... Also, if it was a Tesla, we would only hear of it's panelgabs. But it is a Merc, so nobody mentions it... Funny...

  • I somehow imagined myself in the rear, being shuttled, listening to Björn's interesting taste in music*, while sitting back and reading… uh… Dunce comics. *I can handle that kind of music, as part of a second set of genres I listen to when I want to zone out. This is also reminding me of the (seemingly third-party) airport shuttle I went on during a holiday in Phuket (in Thailand), though they used a Toyota HiAce of some kind for that. I don't really want to talk about that holiday though, as I was going through something that was very bad for me at the time.

  • The country music was genius! This is Byron’s dream post NOlong job.

  • Thats corona for you, watching a guy driving around fictive passengers from the airport to the hotel for 21 mins..

  • I may test the Maxus for "Elbilforeningen i Vestfold and Telemark", and I thought exactly the same, drive it from Tjøme, Torp, Sandefjord, Torp and then back to Tjøme. Nice idea! Also Bjørn, there are new fast chargers on Tjøme now if you ever gonna drive that way, 50-200kW from BKK.

  • Excellent test 👍🏻

  • So what did we learn here? Skip the electric doors and this Mercedes shuttle bus works like a charm. Wouldn't try to use it for long Autobahn trips though, with the high consumption and brick aerodynamics...

  • Yes is a Gernan wepon... pls say as a NOlong. “Pls put in the comment if you know what it is” the alle new to the Chanel Will explane. All of us know is a wepon. 🤗🥳

  • Can't wait for Tesla Bjørn Uber service video.

  • Bjorn, the last door usually has more difficulty to close due to air pressure in the cabin. Maybe that's why they are failing more. Try to open a bit one window and see if it fails that often. But that's not good :/

  • But you were on the departure and not on arrivals!! :P

  • This video was sponsored by Tesla Bjørns shuttle service. Let's hammer it 😆

  • 6:48 it's Optimus Prime all over again! :D Always left side! Edit: Omg and it happened on the other side too! Haha

  • The threaded metal bar is a tow hook. Screws into sockets in the front or rear. Also good for cracking eggs or hammering in nails.

  • "Annual convention of hydrogen cars" 😂

  • "Welcome to the annual convention of hydrogen cars" hahahaha ;D 14:46

  • He Björn, you are great. Every time a new testidea for electric cars 👍 Gratulation from Germany 😁

  • Alles gut. :-) Greetings from Germany

  • well add some weight... at least 5 passangers x 80kg + 30 kg luggage = 530 Kg

  • 3:18 Don't worry, he's just practicing his ABC - Always brake check.

  • doors detect phantom:]

  • I don't know. This van seems perfect for city tour private taxis or ubers driving in city traffic, but not so much for airport shuttle on fast roads. Those airport vans use to work hard and sometimes with changes on schedule. I mean, theoretically you are right, stopping every 2 hours it's ok. But an airport shuttle needs availability over all things. If an unexpected client needs to reach the airport, won't be happy waiting for 20-30 minutes to charge. And those intermediate charges need to be done in a high power DC charger, with a cost per km quite close to a diesel van. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to see much more of those than diesels, but I'm not sure that vehicle fits to a shuttle needs. May the back doors problem be related to cold and hard rubber seals?. Interesting. Regarding the metal part on the trunk, my best guess it's for fixing on the ground and tie a rope to the tailgate so the van doesn't fly away on windy days. 😉

  • 9:20 if you leave the car like that in Russia the car is not just gone by that time, but will be already sold :D

  • You can load in back some cement bags/bricks/big water bottles or something heavy so get weight of passengers :D

  • Passangers pay for the time, cargo does not... ;-)

  • Keep behaving suspiciously in front of an airport, let's see how long it takes for men in trench coats to come and ask you some questions :). B.t.w. the "weapon" in your trunk is a tow hook. Thanks for the video!

    • He knows what it is, he is just trolling lol

  • the weapon in the trunk is a towing hitch 🤣

  • In Berlin this Vehicles Drive as as a Shuttle Service for the public transportation system’s called BerlKönig

  • Also good joke about leaving car with doors open in America. The hospital I work at keeps having employees cars stolen, including a security guard personal car.

  • I wonder how long Bjorn will keep up the joke. Also how are ammery and dolly? Haven’t heard a in a while. Also love the country music.

  • Epic video, love the Prius Prime at 09:20 mark. I love vans!

  • Norwegian news headline: “During pandemic, Lonely van driver goes back and forth to airport with no passengers”.

    • I read it as 'Lovely van driver' at the first glance. and it sounds more like Norwegian news as well :)

  • Curious if you would consider purchasing another Tesla Model X?

  • One day I want to see a video of you knitting battery cable wires with that big metal needle (tow pin) 😂

  • I really liked this video. Fun, informative and covering the shuttle taxis or MPV,'s of the future 👍 If your wrote "Tesla Bjørn Shuttle Service Test" it would have lots of views... It sure deserves to...

  • 40 seconds into your video I have to say: Excellent idea for a test ✈️ but you'll have to wear a taxi driver cap for this test 😅

  • Basically this can do 2 round trips, then charge to 90%, then 2 round trips and repeat.