Tesla Model 3 Performance acceleration tests 90-10 %

Publisert 3. feb.. 2021
Results from my range tests, banana box tests and other goodies here:
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  • is track mode same limited kw like this

  • Great test and very revealing

  • Very interesting to see! And yes, please do the same with the LR AWD

  • I have a 2021 LR and the performance impact is not as severe. I'd say its just the same as the old model 3.

  • Seems like you just rarely if ever, see a posted video about 60-0 in a fraction of a second....no matter what you're driving.

  • the 10% power launch is how it feels to be a prius on a on-ramp

  • This is a deal breaker... Please keep us posted if this gets fixed! Keeping our BMW til then!

  • Try to do the same test, navigating to SuC

    • @Bjørn Nyland I don’t recall seeing you at low SoC in a 2021 P with navigate to SuC. I wonder if navigate to SuC is enough to avoid limping at low SoC.

    • I know about that one already. Check out my channel.

  • Yes, please test the LR version - i just ordered the LR and adjudged the acceleration "sufficient" enough

  • This is a seriously disappointing result. Hope Tesla quickly comes up with a solution.

  • I have a 2021 P3D. Today I had 20% SOC and OAT of 50f. 0-60 on draggy was 5.23.

    • I find this unacceptable. Tesla is not in any way communicating this and when I ask them they straight up deny it. They say it's the same performance as always no matter how cold it is even at low SOC. I want one myself but not until this problem goes away. Here in Sweden it's cold most of the year

  • lol, i font think they can manage this new battery 10% SoC ~295V 60kW old battery 10% soc @200kW over 300

  • Any chance you could test Mustang Mach-E?

  • So would the 2021 with 28*C batt temp at 50% charge run just as quick as the 2019? Battery temp has a lot to do with accel numbers right?

  • This is indeed very informative, many thanks.

  • Thats insane, curious if tesla will provide a sw update to choose between range and power. Also -17 is not very representative for non northern lights, I‘d love to see the test with at least plus degrees :-)

  • Thank you for doing this Bjørn. Im certain that Tesla will come with a fix to this. My wife is faster with our 2019 Renault Zoe , then i am with our 2021 3P. She asked me why we didnt get a LR with towhitch instead... But daddy wants power and Performance is what im trying to sell to her. Its not easy 🙂

  • You would think less electrons would help it accelerate faster...(sarcasm)

  • Hi Bjorn, do you want to test an EV on a snowy slope with a front wheel rear wheel drive?

  • The new heating should be supposed to increase the km range, what i see is that the new batteries are really horrible, software updates will maybe fix something but the gap with the 2019 is so big that i would be surprised if software could make such a miracle. At the moment the 2021 is a completely different and worse car.

  • Power reduction will be fixed with firmware update in future.

  • C’mon -17°C ! Pack your stuff and go south

  • Do it !!

  • Those are shocking figures for the 2021, I couldn’t buy a car that did that.

  • Do it!

  • Does the 2021 Performance with Heat Pump scavenge heat from the battery with Track Mode on? Or will it scavenge heat from the cabin to heat the battery?

  • Hmmm, 350 KW and paper thin shielding. I think as time moves on people will realize this is actually a quite dangerous amount to be around, without any regulatory framework or measurements readily available. It's better to be safe than sorry, is there any data on Tesla mG exposure while moving?

  • Hi, Bjørn please test also a 2021 model 3 LR with Panasonic batteries, it should be very interesting

  • My SR+ has more power with 30% SoC as 2021 performance 😂

  • 15 sec is about the official 0-100 for my '98 polo variant(station wagon) 1.4l 60hp

  • Yes. Do it!!! 😃

  • Very nice. I love your curious mind. Yes, you should try it with the new RWD Taycan. I'll bet the performance drops, but not quite as badly.

  • Tesla should hire Nyland

  • Pay attention to the pack voltages. Both start at 393V @ 90% SoC and end up at around 313V @ 10% when stationary. When flooring it, MC Hammer allows the voltage to drop to 270V which happens at 20% SoC but it only limits acceleration at 10%.The newer pack is only allowed to drop down to 290V which happens already at 50-60%. That’s where the discharge current gets limited and acceleration is reduced. I cannot guess the reason behind it tho...

  • Yes do the long range for sure :)

  • Would love to see results with 2021 LR. I just took delivery and my experience at lower states of charge is that there is noticeably less rapid acceleration but not as degraded as the performance model appears to be (compared with Tesla's published performance stats, and also % decrease relative between the two models). Of course the UK isn't as cold!

  • How about testing while navigate to Suc....

  • What's the cell phone displaying? It's an older, off-network phone with no calling plan, running an app to read the car data? What do I need to use my older Samsung Galaxy S5 cell phone like this in my 2018 Model 3 LR RWD?

    • @Bjørn Nyland Yes.... what? What's the app and how do I get it to read from the car?

    • Yes

  • Heres a new idea for a video. Use all the heating in the car, mirrors/seats/Ac and such at (maximum) and see how far you can drive with it all on at 100 % state of charge. Then we all know what the car can do in range test as a min.

  • Yesterday is was driving 180km/h with 4% with the 2019 model 3 performance. Why is there a such a difference?

    • 2019/2020 model use the engines to heat the battery ( optimal temperatur =power) The 2021 model with heat pump use Panasonic battery and the heat pump uses the heat from the engines or battery to heat up the cabine. So when the battery temperature is below 15c the power drops big time.. And when state of charge is low = No power!! The also charging slower. But 2021 with heat pump can drive longer on One charge in the Winter.

  • driving/car enthusiasts don't often get teslas, and if they do, it's their second car.

    • Not true. Many car enthusiasts own Tesla as the primary car and some people might have a fossil car as the secondary car.

  • Should disable heat scavenging at low SoC's for the performance models.

  • and could you please repeat this test with 2019 Model 3 LR? because I also have one and would be interesting to see comparison to 2019 Model 3 Performance :)

  • yes please, make the "Nein Hammer Test" as a standard! This is something I always wondered who the acceleration degrades over SoC! thanks for this video!

  • how are you discharging the battery 10% every 15min?

  • Very interesting. Do the stamina acceleration tests for other cars as well. Very interesting to see. And if you do, you could do one for cold weather and one for hot weather.

  • Holy lord... 14s 0-60

  • The reason for the bad acceleration performance is obviously the low battery temperature at the end of the test. The battery requires at least 25degC for full performance. So if Tesla simply makes a SW uppdate to keep the battery at temperatures above 25degC also in cold environments it should be fixed.

  • Thank you! You ask: "Should I do the same test with the LR 21´?" That would really be fantastic Bjørn!

  • I want to know all the parameters that affect max output power so I can get the best race times. Like, at what % of SoC will it start to pull out power and at what battery and motor temps so I know not to try a glory run

  • OMG Bjørn, this is very nice data. Extremely interesting! Please test 90-10% acceleration also with Model Y.

  • Definitly a test to do to all Sub 5 sek cars

  • Can you do this same test at +temps? +20°c if possible I'd be interested to see a Model S75d uncorked at 100% compared to a Performance Model 3 at 20%

  • Very good test, please make it a standard test for electric performance cars. 👍👍 Looking forward to see both the Taycan with this test. And the M3P 2021 again after Tesla comes with an update. Should we expect the 2021 to be faster or slower than 2019 M3P after the update? Is the heat pump a general disadvantage for performance?

  • The cells should not be used above 37°C and not belos 25°C except with a significant change in chemistry.

  • I figured it would be an adjustment-love to see this in all performance EV

  • It's useless to allow more than 280kw output at any moment. All that is above that is just risk of accelerated wear either on cells or on power electronics.

    • @nickolassnielsen I don't yet, but just in the video no benefit in 0-100 was visible above about 280kw. A basic web calclulator gives max hp or kw per tire size.

    • @Alexandre Lollini sorry.. Again what? Burned rubber.. The awd system and anti spin systems help. Just look at a models s about 600kw and the cars make No wheel spin. Do You own a fast car? A ev car? I do

    • @nickolassnielsen everything above that is just burned rubber, does not improve 0-100 time. The battery voltage sag is also too much, this alone is a clue that using higher power is harming the cells. To use more power you would need bigger tires, and/or to go from 4 to 6 wheels. And/Or you need spacex thrusters to make the car stick to the road.

    • ? What.. Why?

  • real winter test. it just seem like newer the battery technology worse cold weather tolerance.

  • Acceleration starts to decline already in 70% battery level? That's stupid in my opinion since that is the optimal battery charge level. So basically you lose some of the power if you charge it to only 70%.

  • Would this performance drop happen in non-cold conditions? Or was it only during the cold, because of heat scavenging. Just wondering.

  • ABC -- Acceleration and Battery Charge (test)

  • Intresting test Bjørn :) The 2021 Model 3 P is slower to 100km/h at 10% SoC than my first car, a Volvo 240 -80 automatic :D I hope they will fix this. It doest not have to be that slow so it hardly can maintain 90km/h uphill. :)

  • “Nein Hammer Test“ great idea - bring it on 🙌

  • Repeat with 2021 LR would be nice, test the LG. Other test Is the LG t3 car china made, possible to see? If it is, how do you find out and can you find major differences in quality or some material used in the car?

  • Dude, you are so awesome! Giving us the truly useful tests. How many banana boxes can a car hold, and how fast is it at every state of charge! Now I want to see a repeat in the heat!

  • Good shiiit man.

  • Can you go over the install and the parts that you use for your phone data capture. it looks like some parts are not available??

  • Sheeet, of course you should do it!

  • Great tests and quite informative. But those batteries are taking a hell of a hit from the cold weather and maximum discharging current. Definitely not good for battery pack's longevity.

  • Excellent data! I noticed the battery pack voltage at each battery level were the same for both cars, which means Tesla didn’t lower the discharge level to achieve more capacity in the new pack, which I am glad to see. Definitely test the long range LG pack!

  • Bjorn, I just discovered the same thing with my standard range 2021 - Anything below 26% and I get very low power. Going up the hamilton Escarpment in Ontario at 16%, I couldn't get to 120kph, nor pass a transport truck doing 90kph. when I got down to 9%, I couldn't merge onto a highway safely in time. It was downright dangerous.

  • Can someone explain to me why the 2021 battery cools down so much more? Did he say it has something to do with the heat pump?

    • It is because the heat pump uses the heat from the engines to heat up the cabine. On older models the heat from the engines goes to warm up the battery.

  • He should make a video on fees regarding to charging stations. That would be something fun to look at

  • What is this app on your phone?

    • @Bjørn Nyland only for Tesla, I'm driving a eNiro. Thanks

    • Scan My Tesla. Check video description.

  • Great test and would be great to see it on different cars. Feel the e-Niro would be very consistent

  • So 21+ P3D suffer from low SOC while the prior are consistent throughout.

  • I'll call it the "Björn performance test", the defenitive test for performance cars! Congratulations!!

  • Check the Battery voltage at lower left. How it drops. You could actually calculate the internal resistance with two such datapoints. Would be interesting to see how much the voltage drops when battery is cold vs when battery is 55C warm!

  • Cant wait for the Test with the Aptera. 😎

  • Let's hope that Tesla fixes this for the Model S Plaid Plus. Imagine being overtaken by a nasty Prius hybrid... unbearable...

  • I don't know if you noticed, but the value that was constant on each launch for the lower SOC was the minimum voltage, around 298V. Sometimes the output power was even higher than the max output... the car stopped delivering power once you reached that voltage with the battery sag. That would be a great complementary analysis.

  • Yes fantastic review! Would love to see the LR 2021 :)

  • Yes. Please M3 LR Test. Great Video.

  • great, thx much for this

  • Beverly Hills 90210-Test (90 2 10) :-)

  • What I like about Bjorn is that his titles are never click bait. When it says insanely slow, you get insanely slow.

  • LFP M3 test Björn.

  • I’d love more Polestar 2 content! 😁👌🏼

  • 10:27 Do it!!

  • Does this problem also appear on non-Tesla cars? Or other cars with the same type of battery??

    • Similar problems with Kona, Ioniq and Polestar nowadays during -10 ~ -20°C in Norway.

  • would it be possible for you to do tests with model 3 LFP batteries? i heard that the charging is slow and consumption is very bad in the cold.?

  • The Ten-ity test?

  • I thinking is the „Björn 90210“

  • Awesome Video, thanks for your great work

  • Nein Hammer Test! That's a real Bjorn standartised Test;)

  • Awesome video, thanks! Please keep checking this at future updates

  • New code: if Batt below 28C then stop Batt heat pull.

  • This test with a Taycan would be great.

  • This was very interesting to see 👍

  • I don't get it : is it due to % of battery, battery low temp or both?

    • The 2019 Model 3 shows the impact of % SOC on acceleration. The 2021 Model 3 shows the impact of low temp on top of the above-mentioned.