2021 Tesla Model 3 LR Bluetooth TPMS fixed

Publisert 8. feb.. 2021
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  • I added a TPM System to my 16yr old Landrover (Disco-3). First time was with a battery built into the valve (lasted two years). Second time is with an easy user replaceable battery on the outside (lasts about 18 months). So how long do the batteries last inside the valve in the Tesla? If its two years - I guess then schedule a full service at the same time? Just curious as it would affect when to have a service done.

  • About the tire pressure error...:) Juuust kidding!:)

  • Hi Bjorn, greetings from Greece!!I'm a car lover,more like a petrolhead and since I started watching your videos, I'm thinking about switching to ev!!you have an excellent way of explaining everything and I thank you for that!!I don't know if you ever visited my country,it's beautiful but far behind when it comes to ev!I hope this will eventually change..keep doing your excellent work and wish you all the best!!!

  • Very annoying message all the time. Still some things are worse.....like: driving on a sunny day in a traffic jam, and the driver in front of you has his back wiper on interval. HOW can they not notice it? AHHH, hurts my brain :P

  • I take the leaflet out of the car and return it to the desk so that they can use it for another customer... Hmm, will they do it 🤔 Great thanks for this information 👍

    • @Bjørn Nyland Ha ! Now I understand why they look at me like I'm some kind of alien microbe. Take care Bjørn 👍

    • Remember to desinfect it.

  • You clickbaited me!! I thought someone finally "cracked the code" and solved the 3rd party sensor problem. 😂😂

    • @Bjørn Nyland i guess i forgot the " before and after clickbait... :0)

    • Dude, do you even know what "clickbait means"? I don't think so. Wow.

  • @ Björn: Would you be so kind and let us know, which type of Nokian winter tyres you are using? I am looking for a good set, and nobody else could tell me better than Mr 1.000.000 kilometre-man Bjorn Nyland based on your experience on snow and very cold temperatures! :)

  • 3:10 I’ll stick a Band-Aid on my thumb to remind me to get the Pressure Sensors replaced. 🤕 👍

  • What's up with your left thumb?

  • Can you show us how the 2021 rim looks without the aero cap? :)

  • human errors... they should stop going on Autopilot

  • I had my M3 21 on 18th of December, switched to winter tires same day (Denmark) and have had the same issue until one week ago (1.5 month waiting). I guess a lot of human errors have happened due to this technology change into using Bluetooth sensors..

  • I do feel sorry for Tesla service centres, something that would have taken seconds to get right in the factory they have to fix later.

    • Has nothing to do with the factory. Winter tires are prepared in the country the car is sold.

  • The physical card is part of their controls, easy to see which cars have been done and which haven't

    • It’s a bit old skool though, so low tech.

  • Hi I’d like to know which is your recommendation for winter tyres please

  • In one of your recent videos you mentioned that MC Hammer finally got an appointment to receive the HW3 retrofit. Did that already happen? We here in Germany are eagerly waiting for Tesla to retrofit our early 2019 Model 3s with FSD but nothing happened so far.

  • A cheaper method of getting rid of the warning is to consider the Bonus Module from Ingenext. Have it installed on my 2021 SR+ and successfully enabled feature to disable warning (specific for BLE sensors). Costs less than four bluetooth sensors + installation (rebalance) and get access to additional features.

  • When are you going to explain how you sold your model 3?

    • @Bjørn Nyland 👍👍👍

    • @Dukade Don't forget to subscribe.

    • Wow no shit Scherlock

    • When the video is edited and uploaded

  • Do your snow tires have spikes?

  • I actually preferred it with the error warning

  • Fixed mine last week / got them new for €150/Set of 4

  • Phew. We can all sleep at night now. 😂😂😂

    • @Bjørn Nyland 😁😆

    • But some people still can't sleep thinking about all the panel gaps.

  • Waiting for the tire measurement data in episode 2 :)

  • Can you test Mokka-E?

  • Great for our OCD 😂 thanks for doing it 👍🏽

  • Still waiting on my new sensors so I can have two sets of wheels for my 21 M3P. Tesla's biggest deterrent IMO is parts availability.

  • Hi Bjørn! Short but informative video. About your new aquisition, the Plaid +, red if I understand; Once upon a time was the "Millenium Falcon", the next was the "Optimus Prime" and after that, the "M.C. Hammer" - have you thought at a name for the new RED?

    • @Callistos Cali It's a good name; we'll see - it's up to Bjørn.

    • It is going to be Chuck Norris.

    • How about Apophis ;-)

    • How about "Rocket" from Little Einsteins? Hehe, It will definitely be a rocket.

  • I wonder if battery life is better on these new Bluetooth TPMS? Seems like an expensive upgrade/switch as you'll need a 2nd set for your other set of tires!

    • @E C If you have a second set of tires, that's another $300 to upgrade to the new Bluetooth TPMS sensors. Or just deal with the warning as we have seen on Bjorn's videos for weeks!

    • @E C Bluetooth sensors are proprietary to Tesla (2021 Model 3 and all Model Y) and so far have not been successfully cloned by third party so can only be purchased from Tesla. Previous model 3 sensors are based on Continental 433 MHz system which is widely available from many vendors and can be purchased for half the price of the current Tesla bluetooth sensors.

    • why would it be any more expensive than non bluetooth sensors?

    • Probably a few years. Even the bluetooth sensors for my bicycles (speed, cadence) usually need only battery replacement every 3 or 4 years, and weight is an issue here.

  • Could put a message on the screen for you instead, maybe?

  • Elon sending BTC to Mars or higher

  • Not first - but close

  • I think the paper is more for them to keep track that the cleaning was done

  • First 😎