MC Hammer road trip to Folldal part 2

Publisert 8. feb.. 2021
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  • The warm battery will likely help keeping the cabin warm by leaking some heat through the floor and into the cabin. Once the battery has cooled down, the cabin will now leak some heat through the floor to the battery, which will be kept at a temperature somewhere in between cabin and ambient temperature. That could explain the difference in power consumption to keep the cabin warm.

  • "A cold chill leaks down from above" a poetic is b(j)orn.

  • When will you get 2021 LFP SR+ for testing?

  • Can you do a comparison of battery temperature between Tesla and other EV (Audi E-tron) when driving and charging. Thermo management is very important for battery longevity.

  • Bjorn the BEST😀

  • You need a go to a sunny place your always in the cold. I know your test are in the cold but just saying ur like the ice man

  • Nice video thank you. Can you give us some info on road noise? My model 3 has lots of road and wind noise. Seems worse than my BMW 330D. Hearing Elon may make active noise canceling what are your thoughts?

  • Thanks for showing how the air recirculation affects the energy usage. Always wondered about that.

  • hey bjorn try to do some test with lighter wheels. tesla wheels are very heavy, you can buy borrow some wheels from tsportline and they weight half of tesla's

    • These rims are already less than 10 kg...

  • Too legit to quit, goodbye MC Hammer

  • hey, mind reflecting messurement issues with thermal imaging cams on plain reflecting surfaces ;-)

  • What tire/rim size are using?

  • That's not Cold :P Canadian - Today is -55C - I wonder how the tesla would do!!

  • Is there a reason you use the tritium charger not the efacec at it just to get people complaining about the noise, lol?

  • Bjorn in the summer: we go extreme heat in Death Valley with electric cars

  • You could also brake a few times to heat up the rims and try to get rid of the frozen snow sticking in them. I guess it could go quicker than waiting for the tires to heat.

  • so for nordic countrys, it may not differ much in winter if one have the non heatpump or not. good thing about the non heatpump ones, is the panasonic battery pack and not the gimped LG pack.

  • 👍

  • With large temperature difference heat pump COP gets close to 1 and you just incur mechanical wear. -28 is a 50 degree difference, that's just too much. So then good insulation is very valuable. Tesla will probably increasingly do that. You trunk read negative degrees at one point. That's like having an open freezer inside the car. Just insulating the trunk lid might save you 1000 watt.

  • I think you're still misinterpreting the flir results because of highly different emissivities. Try to take measurement from a stainless steel kettle full of boiling water, does it show 100°C? If you want better results, I think you need to tape a piece of black matte tape (or similar) to the metering spots. Especially metallic shiny surfaces, like that window insulator.

  • Hallo Bjørn, jeg kjørte med model 3 2020 uten varmepumpe fra Karasjok til Alta i -32, og det er en strekning på 20 mil. Vi surret litt rundt i Karasjok med henting og levering av ting før vi startet, etter 10 mil så blåste varmeapparatet lunk, og etter 13 mil blåste det kaldt og kaldt batterikonet kom på. Så da stoppet jeg på lynlader i Masi, ladet i 5 min.. bilen ble glovarm, og var deretter glovarm hele veien til Alta. varmeapparatet hadde jeg kjørt på manuell 5 og 6 hele veien, så det virket som om den bare hentet varme fra batteriet til batteriet ble kaldt og etter det blåste den bare kald luft. I -28, så holdt bilen seg varm hele den samme strekningen uten noen problemer. Så det jeg lurer på, ville det hjulpet og kjøre varmeapparatet i auto, ville den da fyrt opp varmen i motorene ?

  • Heat pump works only above -12C. When colder it doesn't work at all. So with -28C heat pump or not it has no effect.

    • 2021 Model 3 has heat pump only. No PTC heater.

  • mc hammer is a boss

  • Are you going to rent a car after you sell you 3?

  • Great that you did the Folldal test with MC Hammer before you have him sold. Will miss him!! :-( I'm supprised and happy how good the results kept up with new M3 with heatpump!

  • ABC - Always Bring "K"ettle

    • You must be fun at parties... never missing a joke.

  • What I found is that the car does partial recirculation when you have it auto mode. If it’s doing full recirculation in auto mode it will light up the recirc button in blue. Basically if you change to manual and keep the same settings from auto (fan speed, temp, etc) you should see power increase. While in manual mode, if you enable recirculation you will see power drop significantly, but when you put it to auto you should see power settle somewhere in between full recirc and full outdoor air mode.

  • Do you know when the Superchargers in Elverum is moving?

  • Good findings- inspirational music. Good stuff

  • Taycan has battery preheating when you set the navigation to a fast charger.

  • Always Bring Cattle?

  • I live in Canada and so many people with the new 2021 model Y and model 3s are complaining about heating in the car ??

  • your metodology of measuring insulation effectiveness is not correct, if you would check any video where someone is doing the same for a house they measure the hot spots from the outside, if some part is warmer on the outside there is a heat loss in that area. You are just measuring how cold different elements of car interior are.

    • The cold areas inside are where the heat is lost to the outside

  • You show little consumption difference between the model 3's heat pump and PTC. The heat pump needs heat so it won't do much in really cold temps. In fact it may have little or no gain when it is really cold. That explains the similar consumption numbers. The IR imagers are great tools but not great thermometers. The temperatures they report are dependent on a materials property called emissivity. If the imagers emissivity setting does not match that of what you are measuring the temperature reported will be wrong. Metallic reflective surfaces are poor and report temperatures lower than normal. Put a little piece of black electrical tape on a shiny surface to see the difference. Your shiny window covers probably under report. So will glass and other materials in the car. Copper pipe for example shows a different temperature with a piece of black tape on it. Try it, it's interesting.

  • Would like to see how the MG ZS EV would do on this test.

  • Scenery is epic. We get 2mm of snow in the UK and the whole country comes to a stand still. No one knows how to drive in it either, so the muppets cause chaos.

    • @Richard Barnes Yea, it can be dangerous whitout winter tyres

    • @Robin Norseth - where I live in the Midlands, we rarely have snow, so when we get it, people just panic. Roads only get gritted if they are a main bus route. Also, we have no road law that forces the use of snow or winter tyres, so you imagine there are cars with barely legal tyres on, that are now trying to drive in ice and snow! It’s a joke.

    • As a Norwegian that drive a 422HP rwd Tesla on snow i have to inform you that you statement confuse me. xD

  • Apart from all the knowledge you are sharing with us, it is always a great pleasure to enjoy the Norwegian landscape. Thank you! Keep it up! :-)

  • Here are some facts to help your tech analysis 55 km/h=34 mph power needed 4.2 kW with .4 kW house load. 90kM/h=56 mph power needed 10.3 kW with .4 house load. Both are without the heating load. This if the M3 LR with 2 passengers and 50 lbs luggage.

  • Chris @Battery Life has done tests with the ID.3 and the OBD dongle and the ID.3 appears to try keep the battery at 13C, which would explain the high usage when you camped. That would be a 40C difference from the outside temp, which would require a lot of energy, even with a heat pump.

  • Hi Cool Video did you use circulating air while camping ? It wouöd be fine for energy consumption that we could switch eg. 20 percent fresh air. That is makeable by switching every minutes to circulating and after 20 sec back I tried it by hand switching and it uses 50 percent energy. Nur I had only - 4 outside. Can you tell tesla Software enhancements for example this? Greets from Austria Carinthia. Ps. I use scan my tesla too

  • Hei Bjørn 😊 Hvor fikk du tak i de "mattene" for vinduene? Jeg bor i Finnmark, så tror jeg kommer til å trenge litt isolasjon for taket i alle fall 😅

  • Another vote for having some features automatic on the climate yet setting other parameters. In my old car, in the cold I set my vents to window and footwell (with a jacket and seat heater my body was always warm) but I let auto set fan speed. I wish Tesla had this option

  • Respect to you for doing all this but you just need to also tell us straight is the car good for heat yes or no lol warm car is a good car especially if it’s electric.

  • i'm very stoked for the brake check video. I'm considering getting "EV brakes" since the normal ones just get used too little and deteriorate more quickly as a result of it. (mine started squeeking after beeing stationary for more than 3 hours a little over one year into the car life and a saltless +5°C winter. i may end up asking my garage to check on them when they put on the summer tyres again)

  • Thank you Bjorn. 👏👏👏

  • Hey Bjørn, what are your thoughts on having an electric car in a climate where it can be -36c, but usually around -20 in the winter. Would it affect the battery longterm negatively with the cold or is cold only a temporary problem for electric cars?

    • @mbican Thank you for the reply, appreciated!

    • Cold battery ages slower so it should be good for battery. But cold battery charges slowly and provides little power. So when plugged in the car would waste a lot of energy just to heat up the battery. When driving you would have low power until the battery heats up. But it would probably work. Just keep it plug in every night. Configure pre-heat. But then the electricity bill will be huge. As far as I remember 7 KWh per pre-heat, might be even more with such an extreme freeze.

  • How about the CHERRY EQ5. They say better than all of your vehicles tested.

  • Meaning of freezing cold: Normal people (and also H2O): 0°C Bjorn: -28°C

    • Nah, it’s what you’re used to. Outside here in N Québec it’s 10 hr and -14 c and it feels normal after 3 months of winter !

    • 0"C = T-Shirt weather.

  • What car will you drive the next months? After selling MC Hammer?

  • please do the same on EQC

  • If you could preheat the battery just enough to charge at the same speed the new M3 would, probably consumption would be near

  • @ temp 5 = COP heat pump is 5.5 , @ -5 Cop is 4, @ -10 cop is 3, @ -25 heat pump is useless if you want to run > 4-10h

  • When battery temp gets over ~ 12 degrees, SMT SoC and cars reported SoC correlates

  • Interesting, interesting.... You're spending too much time with Chris 😂😂

    • @Bjørn Nyland lmao

    • Nope. But I think you're spending too much time on his channel.

  • where did you get the insulation pads for the Windows from again? Might be a good addition for those of us camping! Assume it will work with all models including Facelift?

  • U are a Viking :-) Any news abort Ford Mustang?

  • Can you test the Model 3 SR+ with LFP batteries in this conditions 🙈

    • I suspect it won’t be good, see e.g. My previous comment didn’t get through. I hope this one will make it ...

  • "130 kW would be greeeeaaaat yeaaaaaah" - HAHAHA Bill Lumbergh understands this reference

  • Seems to support the explanation that heatpumps do not really work at these temps. The scavenging technique used by the new M3 helps it initially if you start out with some temperature in the battery. But during a longer period that advantage is diminished.

  • Nice :)

  • I like my model for its Acceleration, software features... What I really dislike are the FAR too stiff dampers which it give me the most uncomfortable rides in a car.

  • The coldest time is 30 min after sunrise, not before 😉

  • Wow that's insane!! Tesla well done 👍🏽 Thanks for sharing

  • Wow I’m early

  • yeah the first one there put the good work man good job