2021 Nissan Leaf 62 kWh review of new features

Publisert 12. feb.. 2021
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  • What about nissan EV connect application? Is still not working?

  • So can you use one USB for CarPlay/android auto and the other for a USB stick with music/podcasts? Leaf really needs an update so it has thermal battery management. Lack of CCS isn’t that much of an issue if you’re mostly charging via Type 2.

  • River bed clay color. Perfect for hiding road crud. Otherwise seriously ugly color.

  • If it performs like other vehicles I've driven with digital rearview mirrors, at dusk and dawn, they are much brighter than the optical mirror (but that would depend a lot on the camera's low light sensitivity).

  • Are you able to save footage from the Camera as with a dashcam? This would be a good function.

  • field of view of that "backup" camera is absolutely pointless, you are not able to see anything really

  • I got a bill gates ad about how they can clone antibodies and make tests for 20% population in 1 week with new RNA technology, and make vaccines much quicker for new infections. Like that deep state doof knew what we need.

  • Seeing a normal wheel tesla basically went with the lower half of a square, its not like f1 where hands are at same height of the central axis.

  • Did you talk to them about Rapidgate? When are they going to fix that?

  • Always remember to wipe

  • yes 1000st like :)

  • The Chevy Bolt has a camera mirror, but it makes me motion sick so I almost never use it.

  • So Nissan issued an embargo for a dull paint colour, a shark fin antenna, a new rear camera, adjustable steering wheel (welcome to the '80s Nissan), a USB-C socket, some switch gear and the camera mirror? Good thing it wasn't anything major or exciting.... the competition might have gone into meltdown.

  • How much smaller is CHAdeMO compared to CCS? Would it be impossible to change charge standard, without redesign of boddy/charge-port-lid?

  • Thank you Bjorn ! Is there any software change in 2021 Nissan LEAF in the center display for adjusting a limit for the State of Charge maximum like limit to 80% or 90% instead of always fully charge to 100% on level 2 ? Or maybe there's a way to set SOC max to 80% in the charging timer menu ? Thanks !

  • Shame they haven't fixed the centre console knee pain problem especially with right hand drive cars

  • 0:18 Nice primer, what colour are you going to paint it? 🎨

    • Ha ha - yes it looks exactly like the color of Corrostabil, a paint to stop corrosion... We used A LOT of that in the 70's when cars rusted like mad 😀

  • It is the same with the side «mirrors» on the mirrorless etron. The field of vision is the same regardless of how you look at the screens. With conventional side mirrors your field of view changes just by turning or moving your head. Your sense of depth is also way better with conventional mirrors

  • pretty cool i got a 2019 leaf

  • I think a video mirror is a solution in search of a problem. Now for the cybertruck with its aerodynamic cover thing that may be necessary, but otherwise optical seems fine, HD, no lag. Just because something can be high tech doesn't mean it needs to be.

  • Does not matter it is an old design now, no reason to update it, all their technology is going in to the Ariya and E-Power models. Still Hyundai and Kia are about to release their new EV only range this year with AWD and 800v 350kw charge speeds which will be impressive 0-80% in 18 min with a 73kwh battery and 0-100kmh is just 3.5 seconds!

  • Chevy bolt had that mirror since2017

  • No active cooling and heating of the batt, same shieeeeeeeety car! 😔

    • @Bjørn Nyland I would trade that shieeeeeeeety mirror for an active management of the batt... 😒

    • Leaf version 1.9999

    • @Nobody Famous I would say! 😁

    • LEAF version 1.1.2

  • lol u had the car for many tests and u come with this now.... Did u not check or ...

    • Ever heard the word "embargo" before? ;)

    • Found a USB stick down the back of the lounge

  • The camera is great when you have tall people in the back. When reversing, the display is on the main display console - it does not replace the rear view mirror.

  • I'm happy about the steering wheel that can telescope...

    • do all the nissan leaf 2021 come with telescope wheel? Can't find information anywhere or is it a special package?

  • Hello Bjorn, charging still CHAdeMO? Loading speed the same?

  • Seat heating buttons. Omg so 1980s

  • Nissan: We set our interior design 1999. And then we just stick with it. Forever.

  • Since when are you uploading in 4K? 👍

  • it that new color named "primer gray"?

  • Jaguars have had this as an option for a few years now.

  • Nissan Leaf at this price, is super dead for me...

    • @SirWilliamThomson I'd approach them with a more polite question, but in essence, that's exactly what you should do. Otherwise the joke's on you :-)

    • @gvaley but i can't go to the seller with a dongle in my hand sayin "hey man...let's see if that car is a joke"

    • @SirWilliamThomson If you are serious about getting a Leaf, you won't mind putting some money down for a dongle.

    • @gvaley yes i know, but how can I control SoH without OBD? The older one has gave an idea with bars near charge level indicator...but the newer one?

    • @SirWilliamThomson Sure, go for it, just make sure you check the battery health before buying. Because of inadequate thermal management, the battery on a lot of Leafs will degrade even before reaching 100K km, even if you never Supercharge, especially in warmer climates. I friend of mine bought a 1st gen - it barely does 80 km city driving in summer and 60 in winter.

  • Wow, good that they took care of the real issues like missing paint color and ignored minor things like rapid gate...

    • Rapid gate isn't a none-issue for today's buyers of a Leaf. If you buy a Leaf and live in a hotter environment a n d plan to fast charge, a n d are in a hurry, so you can't wait some minutes, t h e n you have done something stupid. The Leaf is an excellent car in Northern Europe.

    • And CCS

    • It's a minor facelift not a new generation.

  • i feel the mirror would be nice for watching the kids in the back, and then switching fast over to behind when you need it. Or when you have 3 adults in the backseat with you blocking the view

    • Or alot of stuff in the trunk blocking the wiew

  • my 2019 model does not have usb in back seats

  • Sorry, but AZEO 2013 is the best type of Nissan Leaf ))) It cost less 10 k$ now and really easy to be upgraded with everything you need from Ali

  • nissan leaf still chademo in 2021 is a no no. Probably the last revision of Leaf focus will be on Ariya.

    • The Leaf is designed for the Japan market and Chademo is still the most used in its market, so they do not care, the new Ariya is the first Nissan designed for the international market and true long range traveling.

  • I have found the best way to watch these vids : playback at 1.75xx speed

  • So weird the rear camera is not a phish eye/wider angle lens. That seems like it would be much better.

    • Also if the camera wasnt right at the glass and the mirror had electrochromic surface that goes reflective for a backup optical mirror. Maybe a camera stalk from the roof behind the glass so its usable even if hatch is open.

  • I have that on my Ipace it’s great Camera is located in the fin on the roof 👍

  • I was waiting for this video since you already showed this car in the past weeks

  • What is with that huge hump in the back floor?

  • I really appreciate this video, most informative. My 40kw LEAF 2017 rear view camera gets dirty very easily and needs cleaned often. I assume that the change from real mirror to camera is a simple switch but what about dip? Movement of the steering wheel might allow me to see the knee-high switch panel which is badly placed. 'Heated wheel, oh no, open charger flap.' Switches hidden by wheel.

    • You don't need to dip, you don't get blinded in the camera view at night

  • Yo Bjorn, hopefully you see this, I really want to commend you for your work on this channel and the interesting content that you deliver, I also appereciate your transparency ad honesty. Keep it up

  • Thanks for the review...the car looks so dated though 🤪🥴

  • The camera is nice when you have filled the boot with to much stuffs and cant see out the back :)

    • "stuffs"? you mean bananaboxes i'm sure

  • The Leaf with the 63kwh (net capacity) liquid cooled battery from the Ariya and CCS charging port could still be one of the best EVs in the market (range, price, size...) for many years to come despite the old infotainment system and other non relevant outdated stuff. Now Ariya is the one to buy from Nissan but it is not the affordable hatchback (for many families) that made Leaf a success worldwide so let's see how it goes for Nissan...

    • @ruhoer eoijre yes, of course

    • @SirWilliamThomson will see if it will have active cooling. If not it will gonna be same faulty packs.

    • If Nissan will put Ariya batteries into Leaf...I'll buy one the day after.

    • Will see if ariya packs will fit on older leafs.

  • I would love to see a bumpy road ride test section to your videos. I've heard the ride on the Leaf is quite good.

  • Will the rearview mirror automatically switch to camera view when you put it in reverse?

  • J-Burn.

  • ID 4?

  • Any thermal systems on the battery?

    • Nope. Check out my channel. I have lots of videos about this car.

  • Hi Bjorne, has rapid charging been swapped from chadaemo to CCS?

    • @Thanh Tran US Teslas has never been able to charge on European superchargers. The connector in US is smaller than the Type 2 plug that was used in EU.

    • @Stephen Holland Sorry, my bad. I was meaning to tag the guy after you. :) Check it out.

    • @OldschoolWarfare I thought we were discussing Nissans, not Teslas.

    • @Thanh Tran not at all illegal. Only thing that is illegal is for a charging station to not offer CCS charging. It might offer other standards as well, and cars could use whatever standard they want.

    • @Alejandro Monzon odd. It's illegal to have new cars with CSS in Europe. Even Tesla had to switch over... so USA Tesla can't charge in Europe Superchargers 🤣🤣🤣

  • yet they keep that old crappy radio ugh

  • That mirror is the same one as in the Honda e, just a different icon in the corner

    • honda e looks much clear than this i think

  • Happy weekend Bjørn!

  • Yo