Mercedes EQV headlights test

Publisert 14. feb.. 2021
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  • I have that ILS (Intelligent Light System) in a Mercedes with xenon instead of LED. It shows a similar behavior. However, it's too slow when changing from high to low beams, and much slower when going back to high beams. I don't know if that's been improved in those LED based headlights, but it doesn't look like it has. After a few days and a few annoyed drivers, I disabled the ILS on the config menu. So, now high beams are manual even in the "AUTO" lights switch position. Cornering lights and beam orientation is kept without ILS. The ILS is a good idea, but it doesn't work for me. These beams are too strong and the car waits too long to switch to low beams, just dangerous for other users on the road IMHO. By the way, this van is made in Vitoria, Spain 😉

  • Electric cars, vans, scooters... Next: (pick-up) trucks!

  • Random computer science inheritance lesson in the EV video. lol

  • I could see them lighting up around the curves. Really cool. I thought there was too much spread sometimes, not keeping the lights in your lane. I wonder if the shape of the illumination changes when there is an oncoming car.

  • Like those headlights! Does it blind oncoming traffic though? Is this one of those features that once you experience them you never want to go back?

  • Those headlights are spectacular.

    • The higher the vehicle, the higher the headlights, the better they will be. My Honda Civic had bixenons and they are very good but the front end itself is pretty low, so their effective range is limited. If you hop on CR-V they will be much better because the headlight unit is mounted higher and it will shine better.

  • YO what’s app

  • My old citroen C4 Diesel with xenon lights had to turn the lights on curves, it was not a premium car, it was a normal car and had that option, I miss that on the road at night, I do not understand how something so vital to road driving has not been implemented in cars with led lights, it helps a lot to avoid accidents

  • Bjørn, hello from the USA...why not get yourself a used car as a Project-Car; a vehicle where you can do enhancements such as wheels, tires, suspension, accessories and custom modify. That way, your followers can watch as you modify your personal car.

  • AYe Yo WHats UP

  • Love to see tests with weight added to seats;)

  • Today was the day. Goodbye MC Hammer!

  • looking forward to "Lil Hammer" headlights test

  • Thank you for these light tests, I really enjoy them.

  • Not sure I could live with the range. Maybe ok for commuter use, but I would get tired of charging on the road so often. Needs a range extender imo. At least the option.

  • Suggestion for a new range test: "Passengers range test" in witch you add some weight to simulate 3/4 passengers (in this case 6) plus luggage.

    • Theory says: Drag=0,5•ρ•v•v•cd•S Where ρ is density, v is velocity, cd is drag coeficient, S frontal area. As you can see mass should not be the problem. But that is just a theory. I would really like to see it though.

  • I agree, I wish Tesla had headlights this good.

  • Did you try to blink someone with high beams?

  • Hey Björn, have you seen the new “Auto Motor & Sport” test (Swedish) where they test 7 electric cars on a 750 km trip

  • 4 wheels drive ?

  • Very nice!

  • Hey Bjorn would love to have you over on Clubhouse, any interest?

  • For nord country disel is the best

    • Wait... what? How? Why? The Norwegians don’t seem to agree.

  • This is Mercedes` last gen Intelligent Light System. It isn`t LED Matrix, just normal led as someone else already said. Still pretty damn decent.

  • It seems to be the same headlight system like in e-Golf which is produced by Hella.

  • Great lights. More vehicle need lights this good.

  • My taxi runner to the airport is driving the same van - just ICE. We discussed many times that he could switch this one to EV on the next lease. For him it's just not enough range. He is regularly driving long distance with exec clients (800km per day) for him it does not work. But if it's an airport shuttle service - only - it's always with waiting time at the airport, where they can charge easy, for this one it's perfect!

    • Same issue with replacing my V250d by this HEAVVVVVY EV (800kg extra compared to diesel). Executive customers do not care at all about EV's

    • Many taxi around Schipol airport are Tesla's for example, makes sense for shorter shuttle rides

  • Firs,,,,,,damn, 4th.

  • One more awesome review - and not totally mainstream, great that you could review it thank you Björn! Now we want the Geilo Test and you will need loads of Banana Boxes! Or you could just park the small pink EV in the back of this one.

  • These are pretty much just biLED headlights with a fully controlled cutoff shield.

    • Yeah, not "Multibeam" matrix LEDs but just the "Highbeam Assist Plus" with the shields. It doesn't (can't) react as LED matrix so sometimes it will just switch fully to low beam.

  • There is a little bit of that a blinding bright spot close to the car, but other than that these headlights look amazing. Good job

  • Are you filming these Videos with fixed ISO, aperture and shutter?

  • Bummer if Plaid+ gets just normal Tesla LED headlights. It’s maybe a deal breaker for me🤔 EQV: with 30-40kWh/100km consumption and only ~107kW charging and a 100kW battery, I predict a very inefficient car for long trips and a very costly one also. More expensive charging up on a long trip than fueling a V250CDI. I find the high beam a little too narrow and lack of matrix is too bad for a premium MY2021 car.

    • @Nord Mann with Fiat Uno headlights migth be optional 😁

    • @DC Various Vids 😂 no just the Fiat Uno, which had candles for headlights

    • You’ve evidently never driven a Fiat Panda Mk1. All the hype about lasers having a tight beam. Nothing compared to the Panda.