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In this channel you will find tech videos, reviews, road trips, tests and other useful information about Tesla Model 3 Performance. I test almost every EV out there.

About me:
I'm a full time NOlongr making content mainly about EVs. In the past I had an office job and then I did some Nimber jobs. But since 2018 I have been doing only NOlong. I was born in Thailand and I have lived in Norway since I was four years old.


25:50Audi e-tron GT RS quick review
Audi e-tron GT RS quick reviewGanger 63 kDag siden
33:29I bought back my 2013 Tesla Model S P85
3:13The return of Millennium Falcon
The return of Millennium FalconGanger 58 k8 dager siden
5:43Ford Mustang Mach-E banana box test
Ford Mustang Mach-E banana box testGanger 30 k8 dager siden
20:19Ford Mustang Mach-E LR AWD Geilo test
17:45Ford Mustang Mach-E LR AWD range test
7:01Handing over MC Hammer to the new owner
14:48Mercedes EQV Geilo test
14:48Mercedes EQV range test


  • Good decision !

  • A washer fluid quick fix for a dirty window in winter. Grab a handful of snow ( with gloves ) wash window turn on wipers, and done. Love your video's.

  • This is great to see how those EV hold up and mrgreen will repair it forever, double win!

  • Fake engine noise in an electric car has to be the dumbest idea ever.

    • electric guitar must be the dumbest idea compared to an acoustic guitar... We are just not used to. There is also Sound Engineering for any Car...this is why a BMW sounds like a BMW...could sound like an Audi if the Designer would like it, too.

  • Dir he just say he can go 10 km/h on the motorway?!

  • The Viking god of EVs was watching over this Leaf that day, absolutely perfect spot to break down with a Nissan.

  • Hi,Bjorn.Do you need OBD dongle with Bluetooth in order to use the leaf spy,or there is another way to connect to the car with the app.?

  • "ABTRK" - Always Bring Tyre Repair Kit, costs: 100 bugs, can save you a day.

    • Tire repair kit can't repair that damage...

  • 👍

  • 95.5kw/h average from 10-80% (60.5kw in 38mins) seems very respectable. Slow and steady. Not as good as the taycan/etron/model 3 2020 but still good.

  • 1:58 that setting only shows high and low sensors +avg. u can turn it to show all 4 sensors from settings

  • It is a pity that there is only a double at the front. Cheap solution.

    • @Bjørn Nyland Ok. In my old bmw there are double front and rear ones. Even the quarter-glass in the rear door is double-glazed.

    • Common in many cars, also on Mercedes EQC and Jaguar I-Pace.

  • what the heck is this thing, it's a towing bar that u attache to the front

  • How was the Thai food from Kvikne? To salty?

  • Good looking, but wayyyy overpriced for what it offers. It is not really a performance car much with those specs. It's not really a luxury car being that small and with the sport suspension etc. So what is this car trying to do, exactly? It seems insanely abundant.

  • The emergency stop alarm sounds like a commercial aircraft’s “Pull up - terrain” alarm...

  • What app is used for measuring the acceleration ?

  • ABC = Always Bring Cake.

  • All my respect to Morten and Nissan. This is real customer service

  • Too many commercials!! Geez

    • Depends on your region I guess. I only had like three and they were not long. :/ Maybe consider getting NOlong premium if your country is overrun by ads!

  • Why aren’t all charging stations undercover, just like petrol stations forecourts are.....🤷🏼‍♂️

  • ABC Always Bring Chicken!

  • Good job pulling out in time

  • No problemA🤣

  • 17:34 it is wingardium Mjø-sa Internet is about to break, even Viking Wikipedia says it is Mjøsa

  • @bjorn Thanks for the toilet story, while I am eating my lunch 👍

  • New Hummer contest

  • Venter bare på id.4 videoen jeg......

  • Bjørn you're just a great dude and an amazing content creator! Since I saw your video about the Ioniq (and thanks to you bought the car) I've been a huge fan. Also It's very wholesome to watch what you did with the donation, keep up the good work!

  • I always wonder how the Ioniq FL would hold up against the Leaf e+ in those conditions (bit cold, raining a lot) but slowish driving. The Leaf seems to be able to reach 250-280km - how much kilometers would the new Ioniq FL reach as it is way more efficient? Yes I know there are several videos about efficiency, but I'm interessted in the conditions the Leaf e+ had.

  • Agree 40kwh leaf is meh... It's really old tech. 62kwh is a solid reliable choice for the Leaf. In Europe for the right price, it's still a very compelling car. Thanks @Bjorn, followed you all 3 days. You made the right choice to turn back. Smart man, probably why wifey loves you so much. Hahaha! Lucky you!

  • Giving the wifey. A shit cake

  • Greasy fatty burgers - always bad for the stomach lol :)

  • My friends in Norway would drive to Sweden to do the weekly shop because it was so much cheaper

  • isn't the local gov supposed to fix the bloody potholes ?

  • My washer fluid tank on my Volvos is over 4 liters.. I can usually fill up full US Gallon then add another 1/4 of bottle.. so like 5 liters. The manual says 1US Gallon tank so I guess the fill tube can store an additional liter.

    • ​@Bjørn Nyland Haha omg, thats more than enough! I think my BMW i3S only have like 1,5 liters of capacity. I was chocked!

    • Audi e-tron has 8 litre tank.

    • same here - 5l

  • Poor programming I guess and it can be dangerous if another car is behind and dont have time to brake.

  • Bjorn always be chillin'! Right on bjorn!

  • When you buy a Nissan and you have the yearly service/checkups done, that road service is automatically included!

  • Why not 1000km challenge with the polestar 1? On Hybride?

  • 1:58: the temperatures in the app is most likely min, max and average temperatures of all the sensors. Highly unlikely that the leaf only have 3 temp sensors.. My car has 60 temp sensors in the battery..

    • @Bjørn Nyland 👍

    • Nope. Leaf has 4 sensors total only. And the high sensor is located high near the seats.

  • One request from a non-Norwegian speaker: I think it’s excellent that you mention your locations when charging etc, could you spell the location or drop a quick location sign ? I do road-trips in Norway every couple of years and it would be nice to see where you are at a given point, the closed captions don’t really help. Thanks a lot for the content, very much appreciated!

    • Road trip to Nordkjosbotn in Leaf 62 kWh part 3:,+Norge/Sn%C3%A5sakroa+Cafe+AS,+Sn%C3%A5sa,+Norge/Nidarvoll,+Trondheim,+Norge/Kvikne,+Norge/Alvdal,+Norge/Tangen,+Norge/U-wash,+%C3%98stre+Aker+vei+206,+0975+Oslo,+Norge/@62.8196207,7.2191945,6z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m44!4m43!1m5!1m1!1s0x46745a6454697221:0x45d422d513363156!2m2!1d13.1934011!2d65.836924!1m5!1m1!1s0x46725dcd4957e5b1:0x164303da5579e282!2m2!1d12.2159332!2d64.25359!1m5!1m1!1s0x466d31dc7616bb73:0x5dbf3b42c065f75b!2m2!1d10.4073444!2d63.3987182!1m5!1m1!1s0x466ca466e8d13891:0x1e3baad582f85669!2m2!1d10.2872981!2d62.5822116!1m5!1m1!1s0x466b726c0f9af1a7:0xb42b6775a0280c6!2m2!1d10.6340715!2d62.1085597!1m5!1m1!1s0x4641f0fcfd63d733:0x65f2ed75077e8d5f!2m2!1d11.2608606!2d60.6178686!1m5!1m1!1s0x46416ffce46c05cd:0x9bfe055a0940f8ac!2m2!1d10.8698021!2d59.9451833!3e0

  • TransformerBjorn

  • The love for Leaf is real ❤️

  • Please review new Toyota Mirai, hydrogen car. Maybe the future is in that direction...

    • Norway has very few hydrogen mines....

    • @a1an There are other BEV manufacturers you know...

    • @Dusan Gavrilovic Haha.. I'm obviously talking to a Tesla fan boy

    • @a1an Watch Bjorns take on hydrogen cars and you will understand... Making hydrogen on site in dense city? Thats never gonna happen... BEVs are only viable option for the next 100 years at least...

    • @Dusan Gavrilovic No, in the (near) future, the production of hydrogen fuel will take place directly on site, that is, at the station, the transport of fuel will not be necessary - obviously you are not well informed. And as we have already noted, the infrastructure WILL be set up because of the trucks, so it will also be available for cars. All infrastructure will be managed by existing large oil companies (Shell, BP...), so this will be a good way out for them as well. Hydrogen cars need a very small battery compared to plug-in cars, they only need 1-2% capacity of, let's say, Tesla car battery.

  • 20:47 my name in chat! *MOM I'M FAMOUS!* :D

  • Don't call a "typical EV-driver" when you request the Tesla regen in any car. Many EV drivers want the regen by brake pedal, because it is way more efficient and comfortable.

    • @Bjørn Nyland it is not more efficient, you have energy conversion losses when regening an back, instead of using your kinetic energy to just roll out.

    • Nope, it's not. One pedal driving is more efficient and intuitive. And this has nothing to do with Tesla.

  • wow he gave 300$

  • 02:05 One small note here. You say "Heat goes up". That's true in a fluid (air or liquid) (because density goes down as temperature goes up). But here, as baterries are enclosed, heat is dissipated to the cabin by conduction over the metal frame of the car. Heat Conduction is not affected by gravity. Same result, different explanation. Going back to the video, which will be great as always (the thai food truck story is already great in itself)! The way you drive if perfect, because it directly shut up all the naggers that tell you "Yeah I'm a tough guy, I never stop during a trip, only for gas, and it's 5mn in, 5mn out, your demonstration doesn't apply to me... blablabla" Keep up the good work!

  • looks like a lot of hard plastic, can't wait for the long drive review carwow already pointed out the lack of padding for the center armrest I suspect the knee will also be against something hard

  • _who cares about the interior_ 23:30 people seating inside like the driver? 😂

  • Good video. Kudos to you for acknowledging Mexico as an American country. 👍 Many people don´t consider Mexico as being American, similar to people in EU don´t acknowledging Norway being European.

  • 3

    • Nobody asked about how early you are

  • Second

    • Nobody cares about how early you are

  • Love watching your road trip videos the most. Cheers!


  • I wish you could get 15" rims with fat rubber on a modern car to protect against pot-holes, it's like everyone wants to sell you 22" rims with a layer of electrical tape around the edge now.

  • I rented one of those for a weekend recently and I found two things annoying: Whatever I did I was reminded to keep my hands on the steering wheel, which I did anyway. I rented a few Teslas in the past, and they were more reasonable in that case. Also the head up display was a bit annoying. I set the seat to the lowest position and still I wasn't able to read everything. I had to make myself a decimeter or so shorter to see everything. I turned it off after a while. Otherwise I liked the car, I'll probably rent it again. I'm 189 cm, by the way.

  • The weight of the car in the papers and user's manual are usually including a driver of 75 kg. It's called ”tjänstevikt” in Swedish, I'm not sure about the English term.

  • "Im so far away from Wifi now" - Probably true.

  • 216wh/km is really good for the first leg in winter with studded tyres, it’s surprisingly similar to what we see in modern Tesla’s.

  • It’s funny that your video production was better back in the day, you would never do those shots where we see you leaving and arriving today or the graphics lol But I prefer the modern format and high volume and information quality!

    • @Bjørn Nyland Aha, cool, i never realized you marked them that way!

    • The map is still there. Just check out the road trip videos marked with #.

  • @00:15. I had to listen to that part few times because I've heard: "I wet the bed last night". :)

  • Thats a nice day off for the poor guy :))

  • Also would be good to know stats how much money you spent on charges. With time and distance driven. To compare with some plugin cars.

  • Because of your videos about nissan leaf 30kW I got one. 2,5 years back. Now I am thinking to get next car, and still cannot make a choice will it be cheapest tesla 3 or tekna leaf 62...

  • I would say traction control will damage the transmission, but it’s a hummer so who cares anyway

  • Hahahaha .. Creepy toilet ... hahahaha !!!

  • men ! those waterfalls. breathtaking! some with water running down from the mountain. others frozen . looks like is going to hit the road. thanks for sharing. and btw. how are those ferries sustainable ? you must pay high taxes to make that work over there.

  • You sir, are a man of huge integrity and a complete inspiration for me and I will presume others. Bjorn, you are a star and a man worthy of high praise. What you did for the help you got from Suzuki person is unprecedented. It is a joy to follow you and even though I do not know you, I consider you a friend for the inspiration that you are. May you live long and prosper. What a wonderful man you are. Thank you for being one of the great guys !!

  • Bjorn. you are the best!! Splitting that donation with Morten, EPIC!

  • In China, you flat a tire outside a dealer, you can get immediately rescue, no matter it's sunday morning or not.

  • Come for the drive. Stay for the MUKBANG!

  • Tesla has the best battery tech than any other electric vehicle brand.

  • Ugliest but most practical and dependable city car.

  • Leaf is the ugliest electric car ever built. It's like a ugly duckling. They put the charge port in front, which is one of the first things to get destroyed in a collision. And most of the collisions being frontal ones. The vehicle designer should be fired.

  • Japan never built the best electric car in every Category, despite their efforts to cut emissions and reduce air pollution. It is the USA that built the best electric car. It is the Tesla model s.

  • I love your positive attitude when things go wrong!

  • 27:50 that's a really bad panel gap! 🧐

  • isn't that new leaf liquid cooled too?